Le Creuset’s workshop Milan Design Week 2023


Milan, April 2023

Which are the secrets of the Le Creuset world?

During Milan Design Week 2023, the French company tells the story of its journey – which began in northern France back in 1925 – between past, present and future, which is translated today into the three pillars at the heart of the brand: tradition, sustainability and innovation.

Le Creuset’s identity finds expression in its materials and iconic products: a story that begins in the French factory, where accessories are carefully designed, developed and manufactured, from the formulation of the cast iron to the fine-tuning of the colour.

The Color Your Day collection

Le Creuset Color Your Day Collection
Le Creuset Color Your Day Collection – April 2023

The journey of Milan Design Week 2023 begins with the Color Your Day collectionfrom dawn to dusk: top quality vitrified cast iron products, available in a unique colour palette – from the new vibrant and bright Azure Blu to the iconic Orange. From breakfast to dinner, they give every space in the home a touch of design and colour, customising every style with distinctive combinations.

High-performing, versatile and durable, Le Creuset’s range of cast iron products, such as the iconic cocotte, transform every recipe into a taste experience, thanks in part to the slow and even cooking time that this special material guarantees, preserving most of the properties of the raw materials.

Sustainability in Le Creuset products

In difficult times, when it is necessary to “shape” our habits in the name of sustainability, Le Creuset accessories, handed down from generation to generation, represent a small gesture of love towards the planet: a responsible Company, acting today for tomorrow.

The iconic vitrified cast iron products are mainly composed of recycled iron and steel, while materials discarded during quality control are reintroduced into the production cycle: a concrete action that contributes to the protection of the environment.

New Coupe Collection

Le Creuset Coupe Collection - April 2023
Le Creuset Coupe Collection – April 2023

TLe Creuset’s journey continues with an eye towards the future, which is reflected not only in the company’s careful production process but also in the constant search for the latest technologies and materials, as well as new shapes and colours. Vitrified cast iron, the fruit of almost a century of tradition, is flanked by vitrified stoneware, a quality, robust and durable ceramic that finds its expression in the Coupe Collection, an elegant range of accessories in four refined pastel colours: Sea Salt, Shell Pink, Meringue and Flint

In this new line, the brand’s historical identity, which remains in high performance, meets innovation, realising the desires of the new generations: pastel colours, simple, sinuous lines and modern styling are some of the characteristics of this collection, in tune with the trends and styles of the younger generation.

Le Creuset workshop where is?

Throughout Milan Design Week 2023, inside the Store at Corso Garibaldi 51, the French company will present the Le Creuset Workshop through a tale of its most iconic pieces and the latest novelties that tell the brand’s story: a perfect harmony between tradition, sustainability and innovation that starts in France and reaches all over the world.