Chef Agnese Loss emerging talent 2024

During the Festa a Vico 2024 edition, Chef Agnese Loss enchanted the guests with her talent, receiving praise from celebrity chef Gennaro Esposito. The young chef of Osteria Contemporanea has shown that passion and ambition can lead to great extraordinary results. His cuisine is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

The success of Festa a Vico

In the evocative setting of the Torre del Saracino, Gennaro Esposito’s renowned restaurant, was held a culinary celebration that brought together 15 of the most promising emerging talents of Italian cuisine. The event offered journalists and enthusiasts an extraordinary gastronomic experience, with young chefs presenting their most iconic dishes and new creations, accompanied by the best Italian wines, in a triumph of flavors and aromas that enhanced the excellence of Italian cuisine

Among the protagonists of the night, Chef Agnese Loss, owner and chef of Osteria Contemporanea, impressed everyone with her skills. The Chef presented the dish Contaminazioni which conquered the palate of the participants, also receiving praise from Chef Gennaro Esposito. Chef Loss’s experiences in Piedmont, Trentino and with chefs from Campania come together in the dish.

The Contaminazioni dish

A perfect dish for summer because despite having ingredients that seem heavy, it remains light and delicate. I used a scarola precisely because of the place it is traditionally associated with, I seared it and then cooked it as if it were a roast.

Then I made a warm trentingrana mousse that reminds me of home and a hazelnut thuille that instead recalls the area that ‘adopted’ me, Gattinara in Piedmont. In this way I have united three places in one dish: the Festa Vico area, my home of origin and my adopted home.

says Chef Agnese Loss

Chef Loss’s participation in Festa a Vico testifies that young age is not a limitation, but rather an incentive to demonstrate one’s talent and ambition.

The Chef, fondly remembering the moments shared with Agnese in the restaurants of Capri, took the opportunity to congratulate her on her journey and the results achieved.

Her presence gave an extra touch to the event, underlining how the new generation of Italian chefs are ready to leave their mark on the international gastronomic scene.

Osteria Contemporanea: tradition and innovation in the heart of Piedmont

In the picturesque town of Gattinara, among hills and vineyards, famous for the homonymous wine appellation, the Osteria Contemporanea is rapidly establishing itself thanks to the work of the young Chef and the support of her partner in the salon, the maître Davide Saglietti.

The restaurant, created from the walls of an old butcher’s shop, with an arched ceiling and exposed bricks, has only six exclusive tables to make the experience even more intimate and special.

 Chef Loss’s cuisine is a tribute to the Piedmontese peasant tradition, enriched by her Trentino roots. The tasting menu, focused on offal, reflects its culinary philosophy: robust, flavorful and deeply rooted in local traditions. His passion for cooking and commitment are evident in every dish, transforming simple ingredients into memorable dining experiences.

Wines on the list, events and awards

In the salon, the master Davide Saglietti accompanies guests with elegance and professionalism, creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere. The selection of wines, curated in collaboration with local wineries, pairs perfectly with the dishes, offering a unique synergy between food and wine.

In a short time, the Osteria Contemporanea has earned numerous awards, including the inclusion in the prestigious Michelin Guide, just a few months after opening. This success is the result of the talent, passion and dedication of Agnese Loss and Davide Saglietti, who together are truly redefining traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

“Osteria & Friends” spring between gastronomy and wine

As a testimony to the love for wine and attention to the pairing proposals, in spring at the restaurant were held the tasting dinners “Osteria & Friends”. There for 12 meetings they created menu and wine pairing from a guest winery. Each night to be tasted included an entire menu told through the pairing with the wines of the selected winery. The first with Travaglini Gattinara, the winery protagonist of the area.

Each winery hosted at the dinner told its own story, philosophy and labels. The producer was present, but also the Mâitre was in the room to talk about the pairings. In fact, for each winery, Chef Agnese Loss has designed and proposed an ever-changing tasting menu, designed to best enhance the flavors of each wine from the participating wineries.

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