“La Griglia di Varrone” restaurant changes

Known over the years as “La Griglia di Varrone“, the restaurant led by Massimo Minutelli since 2014 has now changed its name to “VARRONE“.

Varrone in Milan synonymous with excellent grilled meat

True to its tradition, the change brings with it a natural evolution in the historical culinary proposal and style.

The same that has positioned it among the restaurants in Milan as the undisputed address where to taste the best cuts of meat from around the world.

Varrone’s statement and claim is precisely ‘The Philosophy Of Meat Excellence’, as this is truly the spirit that guides the historic brand.

Massimo, the owner, personally dedicates himself to a thorough search for the best producers at an international level, which is why he considers them and calls his suppliers of excellence ‘true travelling companions’.

But how to communicate and express this constant search? Nothing better than a dedicated event! This is why the Special Presentation Dinner was organised on 30 May!

Varrone was born from my passion: meat and its preparation have become a philosophy of life. Massimo’s is a love story!

The curiosity born during gastronomic trips around the world, the search for the best cuts around

The challenge of cooking gourmet grilled meat… the firm convinction to offer only top quality meat

Massimo Minutelli

The presentation dinner and El Buey 106 Kg

VARRONE’s ‘Special Presentation Dinner’ features the brand’s philosophy and research, exclusively unveiling ‘El Buey 106 kg’, one of the largest specimens ever handled in Italy, weighing a remarkable 106 kg.

The specimen is one of a kind, bred in Galicia on the grounds of the Gutrei company, reaching a weight of 16 tonnes with controlled, healthy and natural nutrition.

The best cattle, bred in the traditional way: Gutrei from Galicia

We are in Spain, in the region of Galicia, where Gutrei selects the best cattle from the north of the peninsula. The company was chosen by Varrone‘s Patròn, Massimo, both for the selection method and the awards received.

It is in fact the only company awarded with:

  • 1 gold medal in 2018
  • 2 gold and 2 silver medals

for the best meat in the world, in the prestigious World Steak Challenge competition with the Roxa d’Ouro brand.

Environment and nutrition for meat excellence

One of the best meats in the world with unique flavour, quality and tenderness.

It is obtained thanks to the geographical and agroclimatic environment typical of the area, respecting the traditional feeding of cattle with grass and maize from the Gutrei herd.

Founded by the Gutierrez brothers, who have lived with the family since childhood and have passed on their passion for traditional cattle care and feeding.

Bettella and Maiale Tranquillo

Another excellence, this time Italian presented at the dinner is Azienda Agricola Bettella which communicates its breeding philosophy with its Maiale Tranquillo brand.

Characterized in fact by outdoor pastures and adequate space, but also a genetic selection and quality nutrition that is the basis of the value of their fat.

It takes 2 years for the breeding stock to firm up the meat and develop the right layer of fat to reach 300 kg in weight. The result is a product of the highest quality.

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Curiosities about Varrone today

Entrepreneur Massimo Minutelli, founder of "La Griglia di Varrone" recognized in the international food and wine scene for his ability to research and enhance products and not only "made in Italy excellence," announces an important new communication strategy that begins with the Group's first rebranding.

The project is entrusted to Domingo Communication, a well-known omni-channel communication agency and strategic hub in continuous evolution, founded in Milan in 1999 by Enzo Domingo

From “La Griglia di Varrone” to “Varrone”

A direct, immediate and evocative name that brings attention back to the philosophical inspiration from which it comes. This is how Varrone's transition from a restaurant to a Brand with a clear and strong identity takes place.  Through the new logo Varrone marks the start of the new strategy, which places excellence as usual at the center of its project.

The symbol is conceived from the initial of the name Varrone, which depicts a flame, an element that has always been fundamental to the restaurant, where the fire masters are the true keepers of the secret of the meat taste.

Varrone is research,
Varrone is selection,
Varrone is excellence

Varrone is “The Philosophy Of Meat Excellence”.

Minimal graphics, declined in shades of blue and black, and stylishly reconstructed rooms reveal the refined gastronomic offerings. On the walls pictures of dishes, the best meats in the world and photos of the restaurant itself.

They could not miss the people, the true soul of the Varrone Group, told through numerous portraits, of Minutelli’s valuable team.

Essential graphic, declined in shades of blue and black, and stylishly reconstructed rooms reveal the refined gastronomic offerings. On the walls pictures of dishes, the best meats in the world and photos of the restaurant itself.

The people of Minutelli’s valuable team, which are the true soul of the Varrone Group, also appear in many portraits,