Independence Day at Como Lake Cocktail Week

On the occasion of Como Lake Cocktail Week, one of the most important events of the year dedicated to the world of cocktails and mixology, the  American Rye Whiskey distillery WhistlePig, directly from Vermont, celebrates in Italy the most important day for the USA .

Rye Whisky and Stars & Stripes Menu

Everybody knows that the 4th of July is Independence Day in  the United States. This year the WhistlePig distillery  decided to celebrate it in an unusual way in Europe, specifically in Italy during the Como Lake Cocktail Week.

While in the USA the anniversary is celebrated with parades, barbecues, pool parties and fireworks, here in Italy WhistlePig bring with them the American atmosphere with three cocktail bars participating in Como Lake Cocktail Week and ten clubs in Milan that will offer signature cocktails based on Rye Whiskey and tantalizing menus inspired by American cuisine.

The Vermont distillery has been present in Italy since 2022 and witha cargo of precious rye whiskeys.

For the 4th of July they have organized events involving the two most important Lombard towns in the world of mixology: Como, with the Como Lake Cocktail Week from 1 to 9 July and Milan, where ten venues participate in the initiative.

The event spread over the  two locations promises entertainment and interesting tastings, drinks and food. On the one hand, in the participants’ premises it will be possible to taste  signature cocktails based on WhistlePig, created by the best bartenders  in Como and Milan, accompanied by menus inspired by American cuisine and colorful gadgets signed by the distillery.

At Como Lake Cocktail Week

On July 4th, three of the five venues competing in the Como Lake Cocktail Week  cocktail competition will participate in the WhistlePig Night:

Il Sorso
  • Palace Hotel: Paolo Venturini with “Banana Old Fashioned”
    WhistlePig 12 Y.O., elderberry liqueur, banana extract, sugar syrup, bitter orange
  • Bottega Comacini at Duomo Boutique Hotel: Fabio Doffrè Airoldi with “ComaciN.Y”
    WhistlePig 10 Y.O. flavored with caramelized grapes and Timut pepper, red vermouth, homemade bitters
  • Sorso Bistrot & Jazz Restaurant: Anu Nuwan with “Mango Jazz”
     WhistlePig 12 Y.O., mango and ginger compote, lime juice, sugar syrup

In addition to the hero cocktails of the competition, long drinks enriched by the characteristic aromatic profile of rye whiskey will be available.

Appointment on July 4

On July 4th, in Como and Milan, it will be possible to experience the emotions of the American Independence Day, enjoying above all the pleasure of staying together in harmony in company with WhistlePig.

American nights in Milan

At the same time, in Milan, ten of the city’s most popular  cocktail bars will offer an American night to those who sit at the counter.

These include: Dolce&Gabbana Bar, Rumore, The Spirit, Moebius, and members of the League of the Flying Pig such as Vesta, Trattoria del Ciumbia, Rita’s Tiki Room, Bob Milano, Casa Tobago and Officina Milano.

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The League of the Flying Pig is a networking program created by WhistlePig to engage the international community of bartenders in the dialogue on signature mixing, now counting over 350 members.

Tasting notes

WhistlePig 10 Years Old (ABV: 50% - Nose: honey, vanilla and slight notes of clover - Palate: caramel, burnt orange and a hint of smoke - Finish: long and creamy, without ever losing the boost of rye

WhistlePig 12 Years Old (ABV: 43% - Nose: caramel, vanilla and winter fruit - Palate: rye, apricots, plums, raisins, dates and honey - Finish: dark chocolate, winter fruit, caramel and vanilla)