Cocktails and cinema at Flores Cócteles Milan

Take a sensual and perfumed pink drink, put a whole collection by Manolo Blahnik, beautiful silk dresses, chic clubs, the New York skyline, the friendship between four women and sex told without filters: this is how the series Sex and the City, aired from 1998 to 2004, relaunched Cosmopolitan, the iconic cocktail created in the late Eighties.

Cosmopolitan cocktail and Sex and the City: think Pink

Cosmopolitan Flore Cócteles Milan

Why are we talking about it? Because there’s something new in Milan: after the night dedicated to French 75 and Casablanca, on Tuesday 28 March at Flores Cócteles in Via Melloni, 9 , for the Cocktail and Cinema cycle.

There will be a Night inspired to Cosmopolitan and Sex and the City, one of the most successful series of the Nineties which inspired two films and a reboot. Here is the second event of the Cocktail and Cinema cycle.

Mixed drinks, both in the SATC series and in the two films, are an undercurrent protagonist, an element that shapes the personalities of the four friends as much as their wardrobe and highlights the cocktail bar trends of the city of Manhattan“.

stresses resident bar manager Diego Atlantico

We start with food to recreate the atmosphere of the SATC series: on Tuesday 28 March, a New York style burger and dippers potatoes (the boat-shaped fries) will be served during the aperitif instead of the classic “tagliere”.

Second Cocktail and Cinema night: aperitif and drink list

Aperitivo serata Cosmopolitan Sex and the City @Flores Cócteles Milano
Cosmopolitan Sex and the City @Flores.cocteles Aperitif

In addition, here is a temporary drink list dedicated to Sex and the City and the Cosmopolitan, designed especially to be “stolen” and collected (with an invitation to photograph it and tag @flores.cocteles)

The drink list will be enriched with anecdotes about the TV series, the two subsequent films, the recent reboot and, of course, the Cosmopolitan.

Proposed for the evening in a classic version and revisited in homage to the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, a super glam twist, ça va sans dire. “

Cosmopolitan is the only drink from the Eighties, the black period of mixology, that managed to capture the imagination of the general public and become world famous. It did a lot for the Sex and the City series, but its strength goes beyond that. It is a simple, drinkable and recognisable cocktail, with that unmistakable pink colour’.

The star will be Belvedere Vodka. (The evening is organised in collaboration with Moët Hennessy, one of the world leaders in luxury wines and spirits with a widespread presence in over 140 countries).

Chocolate Box Cosmopolitan & Sex and the City Night

To let guests plunge into the world of the series, there will also be a very pink social campaign.

How it works?
Participants in the evening will be invited to create dedicated contents by tagging @flores.cocteles and @mamilouisemilano . The most beautiful photos will be selected and shared on both social reference channels. There will also be Sex and The City themed music during the evening!

Moreover, for all those who order a Cosmopolitan, classic or reinterpreted, there will be a free glamour box with four different limited edition chocolates.

Each chocolates symbolising one of the personalities of the four friends, especially created by Mami Louise – Creative Studio and Cake Design and Sweet Catering Laboratory in Milan. ( – @mamilouisemilano).

Cosmopolitan cocktail History and curiosity

  1. No one will ever know for sure who the originator of the Cosmos really was: there are too many conflicting claims of authorship.

    One name, however, finds most people in agreement. Toby Cecchini, an aspiring writer who arrived in New York in the eighties from Wisconsin and became a bartender at the Odeon (a famous bar in Tribeca popular with writers, artists and VIPs).
  2. The drink is a reinterpretation of a very simple cocktail in vogue in gay bars in San Francisco based on Absolut Citron Vodka (launched in 1985), Rose’s lime juice and grenadine. Toby heard about it, made it and didn’t like it.

    An idea led the barman to try to improve the cocktail by using fresh lime juice and Cointreau as for the Margarita and Cranberry Ocean Spray juice instead of grenadine. Result? A success. In 1988, it became the staff’s favourite drink, then the signature drink most requested by customers.
  3. After 10 years confined to New York, however, the Cosmopolitan became popular outside the city thanks to Madonna, photographed in 1996 at the Rainbow Room with a Cosmo in her hand.
  4. Cosmopolitan is among the few cocktails from the 1980s to be included in the official IBA list of Contemporary Classics since 2011.

Flores & Cócteles Milan Cocktail e Cinema Nights

The new cycle, which started with an evening focused on French 75 and Casablanca, is one of the several projects signed Flores Cócteles. Created with the aim of divulging the culture of classic mixed drinks, also by sharing little-known curiosities and deepening virtuous relations between mixed drinks and other sectors. 

Like, precisely, the relationship between the world of mixology and the silver screen. "Like music, cinema has also contributed to the popularity of many cocktails and to fuelling curiosity about the world of mixology. "

That's why we thought of a series of nights on this subject," explains Sebastian Bernardez, promoter of the Flores Cócteles project together with his brother Alejandro and Fabio Acampora, and co-founder with them of Dorrego Company, a company that since 1995 has changed the Milanese nightlife scene by opening more than 20 businesses in the Horeca sector.

Sex and the City series, film and book

The main characters are Carrie Bradshaw and her friends Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones, four sexually active single women.
  • Not just Cosmo. Sex and the City, which aired from 1998 to 2004, contributed to the popularity of Meatpacking restaurants, Manolo Blahnik and cupcakes.
  • Inspired by Candace Bushnell’s book bearing the same name, which in turn was based on her autobiographical column published in the New York Observer newspaper, the series ran for 94 episodes and six seasons.
  • Carrie Bradshaw is the alter-ego of the author who, for privacy reasons, created a woman who held the same job and had the same initials as her, CB.
  • In 2021, in the United States, the first season of the reboot And Just Like That aired, a ten-episode series dedicated to the three friends now in their fifties (Samantha Jones -Kim Cattral- is missing due to disagreements with Sarah Jessica Parker) grappling with difficulties and joys, love, laughter and toasts. Despite the less than favourable reviews and lukewarm reception by the public, a second season has also been financed and is currently under production.