“Lugana DOC Consortium: events abroad underway.”

The Lugana DOC Consortium focuses on foreign markets: Britain and Germany in the spotlight. The Consortium will be featured in masterclasses, trade meetings, and international exhibitions. Importers and sommeliers are the main targets.

February 2024 – The Consorzio tutela Lugana has a packed schedule of events. This wine continues to establish itself, year after year, as one of the most appreciated Italian white wines worldwide, in part thanks to an increasingly favorable market trend.

Lugana DOC is a denomination with a strong international vocation, owing to its fresh character, salinity, and the great versatility of its styles in food pairing. These characteristics make the wine of great interest in foreign markets. In fact, 60% of the production is sold in over 65 countries worldwide, with a strong presence in the European market.

Activities to promote Lugana DOC abroad

For this reason, the Consortium has decided to continue a series of promotional activities in selected markets for 2024, such as Germany (the primary destination market) and Great Britain. The first event will be on February 23 with a Trade Tasting Lunch in London, at the Bancone Borough Yards restaurant, aimed at major wine operators in the metropolis.

The goal is to increase presence on wine lists on one hand and to give visibility to producers not yet distributed, introducing them to small or medium importers. The commitment to the British market doesn’t end here; Lugana On Tour UK returns, in collaboration with F&BMA. This journey, which will touch three strategic cities (London, Manchester, and Birmingham), is designed to bring B2B operators, Horeca, and the press closer to the world of Lugana, to get to know it, and then bring it to English tables.

The appointments

The first appointment is in March, on the 19th in London, followed by Manchester on June 18th and finally Birmingham on September 17th. Then, the tour returns to the continent, and continues in Germany where, in collaboration with the Vinum magazine, there will be four events in three different cities. It starts on February 26th in Munich, then moves to Eurovino from March 3rd to 4th, a new B2B fair in Karlsruhe dedicated to the DACH and Northern Europe area, and finally Prowein in Dusseldorf, for the historic meeting with the excellent German wine fair.

All masterclasses conducted by Claudia Stern will focus on the versatility and characteristics of Lugana, with particular attention to the Metodo Classico and the la Riserva, discussing the great strides made by the denomination in terms of sustainability.T

At Prowein, there will certainly be previews of the 2023 vintage tastings. This time of year is crucial for us, especially regarding white wines; it’s the moment for buyers to make purchases in anticipation of the summer season. It’s essential to intensify promotional efforts in the early months of the year to provide multiple opportunities for our producers. ” 

Edoardo Peduto, director of the DOC Lugana, explains