Father’s Day 2023 for gourmet dads

Born in 1871, Father’s Day is a good occasion, just before the official arrival of spring, to give a gift or a thought to one’s dad or, why not, to a reference figure one considers to be one 😉

Considering St Joseph to be a positive father figure, because he embodies the figure of the good dad, the Catholic Church decided to proclaim him the protector of family men, and so the decision was made to proclaim a day in his honour on 19 March.

So let’s think of modern-day fathers who are dedicated to the home, the cooking and are lovers of good wine and more. Here is a selection of tasty gift ideas for dads:

Gift ideas for cooking lovers dads

The knife sharpener has arrived: knives, scissors…” indeed we can call it that, the Horl 2 knife sharpener.

🔪 The knife sharpener that is functional yet in step with current trends in the modern kitchen: designer and beautiful to show off.

Horl 2 Rovere (oak)

A design object ideal for dads who are fond of cooking and essential for preparing for the coming barbecue season! 🔥

Horl 2 knife sharpener

How does the Horl 2 sharpener work?

Consisting of two discs, one made of industrial diamonds, the other of ceramic, it sharpens any knife blade, while the wooden holder holds the knife thanks to magnets and participates in the grinding process, allowing fast and safe sharpening action.

The sharpener is also available in an elegant limited edition in a total black version!

Father’s Day in the new shade Azure Blu from Le Creuset

Meat essentials

Grill rettangolare Tradition
Tradition rectangular grill

Tradition rectangular grill in vitrified cast iron, ideal for grilling meat, fish, but also vegetables and other foods. Enjoy all the aromas and flavours of outdoor grilling in the kitchen with this vitrified cast iron grill. (32cm – price 119 euro) i

Evolution Oil and Vinegar Set

Whether for seasoning or cooking, this vitrified stoneware oil and vinegar set is perfect for every use. It includes a Le Creuset branded bottle and one without for easy identification, along with stainless steel spouts for precise pouring.

Price 45 euro

SetSet of 2 mini salt and pepper mills

This elegant little salt and pepper mill set is a wonderful pair capable of making a simple act such as seasoning, a pleasure for the eyes. The corrosion-resistant ceramic grinder instantly grinds coarse salt and pepper grains. Presented in an elegant package, for the perfect gift idea.

Price 58 euro

Wine essentials

Wine Cooler WA-126 (€28): whether you’re serving a still white wine or a lively, sparkling wine, the Le Creuset wine cooler will cool/maintain its temperature strictly in style. Taken out of the freezer, it cools the bottle in 20 minutes even at room temperature. (Ideal for a picnic, an outdoor lunch and many other occasions)

LM-150 corkscrew: time for a glass of wine?

An elegant and easy-to-use bottle opener, it extracts all types of corks, even synthetic ones, releasing them with a simple up-and-down movement. Place it on the dining table within easy reach for your guests.

Price 115 euro

Thermal bottle: for dads who want to stay hydrated all day long with the Le Creuset stainless steel thermal bottle that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, for maximum convenience on the go as well as at home.

Price 32 euro

Ideas for dads who love good wine and more

+Capitel Fontana Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico

Working to give one’s children a future, passing on the passion for the land and for wine. The flavour of this project is embodied in Capitel Fontana Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico

Big-bodied but sweet, like a father, this is Tedeschi’s Capitel Fontana Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico, the right gift for fathers who love good wine.

An important wine that recalls the strength of the Valpolicella territory, its original oenological tradition and its indigenous grape varieties.

This year the three sons dedicate to their father Lorenzo a docuvideo describing their land and vineyards, strongly evocative of their father’s sentiment and passion, handed down intact to his children.

(produced by  FG Films by Federica Gregotti and Pietro Federico)

Wine characteristics:

Produced in estate vineyards in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, Capitel Fontana Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico conquers for its structure, the balance of its never excessive sweetness and its aromatic freshness and richness.

Taste is elegant and strong, long and persistent it finds in gastronomic pairings its moment of maximum expression; in fact, it is suitable to accompany cheeses strong in flavor, foie gras, dry desserts, strawberries or other fruits of the undergrowth.

The Venezuelan Rum Santa Teresa 1796

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum - father's day

An award-winning Venezuelan rum, produced through the use of the traditional Spanish Solera method that results in a blend of rums aged up to 35 years.

In celebration of Father’s Day 2023 and to make the gift even more exclusive, the bottle can be personalized with the recipient’s name!

Gift idea to pamper the taste and the palate

Rich and refined, the taste of Santa Teresa 1796 evolves with each sip and is characterized by unique notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, leather, tobacco and plum, enhanced by a final touch of honey and pepper.

🎁The bottle of Santa Teresa also can be personalized with a message or with your dad’s name 🌐 Vargros A Casa Tua e-commerce site. 

Price €47.

Available in the best wine shops, selected large-scale retail shops and online.


IG @santateresarum

For info www.santateresarum.com

Ricco e raffinato, il gusto di Santa Teresa 1796 si evolve ad ogni sorso ed è caratterizzato da note uniche di cioccolato fondente, vaniglia, cuoio, tabacco e prugna, impreziosite da un tocco finale di miele e pepe.

🎁La bottiglia di Santa Teresa inoltre può essere personalizzata con un messaggio o con il nome del proprio papà 🌐sito e-commerce Vargros A Casa Tua.  

Prezzo di € 47

Disponibile migliori enoteche, punti vendita selezionati della grande distribuzione e online.

IG @santateresarum
Per info www.santateresarum.com

Antica Formula Vermouth Italiano Carpano

Antica Formula Vermouth Carpano

Exceptional Italian Vermouth, Antica Formula, features the most complex and original bouquet of the Carpano House, with unmistakable notes of vanilla.

How to taste it?

Perfect on the rocks with an orange peel to discover its distinctiveness, Antica Formula is also the ideal ingredient to make premium classic cocktails, giving a round, unique and distinctive taste.

What people don’t know is that, vermouth as it is, good to taste and beautiful to see, with the  label of Antica Formula that takes us back to the origins, was actually invented by Antonio Bernardino Carpano in 1786 and today boasts the signature of Niccolò Branca, president of Fratelli Branca Distillerie.

Price 25 – 30 € online

Vino Quattro Vicariati Rosso 2019 – Cavit

Part of the Trentini Superiori wine line, which represents and expresses all of Cavit‘s winemaking art, Quattro Vicariati Rosso 2019 is a savory and smooth wine that comes from the union of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon supplemented in small part by Cabernet Franc.


Intense and bright ruby red color, it gives balsamic sensations of plum, blackberry and tobacco, perfect in combination with first courses with savory sauces, meat and cheese.

Price: €14.00 in wine shops
€16.00 online

BrewDog 8.6 Urban Art Limited Edition

It is the beer that allows you to discover your true essence, with its strong and unconventional character, 8.6  the Original double malt beer with intense flavor from Swinkels Family Brewers presents Urban Art Limited Edition 2023, a unique collection of cans signed by Parisian street artist Ardif.

birra 8.6 Original limited edition 2023

8.6 Original brewed with pure water from its own spring is a beer with a strong character, fruity and spicy notes and a rich symphony of aromas. Selected ingredients and a special fermentation method make 8.6 Original a beer with an intense character, with a unique and strong personality just like the person who chooses it.

Format: 50cl can

Brewdog Beer Italy

About BrewDog beer brand

Well known as the most 'rebellious' brand in the history of beer, BrewDog has been distributed in the retail channel in Italy since 2022 by the Dutch Royal Swinkels Family Brewers group. With irreverent communication and a revolutionary way of brewing beer, it is a real case on the international scene. 

BrewDog is famous for its beers, all very aromatic and American-inspired, but also for its transgressive character and desire to push the boundaries of brewing technique. It has created an international movement that has evolved consistently over the years and its beers have become symbols of "ordinary madness", marked by brazen productions such as Punk IPA, Europe's number one craft beer and the brand's first major international success. 

BrewDog beer presents itself on the Italian market in large-scale distribution with six different references, all American-inspired, highly aromatic and rich in hops. "Born from obsession and crafted to perfection" is how the brand's iconic beers are defined: Punk IPA, HAZY JANE, PLANET PALE, ELVIS JUICE and DEAD PONY CLUB.