Innovation and tradition in Italian Bakery: Bread Religion 2024

On Monday 10 June, the 2024 edition of Bread Religion, the project launched by Petra Molino Quaglia in 2013, was held in the province of Enna at Masseria Mandrascate. The event was created with the aim of enhancing the bread and bakery supply chain  as pillars of a genuine and sustainable diet, promoting an agricultural turning point that encourages soil-friendly cultivation and seed biodiversity.

Safeguarding the diversity of Italian Grains and Breads

The relationship of the new generations of bakers with the regional breads of the Italian historical heritage was the focus of the debate. In particular, the evolutionary populations of wheat, born from  Giuseppe Li Rosi’s mixture of Furat seeds, which are giving rise to new local grains in different regions of Italy.

During the event, experts such as Danilo Gasparini (President of the Scientific Council of Biblioteca La Vigna), Paolo Piantoni (baker) and the food creator Aurora Cavallo (Cooker Girl) examined whether the diversity of breads and cereals can be complementary and how the new generations of bakers are coping with the risk of impoverishment of regional breads in the Italian heritage.

A Heritage to be protected: the diversity of cereals

The second part of the debate dealt with the diffusion of evolutionary populations of cereals and grains of Italian heritage. Salvatore Ceccarelli (geneticist), Luca Giannino (Head of the “Adopt a Harvest” project) and Giuseppe Li Rosi (farmer and custodian of the seeds of Furat and Evoldur populations) discussed the importance of stimulating the biodiversity of cereals, avoiding obsolete technologies that could compromise food safety and flour quality.

Our goal is to talk about the supply chain that starts from wheat and ends with bread. In Italy, grains and breads had in common differences that were unique in the world. We have lost this grain diversity and now initiatives are flourishing to recover it. But what will happen to regional breads if the new generations of bakers focus only on the big loaves, neglecting the historical shapes?”»

said Piero Gabrieli, Co-creator of Bread Religion.

The “Festa del grano”

At the end of the day, a guided tour of the fields and a festive evening, “Festa del grano“, an opportunity to celebrate Italy’s agricultural and cultural heritage. Bread Religion proved to be an important opportunity to deepen the state of health of the world of bakery and sustainable agriculture, focusing on crucial issues for the future of these sectors.

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Chiara Quaglia, Co-creator of Bread Religion