Figus Designer Vegan bags from apple scraps

Vegetable leather bags made with fabric from apples from Trentino scraps, 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Milan, Spring 2023 –Figus Designer, synonymous with handcrafted bags and Made in Italy, has created a Figus collection having a focus on environmental sustainability and respect for nature.

Apple bag Figus Collection 100% Vegan

In fact, the new Capsule Collection AppleBag by Figus (designed by Eleonora Figus) was created using totally vegetable leather material, obtained from the scraps of apples used by the food industry.

Figus bags can be purchased not only in Milan but in Italy and around the world thanks to the e-shop that has no borders!

Vegan and eco-friendly bags

The result of a long search for 100% eco-friendly material, the Figus collection of 100% Vegan bags is made from material obtained from the peel of Trentino apples.

By means of a special process, a dense fibre mixture can be obtained from the apple peel, which, when applied to a supporting fabric, creates a durable material suitable for handcrafted work.

borse Figus 100% vegan

A capsule collection of bags made from real apple peels from Trentino, used by the food industry . Vegan and cruelty free, to meet the demands of environmental sustainability and respect for nature. A beautiful and sustainable Figus exclusive.

Eleonora Figus

This is how it is possible to create amazing bags that are now a valid alternative to animal leather and are a true example of excellence in the circular economy.

AppleBag Capsule Collection by Figus

The new, 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free, lightweight and waterproof AppleBags are available in Figus Designer‘s PE 2023 collection in different colours that are obviously inspired by the classic colours and nuances of the tasty apples.

Equipped with an adjustable gold or silver chain (in some models) and an internal pocket in perfect Figus style, cheerful elegant and casual, thanks to their always up-to-date design they can be matched both with elegant and casual outfits!

The 5 AppleBag models

The limited edition AppleBag collection is characterised by round, harmonious, clean lines and natural, bright colours and textures. The material is light, waterproof, resistant and soft. It represents a valid alternative to animal leather but in a vegan version.

Commitment and sustainability yes, but always with the unmistakeable irony typical of the models by Eleonora Figus – the designer who represents the new generation of the Figus brand in terms of innovation and style. They are declined in the amusing names chosen for the 5 models: MeLa Mangio, MeLa Compro, MeLa Metto, MeLa Godo and MeLa Prendo.

MeLa Mangio, MeLa Compro, MeLa Metto, Mela Godo and Mela Prendo

5 models and different colours for the AppleBag Collection, designed for every taste and need, in colours that recall the classic apple:

  • The Figus satchel bag with adjustable shoulder strap MeLa Metto
  • The ever-present messenger MeLa Godo adjustable shoulder bag
  • The MeLa Mangio mini hand or wrist bag
  • The mini bag with metal chain that can be worn on the shoulder or as a bandolier MeLa Prendo
  • The shoulder baguette bag – MeLa Compro
Mela Godo borsa Postina verde scuro

They can be worn on the shoulder or over the shoulder and are perfect combined with sober or colourful looks.

Info and prices

You can find the new AppleBag by Figus models in the sale in shops in Milan:

📍Figus Designer – Corso Garibaldi 46

📍Figus Designer – Corso Magenta 31

in the online shop 

(Prices from €135.00 for the handbag, up to €179.00 for the adjustable satchel)