Le Creuset in Azure Blu

Milan, 1 February 2023_ Le Creuset presents the new Azure Blu line, a new brilliant blue that evokes the feeling of lightness of clear skies, on distant beaches. The inspiration for the new Le Creuset 2023 colour comes from the azure seas of the Mediterranean.

The French brand presents its new collection in the 2023 colour

Azure Blu by le Creuset is the result of the combination of these two colours. The new shade is bolder, with a more intense nuance.

The latest proposal of blue among the existing ones matches and fits perfectly into the Le Creuset colour scheme, such as the iconic Arancio .

The new Le Creuset collection in vitrified cast iron and stoneware

The new collection consists of classic pots and pans and accessories such as the iconic Cocotte, in different shapes, made of vitrified cast iron inside and out.

But how do they produces this material and what about the colouring?

The composition and colour are the result of a combination of natural mineral pigments and glass fragments that give great durability and resistance over time.

The line is completed by cast iron casseroles, plates, salt & pepper mills, cups, and stoneware coffee pots. The special feature of this versatile, high-performance material is that it resists temperatures from -18°C up to +260°C.

Where can you find Le Creuset cookware and utensils ?

Azure Blu is available from 1 February 2023 in the Le Creuset Milan shop and in the one based in Bologna, at selected retailers and on ➡️ www.lecreuset.it or you can follow us on social media: @lecreusetitalia

Le Creuset – some history

Le Creuset was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy le Grand, in the north of France. Two Belgian entrepreneurs decided to create a foundry capable of enamelling crockery and saucepans. Thus Le Creuset was born: the factory was built and the first vitrified cast iron cocotte coloured in 'Volcanique' orange, the colour of the  melted cast iron, was produced.  www.lecreuset.com 
Le Creuset cooking accessories
95 years after its foundation, nowadays Le Creuset is a global company offering a complete collection of high-quality cooking accessories.

In addition to the multi-coloured lines of vitrified cast iron, there is the stoneware, the non-stick aluminium and stainless steel pan line, the pastry line, kitchen utensils and wine accessories.  

Le Creuset is today a group with 23 subsidiaries and over 600 shops worldwide. 
In 2004, thanks to an important market success, the Group opened Le Creuset Italia, which now counts 5 mono-brand shops, capillary retailers throughout the territory and a continuously expanding e-commerce.