Bevy, acqua e bevande
Bevy, acqua e bevande

Bevy: water and beverage delivery

Drinking water delivered directly to your home by ordering it online? This is possible thanks to Bevy, a recently established innovative Milanese company. Fast and sustainable are the keywords of this water delivery service that has taken root in the Lombard capital, revolutionising the way of buying this primary good. Moreover the service also includes the delivery of drinks such as juices, beers and teas.

The operation of this project is based on their distribution to private individuals as well as small offices through a fast, simple and ecological delivery service.

Delivery of water and beverages: thanks to Bevy the first Italian service is born

Bevy, acqua e bevande
Bevy water in one Click

Bevy is Italy’s first water and beverage delivery startup. It was founded by a young Italian-German couple, Federica Lettieri and Hendrik Wawers, who share a working background in Berlin consulting companies.

Partners in life and in profession, they created this project to solve a problem that affects each of us every day: transporting heavy crates of water (or drinks of various kinds) from the supermarket to our homes.

Thanks to Bevy, all this can be avoided. Through home delivery at no extra cost and in record time, water or beverages are delivered directly to your home or office within a maximum of three hours.

This beverage start-up aims to close the gap in home delivery services where bulky beverages and bottles often end up to be forgotten.

We want to simplify people’s daily lives by eliminating the hassle of carrying heavy loads. Italy is the perfect market to launch this service as it is the country with the highest consumption of bottled water per capita in Europe. We want to become the leading supplier of beverages and bulky products,’ says Hendrik Wawers, co-founder of Bevy.

Bevy’s team

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Bevy, from dream to reality: the launch on the Italian market

From an idea to a dream come true. Federica Lettieri and Hendrik Wawers, both born in 1993, launched their start-up on the Italian market (last May) with the announcement that they had received $2 million in funding from FoodLabs – a leading European investor in Early Stage FoodTech.

We received expressions of interest from many investment companies. In the end,’ says Federica Lettieri, co-founder of Bevy, ‘we were selected by FoodLabs, so we are the recipient of their first funding in Italy. We therefore hope to be a forerunner for all other emerging realities’.

A very good start for this very ambitious project that begins in Italy with the aim of later expanding in Europe, revolutionising the sector.

The fledgling start-up not only aims to improve consumers’ purchase of water and beverages, but also to make the sector more sustainable: it plans to deliver water in recyclable glass bottles in order to avoid plastic consumption as much as possible. The project is based on a circular economy approach to beverages, as a take-back service is offered for the bottles – once they have been emptied.

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