De Santis the history of the gourmet sandwich in Milan

The sandwich in Milan since 1964? It’s that of panini De Santis, born in Corso Magenta 9. A story of sandwiches and attention to the Milanese always in a hurry (for a change :)) without sacrificing quality!

For more than half a century, De Santis sandwiches have told the story of the city of Milan, its history and its tastes. Because the sandwich recipes come from the relationship that has developed over time with the city and the Milanese, who are always on the move and looking for something more, we can consider it one of the most historic sandwich shops.

Il Delicato

From a small place comes the world’s best sandwich

Lina Sotis, writer and author of Corriere della Sera

The historic De Santis sandwich shop since 1964

It was 1964 when Dina convinced her husband Renzo to open a bar in Corso Magenta, 9. Milan was already constantly in a hurry at the time and the couple realised that a good sandwich could be the perfect lunch, to keep up with the times!

The couple decided to dare with a formula that ,for the period, was innovative: the quick meal.
Success came immediately, also thanks to the location, and in the restaurant’s, barely 13 square metres, you could hardly get in.

Corso Magenta, in the city centre near Cadorna, full of Art Nouveau buildings and churches, still retains the original spirit of Milan and has since then been a little gem, but a gastronomic one.

The Trait d’union? The desire to try and perhaps make the recipes of a culinary tradition that never ceases to renew itself.

Among the most regular customers are entrepreneurs and ordinary people, as well as artists and sportsmen.

De Santis venues today: from Milan to Rome

Favourite destinations for those looking for a quick break are the bars in Corso Magenta and Piazza Duomo offering quality food and hospitality. From 2018 Angelo Moratti becomes sole owner.

In 2021 it is the turn of the opening of the 3rd (Via Cesare Battisti) and the 4th in Brera, ending with the latest in Rome, in the food hall of Rinascente in Via del Tritone.

In De Santis Corso Magenta, where everything is as it used to be, from the furnishings to the passion for sandwiches made to perfection, the iconic nature of the first venue has been replicated in the other locations, in a modern key.

The Menu from best-selling sandwiches to vegans

Today as yesterday, De Santis is in fact excellence, declined in the constant search for quality, the best raw materials to fill its sandwiches and satisfy every taste.

The most loved sandwiches

  • Soffice cooked ham, DOP fontina cheese, tomato, oregano and salt
  • Rinascente Fassona Roast-beef di Fassona, brie, tomato, tabasco, pink sauce, oregano, salt
  • Ronny Parma ham, brie, mozzarella, white truffle cream, lemon, pepper
  • Trentino Speck, DOP fontina cheese and pink sauce


With no less than 37 variations, the menu caters for a little bit of every taste with even the 4 Best Sellers, 4 vegetarian/vegan.

For those who want a no-carb lunch break, there are also meat dishes, fish, salads and, to finish, desserts (like the Nutella sandwich!).

The secret of the Milan sandwich by De Santis?

  • Chic, sophisticated, healthy with ingredients of the highest excellence! First quality ingredients are savoured in De Santis sandwiches through a curious, sustainable, visionary, elegant gastronomic proposal.
  • The Preparation is always done on the spot, the bread made according to their own recipe and the baking is completed right under the griddle, before being served to maintain its fragrance.
  • The evolution continues: the proposal of ingredients to fill the sandwiches is always evolving and in step with the times, open to changes to please everyone from carnivores to vegetarians!

Aperitif with sandwich? Drinks, wine, sparkling wine and champagne

De Santis offers a selection of cocktails made by the best bartenders in Milan.

The place you don’t expect for an aperitif accompanied by all the taste of sandwiches in a canape version. Essential drink list that reflects the venue‘s DNA.

Unique recipes, created ad hoc with niche products (including Bitter Fusetti or Amaro Family) that enrich the offer. But also red, white and rosé wines, Italian labels to which champagne and beer are also added.

Design between history and present times

The wooden sandwich counter is the real star of the restaurant, with brass details and a white marble top. The boiserie in wood and green color and a sequence of shelves, display cases, lamps and posters tell the story of De Santis’ identity.

The wood and green leather bench as a homage to the traditional tram seat. The Tiffany glass lamps, made by a Milanese craftsman, reinterpreted in a modern key using coloured glass; finally, the floor with geometric decoration is reminiscent of Milanese cement tiles.

Info and addresses

And yes, we can call them sandwich shops, but they are even more, they are cosy bars and lounges true to the tradition of the past. Here, pampering is never forgotten at the expense of speed of service.


Cesare Battisti – Tribunal

The right place for those who often find themselves saying – “the usual!” – but also for those who experiment with new fillings every day!

Opposite the Tribunal is the place that does justice to those looking for a sandwich made with high-quality ingredients.

📍Via Cesare Battisti 19, Milan

De Santis Carpoforo – Brera

Creativity embraces taste

In the heart of Milan, in Brera, amidst historical buildings and picturesque places… it was also often frequented by artists!

Here, customers satisfy the palate through new forms of creativity… even in a sandwich!

📍Via San Carpoforo, 6, 20121 Milano MI
☎️Ph.: 0284046255

Rinascente Duomo: bite in the centre

Just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, in the food hall of Milan’s temple of shopping, here we find a slightly different De Santis sandwich bar, where the more elegant interior design blends with the De Santis style of classics and gourmet.

Panini De Santis Rinascente Milano

The right place for a gourmet break.

Panini De Santis c/o Rinascente

📍Via Santa Radegonda 3, 20121 Milano
☎️Ph. 028852457

De Santis arrives in Roma

Rinascente Tritone Rome

In 2021, Panini De Santis opened its 5th shop, but this time in the capital, in the centre of Rome, in Via del Tritone, c/o the food hall of Rinascente.

Panini De Santis Roma

📍 c/o Rinascente Via del Tritone 61 – Roma
☎️ Ph. 0687916663

1980s change of management and the relationship with Inter

In 1982, brothers Giuseppe and Roberto Galiano acquired the premises. The affection and loyalty of customers continues to grow, along with the size of the space in Corso Magenta. The sandwiches are enjoyed by many personalities, including Inter champions. 
And so the increasingly numerous customers contribute to enriching the history of an increasingly iconic brand.
Between a menu that exceeded 200 sandwich recipes and development needs that were by now pressing, 2006 arrived. Cousins Angelo and Angelomario Moratti further drive De Santis' growth. The second location on the top floor of the Rinascente opened in 2007.