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Kaiseki: a little bit Japanese, a little bit Milanese opens new restaurant in Milan!

Some of the most popular traditional Milanese dishes are transformed into the small roll better known as Maki: ossobuco, cotoletta, cassoeula and risotto are ‘Japaneseised’ thanks to the fusion of Japanese raw materials and culinary techniques.

Where will open the New Kaiseki?

📍In the heart of China Town in Milan, Via Paolo Sarpi, 5, . The restaurant offers a different all-you-can-eat formula that is undoubtedly refined and particular, and among these is the new ‘Gran Milan’ selection: seven dishes as homage to the city and its neighbourhoods, contaminating the icons of local food with slight cheekiness.

The presentation of the venue will be this Sunday, 29 May, at the inauguration event open to the public in the evening (h.18.00 – 20.00) It will be possible to try free samples of this particular Italo-Japanese ‘hybrid’ offer together with the Kaiseki Mule, a summer drink with gin, ginger beer, Midori made with YŇębari melon, sour and soda.

Kaiseki, literally śáźÁü≥ ‘Japanese gastronomy’ in Japanese, is a restaurant brand whose menu is usually inspired by the cities of Kyoto and Tokyo: of the former, traditional aspects and characteristics are proposed, of Tokyo on the other hand, its more international, lively and dynamic soul in constant search of experimentation. Kaiseki in Milan with this new spring opening has opted for another very local approach:

Ours is not intended to be a provocation – explains Lingjie Wei, 28, owner of Kaiseki – “but rather a true homage not only to the city of Milan, but also and above all to two peoples, the Japanese and the Italian, who share a fundamental aspect for us: the ability to bring together an attachment to ancient and numerous culinary traditions linked to their territories and the curiosity to stimulate the palate and imagination by contaminating distant gastronomic cultures.

Certainly opening such an important sign on the Japanese restaurant scene in the neighbourhood may make some people think it is an encroachment, but then again, it is not the only Japanese restaurant in the area and the owner himself is Chinese.

The new dishes designed by Kaiseki to be dedicated to the most popular and fashionable areas of Milan are:

  • Hosomaki in Isola, maki al rag√Ļ con salsiccia luganega e porri
  • Big City Life, blue cheese and radishes with rice vinegar giving the sour note, the other with salmon roe, teriyaki sauce and chives
  • Un salto all’Arco, saffron rice croquettes with cassoeula and fruit mostarda
  • Unagi in Darsena, slightly spicy lentil chirashi with flamb√©ed eel and beetroot leaf
  • Tokyo in Nolo, Japanese carpaccio unagi with rice vinegars and saut√©ed ginger vegetables
  • Moscova roulade with rice leaf, stuffed with veal cutlet and accompanied by a tangy sauce
  • The Maki di Porta Romana, uramaki in Chinese cabbage leaf with veal ossobuco, gremolada and crumbled and caramelised quartirolo.

You just have to enjoy this opening event to get an idea of the success of this combination of Milanese and Japanese gastronomic cultures! #stayTuned ➡️ follow us on the channel Instagram Rockfork