a man is putting a white chocolate egg into a chocolate basket with some more chocolate eggs, as a spanish mona de pascua, a traditional confection given by godparents to godchild on easter

Gourmet Easter eggs and colomba cakes with wines to pair

Easter is not far away for this 2024 too. Everybody knows that “Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you want,” so whether visiting friends or staying in the city, everyone is eager to discover the gourmet Easter eggs and Colomba cakes offerings from the gastronomic tradition, with exciting new additions and delightful wine pairings, including sweet wines and more.

The finest and most creative sweets for Easter 2024

It wasn’t easy, but the selection is in, and among the most exclusive offerings are Enrico Rizzi’s Gourmet Eggs, crafted with artisanal mastery and fine chocolates, perfect for a memorable Easter gift. Equally tempting is the Gallia Chocolate Egg, made with high-quality chocolate and adorned with creative details. For those who prefer a more traditional Easter, Leone 1857 offers a collection of handmade eggs and the new Cri Cri version, an irresistible reinterpretation of a classic praline.

But the novelties don’t stop there: this year, Cortilia presents a savory option with the original Cacio Uovo, ideal to add a touch of originality during the holidays. And for wine lovers, how to pair sweet wine or a sparkling one with the sweet and savory Easter lunch proposals?

The artistic eggs by Enrico Rizzi

Enrico Rizzi presents his Easter Eggs for 2024, characterized by artisanal craftsmanship and the use of fine chocolates,

They are meticulously handmade without prefabricated molds, packaged in chic transparent boxes, and with a double surprise: a sweet tasting experience and a discount voucher redeemable online or in boutiques. (Upon request, the surprises can be customized!)

For info 🌐 enricorizzi.com

“Gallia Chocolate Egg” Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano, along with Pastry Chef Stefano Trovisi of Excelsior Hotel Gallia, offer both the classic Colomba cake and the chocolate egg, both available for purchase at the Gallia Lounge & Bar or on the portal www.cosaporto.it.

The Gallia Chocolate Egg, enclosed in an exclusive tin, showcases the creative flair of the pastry chef: 4 different varieties of pure Valrhona chocolate, including dark Guanaja 70%, milk Jivara 40%, caramel Dulcey 35%, and white Opalys 33% for a unique egg, entirely handcrafted and enriched with a butterfly and a rabbit, both made of chocolate.

For info: 02 6785352

Classic Dove: €48
Gallia Chocolate Egg: €48

Covered chocolate eggs

Bonfissuto, a renowned Sicilian pastry shop based in Canicattì, presents a sweet and slightly salty egg this year! The chocolate egg with salted caramel and caramel crumble is a true delight for the palate of sweet lovers. Additionally, for Colomba cakes, this year they have devised two particular proposals:

  • The Apple and Limoncello Colomba with Sicilian lemon
  • The Salted Caramel Colomba with Mozia salt, for a fascinating combination of sweet and savory.

For info 🌐 bonfissuto.com

The Tomarchio pastry shop, also Sicilian, offers a variety of Colomba cakes and Easter eggs that surely may satisfy even the most refined palates. Among the most intriguing novelties for 2024 are the Colomba artigianale senza canditi, the Colomba ricoperta di cioccolato al pistacchio and the Colomba al cioccolato con copertura di cioccolato al latte e nocciole. Among the eggs, the tastiest one is entirely covered with pistachio granules.

For info 🌐 tomarchio.eu

Artistic Easter eggs

Lorenzetti pastry shop offers a wide selection of artistic Easter eggs and Colomba cakes prepared with prime ingredients. In particular, the Uovo di Pasqua marmorizzato cioccolato fondente e bianco stands out: it is a sweet delight for both the eyes and the palate.

Easter sweets by Leone 1857

From the great classics like fruit jellies to chocolate, be it dark or milk, Leone 1857 celebrates Easter with an unmissable collection, comprising a rich range of products capable of satisfying all tastes, even the most demanding ones.

The protagonists are the handmade eggs and the new Cri Cri version, the reinterpretation of the iconic praline which becomes a unique chocolate egg.

Indeed, the hazelnuts, originally whole, transform into a tasty and crunchy granule, embracing the sweet sugar balls, and then being enveloped in dark chocolate. The Cri Cri egg (350 g) comes in a gift tin packaging, with a convenient and elegant fabric handle.

For info:

Price: €34.90

🌐 pastiglieleone.com 

An Easter egg outside the ordinary: it’s savory!

For this Easter, a new gourmet temptation dedicated to those who prefer savory over sweet: the uovo di cacio emigrante, better known as the Cacio Uovo.

With a delightful surprise inside – a filling of soppressata – this original caciocavallo egg made from 100% Italian milk is ready to delight the senses. Paired with a good glass of red wine, the uovo di cacio emigrante proposed by Cortilia will win everyone over with its unexpected mix of flavors.

Try it to believe !
For info:

Price: €33

🌐 www.cortilia.it

Artisanal Colomba cakes for gastrolovers

Colomba’s novelty for 2024, 6 classic colomba cakes and a vegan Easter cake.

The Easter Colomba cakes from the high craftsmanship pastry laboratory of Chef Cannavacciuolo, created by Pastry Chef Kabir Godi, offer a 2024 novelty with red berries and as many as 6 classic variants. The new Colomba ai Frutti Rossi presents a fresh blend of candied raspberries, red currants, and wild strawberries, covered with a raspberry coating and white chocolate pearls.

Among the classic options are the Colomba al Limoncello and the Colomba alla Melannurca Campana IGP, both with a distinctive Neapolitan touch. Other choices include the Colomba cioccolato and arancia, the Colomba with Gianduia and the la Classic Colomba along with the Vegan Chocolate and Orange Easter Cake , with the bold flavor of dark chocolate and orange, and almond glaze (V-label certified).

For info and prices:


Other artisanal Colomba cakes from the pastry shop

The historic Tabiano pastry shop is renowned for its artisanal Colomba cakes made with natural leavening, prepared with special attention to ingredient selection. The Colomba all’olio extravergine d’oliva is one of the trendiest novelties for this year, expertly combining elegant and refined flavors.

The artisanal laboratory in Bronte, Pistì, has prepared irresistible Colomba cakes, made with genuine and high-quality ingredients. In particular, the Colomba con pistacchi ananas and apricot candies is an explosion of flavors and aromas that will captivate the most refined palates. Variants with candied strawberry and dark chocolate are also mentioned, along with the version filled with pistachio cream and covered in white chocolate.

The chocolate and balsamic vinegar Giusti Colomba

The Acetaia Giusti Colomba stands out for the notes of honey and vanilla given by the use of Giusti’s aceto 3 Medaglie d’Oro in the dough, which combines with the sweetness of plum and red berry jams. Raisins marinated in the same Giusti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, along with the filling cream, contribute to the delicacy and fragrance of the cake. The dark chocolate glaze completes the “tastiness” of this product, offering a pleasant bittersweet sensation.

For info

Priced at €32, available for purchase online on the website 🌐 acetaia Giusti, in the boutiques in Milan, Modena e Bologna and in the gastronomic specialities shop

The Gluten and Lactose Free Colombe by Pansy

At Pansy MILANO, the artisan pastry laboratory in Milan with a sweet and savoury production that is 100% gluten and lactose free, this year has come up with 2 variants of Colomba, 100% Gluten and Lactose Free:

  •  Classic – without candies:  mandarin and sultana paste with almond glaze
  •  Pears and chocolate: pieces of caramelised pears with dark chocolate chips and cocoa glaze

,The gluten and lactose-free colomba cakes, in 700g and 120g formats, are available for purchase at the pastry shop, located at Via Santa Sofia 1 in Milan, or booking them for take-away or home delivery (within the city of Milan) through their Digital menu

🌐 www.pansy.it

The wines to pair and to toast with

A sweet Easter toast with the Recioto di Gambellara DOCG.

A raisin wine, made from Garganega grapes, known to perfectly accompany Easter desserts, Cavazza’s Recioto di Gambellara DOCG ‘Capitel’ has an artisanal production that dates back to ancient times. In fact, it is made by drying the grapes in an old barn, following the traditional Veneto technique called ‘Picà via’.

After the grape pressing, the wine ferments and ages in oak barrels, resulting in a sweet yet balanced flavor profile due to its acidity. The Cavazza family proudly continues this farming tradition, offering a unique and precious wine. The Recioto di Gambellara DOCG “Capitel” pairs perfectly with Easter Colomba cakes, sweet bread Fugasse, and cheeses like Asiago Vecchio or Gorgonzola.

For info 🌐 www.cavazzawine.com

Arèle Vino Santo Trentino DOC Cavit 

Exclusively made from Nosiola grapes, a white grape variety native to Trentino, Arèle is a Vin Santo with a brilliant golden yellow color and an intense and complex bouquet reminiscent of dried fruits. Characterized by incredible sweetness and freshness, it offers a multitude of sensations on the palate and is ideal with biscuits and desserts.
For info 🌐 www.cavit.it

Passito vintage collection “Luna Storta”

Great wine, so called in conversation, the Luna Storta by Montelvini, a passito wine part of the Vintage collection, pairs perfectly with the Easter leavened cakes with characteristic candied fruits. The aroma ranges from exotic notes, through dried fruits to honey, due to a high sugar concentration resulting from the drying on racks of selected grapes from the Montello hills. Why Luna Storta? Tradition has it that the grapes are originally fermented under the waning moon, hence the name.

For info 🌐 www.montelvini.it

A brut sparkling wine to toast Easter

An elegant sparkling wine obtained from a blend of Pinot Nero, Chardonnay, and Sangiovese, the Metodo Classico Brut Sboccatura Tardiva by Fèlsina. After 10 years on the lees, it maintains freshness and minerality. With a straw-yellow color and golden reflections, the bouquet is intense with floral, dried fruit, and pastry notes. In the mouth, it is dry, with excellent acidity and hints of candied fruit. Ideal for family toasts!
🌐 www.felsina.it

A rosé to accompany fish dishes or appetizers

Luna is a rosé made with Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, harvested by hand and vinified in steel until the following February. With a Provencal pink color, it offers fresh aromas of white peach, strawberry, and red apple. On the palate, it is pleasantly fresh with notes of white fruit.

Great to accompany fish dishes and semi-aged cheeses, perfect for a light and refined Easter.
🌐 villa-santostefano.it

Dulcis in fundo for Easter

Following the international trend of “dessert cocktails,” a panel of expert bartenders from Anthology by Mavolo has created a drink list of 5 “sweet to drink” to amaze friends and family and conclude the Easter lunch with taste and originality.

“We have devised our ‘sweet to drink’ to surprise friends and family with a contemporary novelty that winks to tradition.

Christian Di Giulio, drinksetter of Anthology by Mavolo

So here are the 5 recipes to prepare at home the cocktails starring in Easter 2024, the “sweet to drink” with which to surprise friends and family:

  • The harmony of edible flower powder is suggested as a garnish for the “Purple Spring” drink, where the tartness of lemon juice and the sweetness of honey meet in a cocktail based on Iovem, the liqueur created by Bruno Vanzan and flavored with honey, ginger, and lemon.

For info: www.mavolo.it