Allegrío the new ambient restaurant in Rome

Thursday 18 May 2023 – a new restaurant designed by Sabrina Corbo opens in the heart of the capital. Much more than a restaurant: a creative and mystical concept between experience food and home decor.

The recently opened restaurant is located at Via Vittorio Veneto, 114, in the heart of Rome, symbol of the Roman Dolce Vita.

ALLEGRÍO is the new destination place for international ambient food, where extreme Food Experience, Lifestyle and Home Decor blend in harmony.

Innovative concept, contemporary cuisine

Italian-British creative director, Sabrina Corbo, combines her passion for art, architecture and interior design to create in the eternal city, a restaurant based on an innovative concept, in which contemporary Italian cuisine is the protagonist.

ALLEGRÍO joy of life, it is the power of the Sun that illuminates our days’.

Sabrina Corbo

Here it is not the customer adapting to the place, but the place that adapts to the customer! In fact, for each state of mind, a meeting point has been devised in terms of atmosphere, design and menu.

The sun, logo and symbol of ALLEGRÍO, has four souls that correspond to the four rooms of the restaurant: JOYFUL, LUCKY, INTREPID, IN LOVE.

Four souls between architecture and design

Craftsmen, artists, light designers, for this project, Sabrina Corpo involved the best craftsmen in the Italian tradition.

At the entrance, the Allegrío sun welcomes guests! On the central wall of the Lounge room it stands out and amazes together with the long wooden and bronze bar – created by the sculptor Marco Riccardi.

As the symbol of the restaurant itself suggests, light is the central element and symbol of life, well represented by the lighting design of architect Massimiliano Baldieri.

The lights are the work of internationally renowned light designer Moritz Waldemeyer, who created the unusual installation ‘Where the Stars Align‘, creating a unique atmosphere that accompanies guests to the different worlds of ALLEGRÍO.

An English brand was selected for the wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, showcasing the best tradition of home decor, for the wallpapers of the four rooms.

Completing the creative concept are the entirely hand-painted decorations and drawings inspired by the different themes of the four areas, such as pomegranates for the JOYFUL room or golden stars for the room dedicated to luck.

the IN LOVE Room

In the IN LOVE room, dedicated to love, we find a fairy-tale atmosphere provided by the trompe l’oeil effect of the 500 Capodimonte porcelain roses, made by the historic Neapolitan workshop Barra in 1922.

in Love room

Golden bronze in the LUCKY room

Shining light in the Lucky room! Lello Esposito, Neapolitan sculptor and artist, with his site-specific installation here represents large and small sculptures in gold-plated bronze.

the Lucky room decorations

Iconic figures that tell of the most significant city in the world, Naples: such as the Sun, the Sirens, the Horns, the Masks and San Gennaro.

Mise en place of Limoges porcelains

To best embody the Italian character and express emotions such as courage, creativity and joy, Sabrina Corbo chose the refined porcelain decorators Matilde Argiolas and Marie Daâge.

Mise en Place porcelains in polichromy

Thanks to her mastery of the polychrome technique, Matilde designed and hand-painted the Limoges porcelain. The French porcelain designer Marie Daâge, with her Tie Dye collection, decorates the ALLEGRÍO table with combinations of soft and strong colours.
The result is a mise en place that conveys unique and vibrant emotions.

Contemporary Italian cuisine

A journey warmed by the warmth of the sun accompanies us to the heart of Italy, amidst flavours, colours and dishes that have always been identifiable with contemporary Italian cuisine.
A culinary journey where the fragrances of an ancient time can be perceived and where new combinations in the cuisine can be enjoyed.

Morning to night

The team in the kitchen is headed by Executive Chef Daniele Creti and Sous Chef Marco Melatti, while the dining room sees the shared management of Eligio Schirru and Davide Gelormini, Sommelier of the four rooms.

Breakfast, Business Lunch, Aperitif, Dinner and After Dinner

Like the sun, ALLEGRÍO rises in the morning with a rich breakfast by Pastry Chef Mario di Costanzo, followed by business lunch.

The aperitif of charm and dreams is inevitable, perfect with the Cardinale cocktail, symbol of the Dolce Vita. All the way to dinner and an after-dinner drink list signed for ALLEGRÍO by Alessio Navacci and Riccardo Martellucci.

At Allegrio a menu for each room


Each room has its own menu with its own dishes, a true emotional journey to get carried away and immerse yourself in the restaurant’s food experience:

  • restaurant menu
  • pizza menu
  • dessert

The emotion that each room wants to convey is represented by extraordinary and unique dishes that make the experience exciting.

La pizza Matta di Allegrio

The pizza

But there is no shortage of award-winning master pizza makers: in Design’s new restaurant, illustrious names such as Ivano Veccia and Peppe Aiello.

The pizza symbol of Italian culture is therefore represented with a novelty, the unprecedented ‘Matta’ pizza! Born from the combination of traditional Roman and Neapolitan pizza.

The desserts

For a sweet Allegrío experience, the Neapolitan Pastry Chef Mario Di Costanzo, a member of the Association of Italian Master Pastry Chefs (AMPI), directs the pastry shop that marries the modern and creates revisited classics alongside signature desserts characterised by the iconic elements of the four rooms..

Info and reservations

Where:📍 Via Vittorio Veneto, 114, Roma

To book, select your mood from the website and choose from the 4 rooms and their respective menus:
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Medium price : €30/€70
Opening hours:: 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.
Lunch: 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Dinner 7.30 p.m. – 10.45 p.m. (last booking)