Il Principe Bar verso un’esperienza mixology unica

Il Principe Bar towards a unique mixology experience

The historic location housed inside the Hotel Principe di Savoia Dorchester Collection, a new Milanese destination for fine drinking, continues its evolution and offers a list of signature spring-summer cocktails with fresh, fruity and floral aromas, without neglecting the tradition and classics of the list!

In Milan, with the arrival of spring and the anticipation of summer, the Principe Bar, a historic location situated inside the Hotel Principe di Savoia Dorchester Collection in Milan, presents its new drink list, dedicated to lovers of refined drinking.

The Principe‘s bar, under the guidance of Bar Manager Daniele Celli, continues its evolution as one of Milan’s trendy destinations, offering a list of seasonal cocktails characterized by fresh, fruity and floral aromas.

Bar Manager Daniele Celli presents

The new spring/summer drink list

Renowned Mixologist with an international background, Daniele Celli, previously at 1930 [famous Speakeasy in Milan, the only Milanese on the list of World’s 50 Best 50 Bars] has created a selection of signature cocktails inspired by the flavors of the season, with unusual combinations, textures and refined preparation techniques.

With the support of beverage consultant Marco Russo and resident assistant bartender Federico Salvalaggio, the new drink list consists of eight exclusive cocktails, each celebrating the freshness and vitality of seasonal ingredients.

Signature Drink El Milanes

Every element of the new selection has been carefully chosen and studied by me, Marco and Federico.

“We have worked with extreme care to ensure an immersive taste experience and make every sip a moment of unforgettable pleasure and discovery. This menu is designed to be the perfect companion for the summer and we can’t wait to share it with our customers”.

explains Daniele Celli.

On the menu, the Principe Bar’s signature drink, El Milanes, remains the protagonist and first on the list, a tribute to the city and its iconic dish, the Milanese risotto, served in a glass that looks like a large grain of rice on a base of ossobuco (clearly not true ;))

Dandelion Negroni

Eight new cocktails you must try

Among the new cocktails stand out the Yuzu Breeze, a sea breeze in a glass with Tequila, Yuzu, lime cordial and salty air, the Dandelion Negroni, a reinterpretation of the classic negroni with smoky and vegetal nuances, characterized by a bright green color thanks to dandelion extract.

The list continues with cocktails that enhance the flavors of summer fruits, such as the Simply Mango, where acidified mango extract combines with ginger and rum; the Watermelon Punch, where watermelon mixes in an unusual combination with coffee notes.

There is no shortage of whiskey-based options, such as the Red Berries Island with red fruit kombucha and the Cherry Derby with maple syrup and cherry. The Basil Sour, with gin and cordial Paragon White Penja Pepper, and the fragrant Apricot Blossom, with fresh apricot, vanilla vodka and orange blossom, complete the selection.

Guests can enjoy these cocktails accompanied by a curated selection of music, with live music every Wednesday and Friday: on Wednesdays the piano is joined by the saxophone, while on Fridays it is the cello that completes the elegant and refined atmosphere of the lounge bar.

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