At Borgia Milano the menu goes the extra mile

A breath of novelty and a strong desire for experimentation characterize the new menu at Borgia Milano, the fine dining establishment located at 56 Via Washington. The restaurant, opened in 2020 by Edoardo Borgia , presents an extensive proposal starting with the Psyche menu (with 6 courses), the flagship offering of the restaurant, also available in a vegetarian version.

Milan, the Borgia Milano restaurant, boasts a location steeped in the heritage of the Borgia family. Edoardo, as General Manager, brings an international and innovative vision, blending rich Italian tradition with contemporary trends. Designer furnishings enriched with artistic elements and comfortable sofas lighten and make the space more welcoming.

The new gastronomic proposal

The fine dining restaurant presents a wide-ranging proposal, starting with the Psyche menu (with 6 courses), the flagship offering of the restaurant, also available in a vegetarian version. Thanks to the renewed formula, the menu further engages guests in Chef Giacomo Lovato’s gastronomic journey. In addition to Psyche, Borgia also offers Metamorfosi, the tasting menu, not forgetting the newly added Tartufo menu, available all year round, entirely dedicated to this precious gem of the earth, and finally the option to choose à la carte dishes.

New menu at Borgia Milano (Washington)

Borgia Milano, the refined restaurant at 56 Via Washington in Milan, presents its brand new menu, a concentration of culinary innovation and experimentation. Since 2020, the year of its inauguration by Edoardo Borgia, the establishment has offered a wide gastronomic proposal spanning various culinary experiences.

In this journey, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Chef Lovato’s creativity merges with Edoardo’s vision, creating dishes that are not only delights for the palate but also gustatory enigmas that invite reflection.

1. Psyche Menu: A sensory journey also available in vegetarian version

The Psyche menu, consisting of 6 courses and also available in a vegetarian version, represents the flagship of the restaurant. Chef Giacomo Lovato, like a tailor creating a custom suit, directly involves guests in the creative process. Through interactions and targeted questions, the customer actively participates in the creation of a unique gastronomic journey, engaging the senses of taste, smell, and sight.

(Psyche Menu 110 – Vegetarian 90€)

2. Tartufo Menu All Year Round

An absolute novelty is the Tartufo menu available all year round, dedicated to the precious tuber. As the name suggests, this menu offers the opportunity to taste truffles in every season, with proposals such as Battuta di fassona piemontese, Tagliatelle con sugo di coniglio and Quaglia alla Rossini e tarassaco.

(Tartufo Menu all year round 120€)

3. Metamorfosi Menu: the tasting menu, a journey between Land and Sea

A tasting menu, a complete gastronomic experience consisting of 8 courses, exploring the culinary evolution of the chef. Among the signature dishes are Tagliolini cotti in brodo di trota affumicata, Piccione in tre cotture and Risotto alle erbe di mare. Each course is a sensory masterpiece, a mosaic of flavors that delight the palate

(Metamorfosi Menu 130€)

The new menu

Passion and Innovation: Giacomo Lovato’s cuisine

Chef Lovato, with skill and passion, delights diners with original and innovative creations, the result of a deep search for raw materials. His cuisine is a captivating tale, characterized by surprising combinations that enchant for their refinement and sensory pleasure.

The selection of Wines by Cristian Russomano

Sommelier Cristian Russomano curates a selection of local and international wines to complement the culinary experience. From champagne labels to reds, whites, and rosés, the wine list offers a wide range of options to satisfy every preference.

In summary, Borgia Milano promises a stimulating and unforgettable gastronomic experience, where each dish is a culinary masterpiece, and each sip of wine is a perfect accompaniment to the sensory journey proposed by Chef Lovato.

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