A’Riccione lands at Santa for summer

On May 31st, the iconic Milanese restaurant known for its fish specialities, A’ Riccione opens a seasonal restaurant on the beach in Santa Margherita Ligure, a historic landing point for Milanese people on holiday on the Riviera di Levante.

We were waiting for it and the news arrived, after all it was only a matter of time before A’Riccione gave in to the call of the sea! And so at the end of the month, exactly on May 31st, the famous Milanese brand will open its fourth location, but the first by the sea and not in Milan, on Santa beach .

There is no 3 without 4

The city on the Gulf of Tigullio is a favorite destination for demanding and refined Milanese tourism. Now it will also host the new seasonal restaurant of the brothers Dante and Giuseppe di Paolo, already known for the group’s three Milan restaurants: the historic A’Riccione location in via Taramelli, A’Riccione Bistrot in via Procaccini (China Town) and A’Riccione Terrazza 12 in the center in via Durini.

The summer restaurant will be at Oasi Al Mare Beach club – Santa Margherita

For their first seaside adventure, A’Riccione chose the Oasi Al Mare Beach Club of the Ten Oasi Group, where the di Paolo brothers will take care of the entire catering offer. The menu will be created under the guidance of Marco Fossa , Executive Chef of A’Riccione Terrazza 12 and Gastronomy Director of the group.

The days at A’Riccione in Santa Margherita will begin at nine in the morning with a coffee overloking the sea and will end at midnight with the last toasts under the stars. From breakfast to lunch, through an aperitif to dinner, guests will be able to choose between the internal tables, with a scenic veranda overlooking the beach, and the external tables of the Chiringuito, which express the quintessence of summer with white furnishings and a relaxed atmosphere. In total, the restaurant can accommodate up to one hundred and eighty people.

About A’Riccione, the historic sign of Milan

The restaurant in via Taramelli is the flagship of the A’Riccione brand . Over time, he gained notoriety thanks to his association with illustrious figures from the world of entertainment, art and journalism. It was also the meeting point of cultural clubs such as Gianni Brera’s “ Club del giovedì”, where everything from sport to politics was discussed in a convivial atmosphere typical of Milan in the 70s and 80s.

A’Riccione Santa Margherita

It will be open until September 30th.

Address: V.le Ammiraglio Canevaro , 2, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure GE
Telephone: +39 0185 215689
Email: info@ariccionesantamargherita.it