Eating gluten-free pizza in Milan

Milan’s best gluten-free pizzerias

For those who are coeliac, gluten-intolerant, wheat-intolerant or flour-intolerant, it can be really difficult to find restaurants where you can eat gluten-free pizza out with friends. Restaurants offering gluten-free pizza in Milan are not many, but for those who want to enjoy a tasty pizza without giving up, here is a selection of pizzerias offering gluten-free pizza menus in Milan, divided by area:

Ristorante Peperino Porta Nuova-Corso Como area

Peperino, a genuine Neapolitan pizzeria has five restaurants in Italy. On the menu, in addition to gluten-free pizza,  you can find various gluten-free dishes, gluten-free starters, first and second courses. The dessert menu also offers gluten-free solutions for those with a sweet tooth: international desserts such as cheesecake and gluten-free chocolate mousse and traditional Italian but gluten-free desserts such as torta caprese, panna cotta or creme caramel.

Hakim Restaurant and Pizzeria Lambrate area

Hakim, an Egyptian pizzeria restaurant is in Via Vallazze in Milan. The menu has typical Italian and Egyptian dishes also prepared with gluten-free flours. The menu offers gluten-free pizzas and pizzas with Kamut dough, includes classic and simple pizzas such as pizza Margherita, Marinara and with ham, but also richer gluten-free pizzas such as pizza Bismarck, Quattro Stagioni, pizza Parmigiana and pizza Mangia e Taci and for those who love sausage, pizza Maialata.

Cook Window – Cinque Giornate square area

The Cook Window restaurant is in Via Sciesa, on the corner of the historic Corso 22 Marzo and just a few minutes from the Milan Court and the city centre. The owner is very attentive to coeliac customers, in fact he offers all the pizzas on the menu, more than 30, with gluten-free dough, even the main courses are all gluten-free. In addition to pizzas with gluten free flour, pizzas with whole wheat dough are also available

Bebop Milan ticinese – navigli area 

Just a stone’s throw from Milan’s Darsena and the hyper-frequented venues of the Navigli, Bepop is a reference point for those with food intolerances who do not want to give up the tastiest dishes of the rich Italian cuisine. In an elegant and well-kept setting, the restaurant-pizzeria offers pizza with gluten-free dough and various gluten-free first and second courses. In addition to dishes for those with wheat intolerance or celiac disease, the menu offers dishes for lactose intolerance and vegetarians.

 Anema e Cozze and RossoPomodoro Milan restaurants

The restaurants Anema e Cozze and RossoPomodoro were among the first in the Milanese capital, together with the aforementioned Bebop, to find a solution to cater for gluten-intolerant or coeliac customers. The menu of gluten-free pizzas is not extensive but it is possible to ask for variations on the ingredients on offer. Chain restaurants are the most convenient solution for the Milanese and non-Milanese who need to eat out in different parts of the city without giving up the pleasure of a good pizza, for example after a movie at the cinema or lunch after a Saturday shopping trip.