Cocktail tasting at the drinc.Milano venues

Creativity and research combined with attention to raw materials and innovation for an intimate and all-embracing tasting experience. It is from this concept that drinc. Milano has decided to dedicate some tasting events to the best reinterpreted Mixology cocktails.

Many proposals for Cocktail & Conversation and different nights

The premises of drinc. Milano, in the Lima area of Milan, are drinc.Cocktail & Conversation (Plinio) and drinc.different (Hayez). From May on they will not only launch their new drinc list list but also open their doors to a series of themed nights for a rich and interesting calendar in May and June.

Spring and summer 2023 calendar

May tasting events

The drinc. venues events start from May 16 to 21, at the cocktail bar in Via Hayez, the drinc.different with the Saint German Garden Party. Four cocktails revisited with a St. Germain Cocktail base. Perfect for a fresh and light aperitif, characterised by the unmistakable taste of elderflower. Also worth trying is the Ba-Iquiri, a twist on the classic daiquiri, made unique with St-Germain and white asparagus liqueur. A menu all to be to discovered for a truly alternative aperitif!

Argentario Gin with Oscar Quagliarini

An event not to be missed will also be held on May 23 at drinc.Cocktail & Conversation – via Plinio, with an evening dedicated to Argentario Gin.

The club’s owner Luca Marcellin, together with Oscar Quagliarini, will present an unprecedented cocktail list!

June tasting events

In June, there will be a calendar full of events at both venues, starting with the Brugal 1888 special week at the drinc. in Via Plinio, where cocktails dedicated to the product and to summer will be served.

drinc. different Milano Mixology Cocktail Bar

Cocktails from the world

The customary monthly event dedicated to drinks from around the world will continue also for the month of June. There will be the Vesper Martini and special drinc. made by the laboratory.

Fashion Cocktail tasting

June 16 to 20Men’s Fashion Week
It will be possible to discover fashion-cocktails with the tasting of mixology trends for excellence 2023/24. .

Many new proposals for aperitif lovers, but also for those looking for a different evening and wanting to try something special, or for those approaching cocktail tasting for the first time.

Events schedule

From May 16 to 21 Saint German Garden Party – 📍 drinc. different (via Hayez)

May 23               Argentario Gin Night            – 📍 drinc. Cocktail & Conversation (Plinio)

From June 16 to 20  Fashion Cocktail – Men’s fashion week – 📍tbd

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