Father’s Day 2024: sweets, wines, and spirits.

Father’s Day is approaching, and it’s time to think about how to make this day special for our beloved fathers. For foodie enthusiasts, it’s a great opportunity to explore new sweet gourmet offerings, while for beverage lovers, sophisticated drinks to savor can be the perfect way to celebrate this special event.

From haute patisserie to wines and spirits, here are some ideas and options to delight fathers’ palates on this unique occasion. Let’s discover together some proposals that will make this year’s Father’s Day unforgettable.

For foodie dads: Gourmet Zeppole

Chef Trovisi’s stuffed zeppola

pic by ©albertoblasetti.com Terrazza Gallia

It’s the quintessential dessert with which the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan, celebrates all fathers. “La Zeppola di San Giuseppe,” filled with vanilla custard and sour cherries, in Pastry Chef Stefano Trovisi‘s single portion version, it will be available, even for external guests, on March 19th only at the Gallia Lounge & Bar.

Terrazza Gallia

For info and reservations:
☎️ Ph. 02 67853521
Price: € 14,00 

Baked or fried zeppola ?

Red Velvet Tucillo Bakery

The Zeppola di San Giuseppe, with its classic recipe of fried choux pastry filled with cream and sour cherries, is an iconic dessert associated with Father’s Day.

Bakery chef Fabio Tuccillo respects the tradition but also leaves room for variety. A range of variants, both fried and baked, all made with high-quality ingredients. You can enjoy them at Tuccillo Bakery or purchase them online.

Varieties include Pistachio, Chocolate, Tuccibueno, and Salted Caramel, as well as the new Red Velvet, characterized by its intense red color.

Tuccillo Bakery

Tuccillo Bakery, founded in 2014 by Fabio along with his brother Gianfranco and father Antonio, is a point of reference for bakery and pastry, offering quality products for both private customers and the Ho.re.ca sector.

The Milanese style Zeppole by Pasticceria Martesana

Among Martesana‘s artisanal products for Father’s Day, this year 2024 also, the classic Zeppola di San Giuseppe couldn’t be missing.

The classic recipe features delicious choux pastry filled with custard cream and finished with fresh cream and a sour cherry.

Pasticceria Martesana

Craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation are the values of Martesana, recognized as a Historic Workshop since 1966, contributing to Italian haute patisserie for over fifty years. With three Gambero Rosso Awards, Martesana is known for the highest quality of its products and the meticulous selection of excellent raw materials used in every stage of production, from dough to fillings, to decorations.

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🌐 www.martesanamilano.com

For fathers who love beverages

The reserva Exclusiva of Rum Diplomatico

Rum Diplomatico, renowned for its distinctive taste of superior quality and its versatility in cocktails, celebrates Father’s Day on March 19th with the Reserva Exclusiva, an elegant and complex rum that lends itself perfectly to being enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used in mixology

The Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva has been awarded the gold medal at the Rum & Cachaça Master Awards 2024. A smooth and refined distillate, obtained from sugar cane molasses and aged to perfection in small oak barrels before being carefully blended by a team of experts. Amber color and aromatic bouquet featuring sweet notes of caramel and licorice.

To say the least, it’s a reference point for rum connoisseurs and enthusiasts.🥃

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🌐 dispensa.com

For fathers who love wine

New label Cavit di Schiava

CavitCum Vineis Sclavis 2022 Schiava Trentino DOC arrives just in time for Father’s Day! This is a red wine that originates from the classic indigenous grape variety of the region, Schiava, which until the 1980s was the most cultivated grape variety, and traditionally vinified as a red wine.

Cum Vineis Sclavis has a fragrant aroma and a fruity character reminiscent of cherry and raspberry. Its taste is dry with a pleasantly bitter undertone of almond and raspberry. It’s an easy-drinking wine that is best enjoyed when young.

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Piedmontese wines box

Cortilia has selected a Tris box of Piedmontese wines with some gems from the Piedmont wine craftsmanship. Insidethere are three unique bottles: a Roero Arneis DOCG Sabbie, a Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Brumo, and an Alta Langa DOCG Brut.

These wines are the result of the love that the SanSilvestro winery has for wine and of the respect for the land of the Langhe. As usual, they are produced following the rhythm of nature, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, blending innovation and tradition. The ideal gift for all the wine-loving dads.

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Price € 35,00
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For dads with a passion for mixology

The perfect gift kit, the Gin Tonic box featuring Gin Berto, Sicilian lime with edible peel, and Niasca tonic water, all with the scent of Tigullio citrus. Ideal for making a delicate, fresh, and refreshing cocktail, perfect for toasting Father’s Day and the beginning of spring.

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Price € 32,84 ➡️ now discounted at € 24,99!
🌐 www.cortilia.it

The Grappa Candolini Bianca

It’s a grappa with a balanced aroma and taste, particularly delicate. The Candolini Bianca , soft and fragrant grappa, is the perfect ending for a meal with friends and family, those precious and leisurely evenings spent chatting with our loved ones. Produced with carefully selected distillates, clear and pleasant, it’s a refined Grappa fresca.

Icon and flagship distillate of the Made in Italy tradition, it has conquered the hearts of generations, so loved that it has become the most consumed in Italian households, ranking first in its category in the GDO segment.

*Source: Nielsen Data 2022

🌐 www.brancadistillerie.com

Acetaia Giusti launches its “balsamic” cocktails

The “Negroni 1605” and “Milano-Modena” are the two “ready-to-drink” cocktails enriched with Vermouth Giusti – a special reserve slowly aged in ancient barrels part of the family’s heritage – and Balsamico 5 Medaglie d’oro Giusti. Together they leave a round and smooth taste on the palate, creating two delightful cocktails, perfect for both for aperitif and after-dinner.

Acetaia Giusti presents its new partnership with NIO Cocktails. The recipes are signed by the Italian master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, considered among the top 50 bartenders in the world by World’s 50 Best Bars

🌐 giusti.com

Sabatini Gin for dads comes in pairs

For dads passionate about style and spirits with a deep soul, the ideal choice is the refined Sabatini Barrel. This gin, aged in barrels of Tuscan ex-chardonnay oak, is perfect for savouring after dinner or during a moment of relaxation.

Fresh herbal aromas evoke the Tuscan countryside and fresh grapes, with a enveloping taste featuring notes of oak, lavender, juniper, and sage. The finish is long and soft, with a subtle hint of licorice.

Negroni Ready-to-drink

The second proposal is Sabatini’s new tribute to the famous classic of Italian mixology. The Negroni Ready to drink is prepared by mixing Sabatini Gin, bitter, and vermouth. The quality of Tuscan botanicals in the convenience of a ready-to-drink product! The floral taste of the gin merges with herbaceous vermouth and elegant bitter, creating a complex and persistent aromatic profile. Served with ice and a slice of orange, it is ideal for an aperitif or a post-dinner evening.

A classic method for a toast to dads.

If you’re looking for a gift to toast to Father’s Day, a bottle of Mas du Jario, a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir grapes grown in Valle d’Aosta, is a great idea. Elegant and original, this wine is characterized by the freshness, acidity, and minerality typical of Pinot Noir from the region.

Mas du Jario is a sparkling wine made from black grape berries, Pinot Noir, grown in the Tzeriat vineyard, located at an altitude of about 800/900 meters above sea level. Perfect with appetizers, cheese, and dishes of fish and white meat. A toast to all the dads in the world! Cheers!

🌐 grosjeanvins.it


The Valdostan winery is a historic wine-making reality that has always combined history and tradition, creativity and innovation. It was born in the early 1960s under the guidance of Grandfather Dauphin, who decided to invest in the wine business. He bottled his own Ciliegiolo, successfully presented at the "Exposition des Vins du Val d'Aoste" in 1968.