Sant Ambroeus patisserie reopens in Milan

After closing for renovations, the historic pastry shop in Corso Matteotti, founded in 1936, reopens and becomes a restaurant as well. Between history and modernity, Milanese spirit and American inspiration meet.

The Sant Ambroeus pastry shop, thanks to its New York experience, opens again, renovated and with a revamped proposal that also includes savoury food, as Sant Ambroeus restaurant, on the new menu. Sant Ambroeus is located a few steps away from the Duomo and La Scala, in Corso Matteotti, and after months of great anticipation, from Monday 14 November 2022 it has reopened completely renovated and with many surprises and novelties to discover.

Thanks to its 📍central location, both native Milanese and tourists passing by during a walk in the centre can at last rediscover one of the city’s most famous places, which was for a long time a meeting place for business and the elegant and international life of the Quadrilatero.

Sant Ambroeus nowadays also restaurant

Today’s Sant Ambroeus goes in continuity with the past so as not to lose its original identity but building on the experience gained from the exclusive venues in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida.

The design in terms of colours and shapes harks back to a 1930s design, on the other hand, there are some important innovations in the sweet and savoury culinary offerings, the result of the past 50 years of pastry history.

The spaces of Sant Ambroeus Milan were designed by Fabrizio Casiraghi, already active in New York, Paris and Milan

My idea was not to completely restore the space, but rather to focus on how to highlight its institutional character, the feeling that the restaurant has always been part of the building, using noble materials such as wood, stone and mosaic. I wanted to make it more modern while maintaining the sober elegance of the forms and materials.”

F. Casiraghi

In his project, the architect strove to create a harmonious correspondence between the interior of the restaurant and the exterior of the building, which dates back to 1930.

The new Sant Ambroeus Menu

Chef Iacopo Falai directs and orchestrates the menu’s gastronomic offerings and aims to celebrate the restaurant’s origins and Milanese tradition.

  • Traditional Milanese dishes such as Cotoletta alla Milanese and Spaghetti al Pomodoro, ossobuco alla Milanese.
  • Creations entirely dedicated to the new location in Corso Matteotti, such as Linguine al Prezzemolo (Linguine Pastificio Mancini, red prawns from Mazara del Vallo, parsley sauce, shrimp bisque and chilli) and the Lobster Roll, a New England classic, as well as seasonal selection

Discover the new menu

On the wine list we find mainly Italian wineries and a selection of biodynamic and natural wine producers, but also, some French and American options.

For the cocktail list, on the other hand, the inspiration comes from US locations, with neoclassical and innovative choices.

Let’s discover the history of Sant Ambroeus

In the 1960s it was sold by the founders (the Cattaneo) to the Pauli family, who in turn sold it to the Festorazzi family in the mid-1980s. More recently, in 2021 it came under the control of SA Hospitality Group, founded by Guarducci with Dimitri Pauli in 2003.

The Sant Ambroeus brand had been exported to New York in 1982, with a restaurant on Madison Avenue, by Dimitri’s mother Francesca Pauli. The two entrepreneurs continued, with their company, the American expansion of restaurants having a Milanese name, and were successful. In a short time to the first they add Sant Ambroeus in the West Village, Sant Ambroeus Southampton, Sant Ambroeus Soho and the more recent Sant Ambroeus in Palm Beach. Also opening are Lever House in Casa Lever, Coffee Bars inside the Loews Regency Hotel and at Sotheby’s, and Felice restaurants and wine bars. In short, all that was left to do was to go back to the roots by taking over the remaining premises in Milan and bringing them back to their former glory in a new light.