Ai fiori blu the small restaurant with a double soul

Recently opened in the area between Porta Venezia and Piazzale Susa, via Gustavo Modena, this restaurant is a true discovery. The Ai Fiori Blu restaurant  in Milan is already attracting attention for its combination of natural winery and fine cuisine that finds a somewhat distinct space in the boom of natural wineries in the city both for the proposal and for the location. Close to Viale dei Mille, it is based in a lively area that in recent years has seen a proliferation of new innovative venues.

It takes its name from the book To the Blue Flowers by Raymond Queneau which explores worlds of intertwined dreams and realities. The small restaurant between a bistro and a winery, is not meant to be defined by a specific genre, but to range and focus on the offer and hospitality. It stands out for the approach to the kitchen of Francesca Lecchi, a  young Chef who in previous years has worked with chef Eugenio Roncoroni at the Mercato (now Pas) and in the Tannico bistro  in via Savona, and for the presence of Daniele and Elisa, experts in wine and hospitality and service with style in the salon.

Much more than a bistro and a winery with kitchen

To understand Ai Fiori Blu we wanted to get to know the three partners, Francesca Lecchi (in the kitchen) Daniele Canonico and Elisa Maccioni (the maîtres de salon).

Having met in previous experiences in clubs and restaurants paying great attention to cuisine and wine, they collected the best, together with some ideas to do well and do better, approaching a new concept of catering and building it together.

Not just gastronomy and cuisine but also a great deal of research, study and selection of wines and attention to the quality of the products. They also dedicated a lot of thinking and commitment to find the way of working increasingly in step with the needs of balancing work and life. Creating a restaurant having the right pace and time and paying the utmost attention to raw materials, be it food or beverage.

Ai Fiori Blu was born from the desire to create a place in the city not definable in the gastronomic scene which would bring a new, more open way to welcome its customers. Be it for an aperitif with some dishes to share, paired with an excellent glass or bottle of wine, or a lunch or dinner as a couple or with friends, at Ai Fiori Blu you will feel welcomed and at home.

This is what brought the three former colleagues together in their first entrepreneurial project: to create a place to eat and drink well without too many frills and ambitions, but a lot of quality and substance.

The menu and the wine list

The dishes range from what we would call appetizers, first courses and side dishes, but not so clearly defined and divided on the menu. The idea is to let them live without a space in the classic dinner and be tasted at different times and in company.

Prices between 7 and 18 euros, affordable and correct also for the quantities not neglecting the quality. Not to be missed as a start or to accompany a glass of wine, as an aperitif or while waiting for a table inside, are the canapés that change almost every day. Salami, cured meats, cheeses and many small plates, even to be shared, with a special care for legumes and vegetables.

Such as: marinated fried anchovies, agretti peas and aioli, sea lupins with wild garlic and potatoes, sautéed snails, pink asparagus, Lodigiano cheese and oregano.

Francesca Lecchi‘s cuisine  finds a balance between traditional and modern cuisine, giving particular attention to vegetables and legumes an their seasonality, but also to high quality meats and excellent farms (among the suppliers Micibo,  Sergio Motta and Cascina Fraschina meats). The same commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients is also reflected in the wine list, which offers a curated selection of natural labels and others.

Between Porta Venezia and Acquabella

The place is much more than just a winery or bistro. We can define it as a small restaurant which aims to create a gastronomic experience with traditional flavors but with a contemporary attention to details and raw materials, in addition to the style of the menu with small plates to share and enjoy for those who love tapas style.

Moreover, Ai Fiori Blu is located in the same street that hosts other well-known places of taste, including bakers and gourmet pizzerias and restaurants with cuisine between traditional and modern, such as the recently opened Like Mike, the pizzeria Giolina, the legendary Crosta and the bistro with cuisine Gateaux. The proximity and location in the “middle earth” between Porta Venezia and Acquabella/Città Studi, make the visit even more interesting for those who love to explore new gastronomic proposals.

An unmissable destination in Milan for lovers of good food and good wine, having a welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices. Everything is guided by the energy and creativity of chef Francesca Lecchi in the kitchen, the knowledge of wines and the welcome and knowledge of Daniele Canonico and Elisa Maccioni (the maîtres de salon).

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