La Braseria a temple for meat lovers

For meat enthusiasts, La Braseria is a must-visit destination. Traditional first courses, tasting menus, and a rich variety of high-quality meats cooked in different styles, will tempt and seduce you. Located in Osio Sotto, in the province of Bergamo, it is run by the meat connoisseur and lover Chef Luca Brasi.

In the heart of the small historic center of Osio Sotto, in the province of Bergamo, Chef Luca Brasi unleashes his passion for good cuisine with creativity at the La Braseria restaurant. After years of research and experience in the restaurant industry, La Braseria, under Chef Luca, has focused on a careful selection of Italian and organic meats. The control of the production chain for the meats offered is meticulous, ensuring the highest quality cuts on the menu.

Luca Brasi from Michelin Star to the phenomenon of La Braseria

After many experiences, including exotic destinations like Bermuda, the Maldives, the French Riviera, and the Costiera Amalfitana, as well as mountain places like Courmayeur and Cortina, Chef Luca Brasi returned to the Bergamo area in 1997. It is here that he opened his historic restaurant La Lucanda, which would earn him a Michelin Star just five years later.

Since 2012, the iconic sign has made way for the chef’s latest project: La Braseria! Here meat is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist. In fact, La Braseria can be defined as a true temple for meat cuisine enthusiasts. It offers a wide selection of premium cuts cooked in different styles, ranging from raw cuts like tartare, to BBQ with low-temperature beechwood smoke, to grill and wood-fired oven cooking.

Restaurant with a butcher shop: the gastronomic proposal

A restaurant, a butcher shop, and a hotel where you can spend an evening or, maybe, a pleasant weekend.

Once you enter La Braseria, you are greeted by large windows, always well-prepared and filled with meats, from the Vitellone Marchigiano to the Aberdeen Angus, from the organic Reggiana to ‘his majesty,’ the Piedmontese Bue Grasso.

In the dining room, hospitality, elegance, and a quest for style are the watchwords. Refined marbles and typically Art Nouveau details blend perfectly with an atmosphere dominated by a strong attention to detail.

The world of meat has always fascinated Chef Brasi, that is why he decided to enhance this fascinating raw material. He began studying it, also delving into the world of breeding, where he directly selects the animals. The research then continues on the best cooking techniques and methods, from traditional grilling to smoking.

Luca’s La Braseria bet has proven successful, so much so that today it ranks among the top 50 restaurants in the special worldwide list of World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurant

The La Braseria menu

Everything is rigorously prepared within the restaurant’s kitchen, and even beef cold cuts are produced in-house, beginning from the excellence of selected meat cuts.

In the menu, to start with, there’s an interesting selection of appetizers, all worth trying. It ranges from Taco Sottile di Angus cooked on the BBQ, maple mayonnaise and crispy topinambur to Piedmontese Carpaccio di Fassona with Bergamo black truffle and crispy cialda . Also worth trying is the ‘Wagyu bresaola‘ with its typical marbling, among the rare offerings that enrich the menu.

Among the main courses, for lovers of grilling, classics like ribs and Florentine steaks of every selected and aged breed cannot be missed, but also specialties like diaphragm and Wagyu Denver steak. And for those who want to go beyond the classics, the proposal of smoked and low-temperature cooked cuts is definitely the best choice.

Fine dining and butchery meet

From the first impression at the entrance to the first taste at the table, one can sense that they are in a place where fine dining and butchery have converged, with attention to excellent raw materials and continuous research into cooking techniques and ingredient pairing.

The chef’s experience allows for a truly unique meat offering, which becomes even more special when the selection of the livestock is directly carried out by the chef himself. This guarantees closeness and familiarity with the breeders and, of course, the quality offered in his menu.

Among the dishes I recommend is certainly the appetizer of ‘“Midollo arrosto, pane croccante e caviale di storione siberiano”. Let yourself be amazed by the contrast of flavors and textures of the ingredients.

Not to be missed is the entire proposal based on Piedmontese Bue Grasso, starting from the bresaola, produced and cured directly by Luca Brasi, with its intense aroma and flavor, ending with the “Fracosta cotto a bassa temperatura per 10 ore con rub al curry”, shredded at the table before being served. For meat lovers looking for a place to learn, taste, and explore how fine dining can enhance an extraordinarily high-quality raw material, La Braseria will become a place to return to.

Not just a restaurant, La Braseria is also a hotel

In addition to the extraordinary gastronomic offering, the premises also offer the opportunity to stay at the Albergo La Braseria, having 8 rooms, all recently completely renovated.

The atmosphere and style of the restaurant are reflected in the rooms with refined wood paneling, Carrara white marble, brass details, and a quiet inner garden available to guests.

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