Barbeque and picnics the must have 2023

The moment has finally come to eat outdoors with barbeques (or grills) – not just meat – and picnics, even at the beach. The main ingredients? A convivial and cheerful atmosphere and an informal setting… but also everything you need for a great BBQ and picnic!

Spring and summer BBQ time

Did you know that barbeque and grilling are not synonymous? The two cooking methods differ in the kind of meat cut used (the former requires large pieces, while the latter is used for medium-small portions). Besides, the barbeque, cooks over a low heat for a long time, the grill, on the other hand, is quick and requires high temperatures ( the cooking is quick a little less so with charcoal ;))

For barbecue lovers: indispensable tools

Regardless of the cooking method you will actually use, there are a few indispensable tools for perfect cooking: chicken that is cooked through on the inside but not burnt, burgers that are not boiled but crispy on the outside, and stop to overcooked steaks. Handling meat or animal-free substitutes with unsuitable tools could also affect the taste. Never use, for example, a fork and pierce the meat. It will lose the juices that make it soft and tasty and, if particularly fatty, could cause dangerous flare-ups. Therefore, the first thing you need are utensils such as:

  • Grippers
  • Palettes
  • Steel skewers for skewers (wooden ones risk charring on the grill)
  • Heavy-duty potholders and gloves

and then a nice apron, plates, bowls, under pans and plates, some tea towels. But also… here are a few “gems” for barbeque lovers

Kitchen termometer

One of the indispensable tools for checking and monitoring the correct cooking of food is the kitchen thermometer. A matter of taste, but also of food safety. And also an unusual gift idea, so as not to arrive empty-handed or fall back on the usual – always welcome, but banal – bottle of wine.

Meater the Wireless Termometer

Meater termometer

It is the first smart, completely wireless kitchen thermometer.

Together with the app, it can help you to cook meat, chicken, turkey, fish or other food perfectly and also to estimate cooking times.

How does it work?

It works with a dual sensor: the first, for indoor temperature, can withstand up to 100°C; the second, for room temperature, registers up to 275°C.

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The modern grinder

Horl 2 affilacoltelli
Horl 2 knife sharpener

Speaking of barbeques, be it meat or fish, well-sharpened knives are necessary and also much safer than damaged blades. To avoid having to look for the now almost mythological figure of the knife grinder, there are domestic solutions on the market that allow effective and fast grinding.

Such as Horl 2 the knife sharpener, born in Germany in 2016. Simple to use and with a design appearance that is both minimal and appealing. Consisting of two discs inserted in a wooden holder, it makes sharpening easy and safe.

WebsiteYou can select size and model on 🌐 horl.comDetails 🛒 Download
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Barbeque grills, Grills and accessories

Le Creuset grills and grill accessories

If you do not have an outdoor space in which you can welcome friends, organise a barbeque at home. With Le Creuset grills you can still enjoy the pleasure of roasting food, even without charcoal, and, what’s more, bring a design object to the table. Made of non-stick aluminium or vitrified cast iron, they require little added oil, ensure perfect, healthy cooking and are easy to clean. The grooves allow excess fat to drain away – important for those who are particularly on the healthy side – and give the dishes their typical reticulated appearance.

  • Tradition vitrified cast iron rectangular grill, cherry colour
  • Skillet square vitrified cast iron Evolution grill pan
  • Large ribbed grill made of non-stick aluminium

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Best Portable barbeques

For a design barbeque

It looks like a 1950s suitcase, but it’s actually a small, enclosed portable grill easy to transport. TheMon Ocle Barbeque comes in different pastel colours, is compact and lightweight.

It can be easily disassembled and washed, while the perforated structure allows for better air circulation.

The heat and embers will be more intense, but the shell will not overheat. All you have to do is choose where to grill today: beach, balcony or table – any place is the right place.

You can buy the barbeque directly on:

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Portable Barbeque for camping

It takes very little space and it’s easy to transport and store: the Xisfoc portable barbeque is a ‘never again without’ for camping. It’s available in green and creamy white and it’s made of steel with aluminium alloy legs. The grill is foldable, allowing easy access to the charcoal compartment and can be raised in height to increase or decrease the amount of heat for cooking food.

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You can buy the BBQ directly on the 🌐 website

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For an green barbeque

Casus Grill the environmentally friendly portable barbeque

If you are particularly concerned about the sustainability of materials in your kitchen, the Casus Grill is the one who suits you.

Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and made of 100% natural materials such as bamboo charcoal briquettes with rapid Oxylite or the all-natural bamboo grill and FSC cardboard, it reaches the perfect grilling temperature in 5 minutes.

It then maintains heat, up to around 260° C, for over 60 minutes evenly, also thanks to Lavastone’s thermal insulation. CO2 emissions are reduced by around 50% and there are no flames or smoke: perfect for indoor use, all the more so since it is portable.

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Spring and summer time for picnics

If you have a more romantic soul or simply love the outdoors, you will often find yourself having picnics. You don’t (necessarily) need a wicker basket and a checked tablecloth, just a sandwich eaten in the meadow on a trip to the mountains or a rice salad at the beach.

For a picnic to be remembered

If, on the other hand, you aspire to the picnic of the collective imagination, the one that is both chic and agricultural at the same time, you have no choice but to fill your basket with the pretty Le Creuset mini cocottes. You can use them either to cook and serve directly – think about small savoury pies or single-portion omelettes – or to contain sauces, condiments and snacks. Thanks to the lid, they can be used to heat sauces in the microwave or to keep a snack cool.


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Tiger – 18 €, in shop or online on 🌐 website

Decathlon – 14.99 €, in shop or online on 🌐 website

Picnic baskets

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IKEA – 39.95 €, in shop or online on 🌐 website

Tiger – 18 €, in shop or online on 🌐 website

Happy Picnic – 76.98 € on Amazon

Les jardins de la comtesse – from 46.90 € on Amazon for the simplest baskets