I Love Poke, not only bowls now tacos too

Pioneer of the famous Hawaiian bowl in Italy, I Love Poke celebrates the arrival of the summer season with some interesting novelties. In its stores in Milan, YELLOW POWER The limited edition Top Bowl that combines healthy eating and Milanese tradition. In all stores in Italy the new summer 2023 menu, with 5 new bowl recipes and a novelty: tacos, available in 10 versions!

What’s new in summer 2023

It is Milan, the capital of food, that unites I Love Poke, the fast casual format that first brought the original Hawaiian poke to Italy in 2017, and Zafferano Leprotto, the historic Saffron brand with the white hare licking its whiskers, which celebrates 60 years this year!

This is how two excellences come together to pay their homage to Milan with Yellow Power, the limited-edition Top Bowl which celebrates one of the symbolic ingredients of the Milanese traditional cuisine. Tradition and innovation, taste and well-being meet.

Furthermore, to confirm its primacy as a forerunner of novelties from the world, to enrich the offer I Love Poke launches the new summer menu: five new bowls with international Mediterranean flavours and a novelty, tacos to be filled at the moment, also in vegetarian and vegan versions!

Yellow Power: the milanese poke Limited edition

For one month, until July 9, lovers of fresh street food in bowl format, the poke lovers, will be able to enjoy in 6 I Love Poke stores in Milan (via Filzi, Piazza Mercanti, via Tortona, via Turati, via Sebastiano del Piombo and in Piazza Sant’Apollinare) the Yellow Power Top Bowl: Leprotto Saffron rice, steamed shrimp, pomodorini, avocado, edamame, beet, Leprotto Saffron oil and sesame.

Available in two sizes, (€ 13 Regular – € 15.50 Large) you can also order it delivery

(Glovo and Deliveroo).

Some more info on saffron properties

Ideal for a healthy and light lunch or dinner Yellow power is balanced and rich in nutrients. In fact, not everyone knows that saffron, not only gives an unmistakable aroma and color, but according to some scientific studies also provides. several benefits.

The tasty yellow powder also does not add calories and gives a stronger taste, helps fight aging thanks to its antioxidant power, stimulates metabolism and promotes digestive functions.

This is why Zafferano Leprotto, always in step with trends in food & beverage, is such a versatile ingredient, ideal for a healthy dish like poke, which has built its success on the combination of taste and lightness .

With this colorful and flavorful recipe, we want to emphasize that being mindful of what you eat does not mean sacrificing taste, and that even in an exotic dish like Poke, ingredients historically associated with more traditional dishes, such as saffron rice, can be enhanced.”

explains Rana Edwards, co-founder of I Love Poke 

Tacos and new poke bowl of summer 2023

With tacos, I Love Poke returns overseas and makes a foray into the Mexican street food tradition, interpreting it with a creative Hawaiian-inspired twist.

  • Sea Tentacles: with succulent parsley and lemon tentacles, pomodorini, yogurt sauce and almonds
  • the delicious Tropical Shrimp: stuffed with steamed shrimp, mint and lemon zucchini, tropical stir-fry sauce and sesame
  • the vegetarian Caprese: with Greek feta, pomodorini, vinaigrette and sesame
  • the vegan Crunchy Hummus: with hummus, red cabbage, vegan maio and cashews.

There are many vegetarian and vegan options to satisfy everybody.

Completing the news for summer 2023 are the 5 new fresh and nutritious, carefully balanced poke bowls. Made with fresh, quality Mediterranean-inspired ingredients from southern Italy to Spain via Greece.

  • Mare Fuori,” is the bowl reminiscent of the famous TV series: white rice, octopus tentacles with parsley and lemon, edamame, mint and lemon zucchini,pomodorini, beet, ponzu sauce and roasted corn
  • the Fresh Catalan Shrimp combines cous cous, Catalan-style shrimp, cucumber, chickpeas, vinaigrette, jalapeño and cashew nuts
  • Mediterranean Chicken Poke with brown rice, chicken bites, pomodorini, corn, cucumbers, Greek feta, yogurt sauce and crispy potatoes
  • the vegan I Love Planted Poke combines brown rice, Planted chunks, mint and lemon zucchini, corn, pomodorini, beet, jalapeño and vegan maio; and finally the vegetarian “Santorini,” with couscous, hummus, grilled soy shreds, pomodorini, cucumbers, feta, red onion, vegan maio and roasted corn.

And to accompany the novelty in beverages there are the new summer bowls of I Love Poke Bubble Teas , 100% natural products from Italian fruit and no added sugar.

The summer menu is available at all  I Love Poke stores ➡️ www.ilovepoke.it

About I Love Poke

After a vacation in California in 2016, Rana Edwards and Michael Lewis decided to bring poke to Italy by opening the first venue in Milan under the brand name I LOVE POKE. October 2017 thus ushered in the trend that has won hundreds of thousands of admirers in just a few years.

Today there are 170 I LOVE POKE stores in Italy scattered throughout the country. Rana Edwards, a New Yorker with an honors degree in Pharmacology, a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Harvard, has put all of her scientific expertise and great passion for healthy eating at the service of I LOVE POKE, carefully selecting raw materials and creating balanced recipes rich in valuable nutrients

The environment and sustainability are central to I LOVE POKE’s philosophy: not surprisingly, it is the first chain dedicated to poke to be MSC-certified for tuna from sustainable fisheries. A healthy and appetizing mix of grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits, poke is prized for its energetic qualities: in fact, it is the simplicity, together with the combination of flavors, that makes poke a dish that is not only healthy, but also tasty and very rich in vitamins, minerals, and valuable nutrients.

🌐www.ilovepoke.it 🥢

ZAFFERANO LEPROTTO, the saffron with a strong flavor!

Born in 1963 represented by a hare licking its whiskers: Zafferano Leprotto includes in this iconic image all its goodness and quality and expresses energy, sympathy, vitality.

In fact, Zafferano Leprotto stands out for its strong flavor, vivid color and intense aroma, which make it unmistakable as soon as you open the sachet. A saffron of the highest quality, born from an authentic corporate culture of passion and technology, respect for tradition and cutting-edge innovation. So much so that it is considered the packaged saffron sachet with the highest weight on the market.