Chef in Camicia’s flavour at the Design Week

Milan, April 17 2023 – this year Chef in Camicia will once again be present at Milan Design Week with a series of tastings, cooking shows and DJ sets that will take place from 20 to 23 April in the Rua restaurant spaces in the heart of the Isola district.

Milan Design Week 2023 with Chef in Camicia

Milan Design Week represents a truly unique moment in the world, an intense week for the city and the world of design and events. Every year it attracts and amazes millions of visitors, driven by curiosity and pleasure to discover the current vision of beauty and innovation through exhibitions, installations, events and live performances.

In this scenario, Chef in Camicia is back in the news together with exceptional partners with an exciting and tasty proposal.

A tasting and entertainment space

Chef in Camicia, a well-known Italian media company focused on the world of food & beverage, in collaboration with Kikkoman® Maille® and Tyrrells, will give life from 20 to 23 April to a tasting and entertainment space called ‘The Food Hub, a world taste experience’, with the aim of conveying important messages related to travel and the encounters with taste and food, through a food match between different cultures that always generates new opportunities for discovery.

The event will be held in Piazzale Archinto 6, in the Isola area of Milan, and will be open to the public from 5.30 p.m. to midnight.

The Food Hub, a world taste – Event Calendar

Thursday 20 – Saturday 22 April 2023

The Food Hub’s calendar of events is full of irresistible activities that will provide the opportunity to experience the taste of discovery:

  • Cooking shows that will tell the story of different culinary traditions such as the Japanese and the French one
  • games with prizes such as Blind Taste, Sarabanda Culinaria and Guess the Picture
  • DJ set, which from 7 to 10 p.m. will accompany the aperitif with happy hour music, and then create a more sparkling atmosphere until midnight

After the success of The Square, during DW 2022, this event represents a further step of growth for our company… “We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with loyal and trusted partners such as Kikkoman®, Maille® and Tyrrells, who have been embracing our projects for so many years now and spur us on to new adventures.

Pietro Colloredo Mels, Head of Sales & Account of Chef in Camicia.

About Chef in Camicia:

Chef in Camicia is the Italian media company that talks about food at 360° to the new generations. Founded in 2015 by Nicolò Zambello, Luca Palomba and Andrea Navone, it is one of the most interesting realities on the Food&Social scene, and aims to introduce its 5 million followers to the culinary culture of Italy and the rest of the world, making it usable and replicable by anyone. Yes, because being a 'Chef in Camicia' is a status, and means sharing the same values and passion for cooking.


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