Cittamani Milano new limited edition twist cocktails

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week in September 2023, Cittamani adds a new dimension of creativity with three new twist cocktails in a limited edition.

Milan Fashion Week 2023 limited edition cocktails

With the arrival of Milan Fashion Week edition September 2023, Cittamani, known for its proposal capable of fusing Indian and Italian flavours, surprises and intrigues us! Today it adds a new dimension of creativity with three new limited edition twist cocktails, created by barman Carlo Leonardi, to express his skill in the art of mixology and remind us that Cittamani is not only a restaurant but also a super cocktail bar!

Saturday in Brera, starring Bourbon Whisky

An intriguing cocktail that combines bourbon whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Lambrusco to create a fusion of two stories from different worlds.

The result is a fresh and innovative twist that recalls the famous New York Sour, but differs in a lightness and subtle effervescence that make it unique.

Venus Karoline, feminine and contemporary cocktail

Modern, seductive femininity is the star of this cocktail, made with Mezcal, Campari, lime juice and yellow Chartreuse.

Served in a chilled glass, it is a variation of the famous Naked & Famous, where Campari takes the place of Aperol. The smoky hint of Mezcal blends elegantly with the bold character of Campari, creating a unique experience.

Myrtle Sour, fresh, balsamic and seductive

A fresh and slightly balsamic drink that, as its name suggests, uses myrtle, lemon juice and a rosemary syrup. This is Cittamani’s third limited edition cocktail proposal, the Mirto Sour.

Garnish: Indian curry leaves that give an exotic touch to travel with the mind. It is an interpretation of the Classic Sour, but less alcoholic and fresher, thanks to the use of myrtle liqueur instead of the traditional vodka.

About Cittamani

A meeting point for culinary innovation and flavour exploration, Cittamani, thanks to its multicultural collaboration and the creativity of renowned chef Ritu Dalmia. These new twist cocktails offer a unique sensory experience, combining traditional ingredients with a touch of modernity and originality.

Cittamani, a combination of two words: ‘Citta’ meaning Wisdom and ‘Mani’ meaning Method, which includes the path to enlightenment. Cittamani is the brainchild of internationally renowned chef and restaurateur, Ritu Dalmia, who wanted to bring the flavours of India to Italy, through a menu of unexpected spices and tastes.

Info and reservations:

📍Piazza Carlo Mirabello 5 – 20121 Milano

☎️ Tel: +39 02 3824 0935