Fried chicken and sparkling wine you’ve never tried before

Fat Sam & The Winery: the place where natural wine combines with delicious soft fried chicken sandwiches​ and homemade sauces. Here, at the beginning of Corso San Gottardo, the natural winerymeets a gastronomic proposal between street food and gourmet and means, as an element of discontinuity with the recent boom of openings natural wineries with kitchen openings, to bring something new and different to the panorama of natural wine bars in Milan.

Fat Sam & The Winery much more than a winery

The winery with kitchen Fat Sam in Corso San Gottardo, where fried chicken is the protagonist together with excellent wine, is a few steps from Piazza XXVI Maggio and the much more chaotic Navigli area. The venue was chosen for its nature, where history and novelty meet and thus unite the two souls of Milan inside the courtyard of the ancient church of San Gottardo

The place

It develops in a space that is not big but wide and comfortable in which yellow dominates and the counter is located behind the room, in an upside down position.

On the right as you enter, a large mirror creates space and gives way to the blackboard where the wines are displayed and described. Outside there are some tables but deliberately not many, just enough for those who want to stop and drink a few glasses of wine and taste some of the dishes to share with friends.

But why the name Fat Sam?

Bun, Pollo fritto salsa Mayo Cetriolini Pickled, Ancho Honey, Habanero - Fat Sam

In the ironic imagination of the members Fat Sam represents a ruddy innkeeper whose name was born a bit for fun, who drinks champagne and eat fried chicken, symbol and protagonist of the restaurant’s food and wine offering. ( Inter nos, the cook is called Samuele so he could be his vicious and enjoyable alter ego, but this is our free interpretation 😉

Here, natural wine is combined with an unconventional, delicious and even politically incorrect menu.”

Samuele Luè

The two souls of the menu: Winery – Bun & Food

The giardiniera

The menu has two souls, a part of the paper is dedicated to the selection of the wines from the wine shop, the choice of bottles is curated by Vincenza who ranges across European territories, Italy and a vast selection of French bubbles. Turning the laminated paper page (we know that fried food is unforgiving) there is a deliberately short and straight food list , created to offer suggestions to accompany the wine and in ways to be shared, to customers.

Then there is the “comfort food” soul of Fat Sam with a menu completely dedicated to fried chicken.

Only 3 sandwiches all based on fried chicken, but not fried in any way. Dipped in internally produced buttermilk (to make it very soft) and then breaded:

  • The classic fried chicken bun with sweet and sour cucumbers
  • The spicy bun with vinegar and habanero sauce
  • the “ fusion” bun with red onion and ikura salmon roe (salmon roe widely used in Japanese cuisine

To accompany the legendary bun sandwiches with fried chicken, French fries or rather, true  French fries classic and in a richer flavor variant with black truffle and parmesan; a legendary toast with a double layer of excellent cooked ham and giardiniera to “refresh” accompanied by fried food or to be enjoyed with toast.

Everything is homemade and to finish a single dessert! The cream ice cream with melted chocolate on top, very classic but delicious especially when served in a 1960s metal cup with a sprinkling of multicolored sprinkles.

French fries with truffle cream

Great wines from small producers

The choice of cellars and wines on the list was made by Vincenza. Thanks to his previous experiences in the sector, he has combined his tastes and notions consolidated over time to study and research quality wines coming only from small producers in Italy and Europe to give space and voice to family businesses that work the land in a sustainable. The selection is of natural wines because this approach also reflects respect for the land and the environment.

Special events

The “Fat Sam”Sunday mass

La Messa was born for the ultimate rest day and where customers can enjoy a lunch in company more calmly. The Sunday event was born from the slightly irreverent idea of creating correlation with the day and time of the Holy Mass. It’s no coincidence that it’s called The Mass and it starts at 12:00.

On this festive day Fat Sam is open all day long so we can welcome anyone who wants at any time. In this period to accompany wine and food from 12:00 to 16:00 live jazz music, for the rest of the day followed by a beautiful playlist with lots of classic Golden Age pieces from the 60s created by Andrea Urero, who also takes care of the musical direction by Fat Sam. But Fat Sam is constantly evolving and so is his music! (The monthly Mass: to find out more follow the channels)

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