Louis from the Meat experience to the Burger Boutique

We have it big”, yes, this is the payoff of Louis Burger, the food concept that since 2018 from Meat to the Burger experience in boutique format, has been present in Udine and has expanded to north-eastern Italy in Pordenone and Trieste, where things continue to happen one bite at a time.

A slogan that seems exaggerated and certainly wants to be “out of the box” that of Louis Burger, as well as the food concept it represents. The will of the burger boutiques today and Louis’ mission  is to create a space where anyone can feel free to express themselves and live a real culinary experience and more. All in a colorful and welcoming environment that winks at fashion and the future where “instagrammable” is an understatement, but at the same time the careful service and attention to the product are a constant.

How was Louis born?

The first Louis restaurant opened its doors in 2018, after a culinary epic that led its founders to explore flavors and traditions of different cuisines. These journeys inspired the opening of the first restaurant in Udine, Via Poscolle 43, a location that had previously been labeled as “bankrupt”. However, the founders saw a hidden potential,and decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

The first name of the food concept was Louis Meat Experience and the menu. Unlike today, it was focused on a variety of cuts of meat, side dishes and 4 types of burgers. After about 6 months of activity and careful analysis of the customers’ satisfaction of the dishes proposed, the Louis team noticed that the burgers were having more success than the rest of the proposals. This led to the strategic thinking that led to the transformation of Louis Meat Experience into Louis Burger. The results are a significant increase in the number of burgers on the menu and the development of a very pop and irreverent food concept that we now find in  the stores of Udine, Pordenone and  Trieste.

Evolution and success of Louis Burger

As was to be expected but also a bit refined without a doubt, the change in Louis’ food proposal has led to an increasingly approaching new target clientele: young Gen Z looking for a fresh and dynamic experience.

This is how the communication style has also been rethought to reflect the new identity, dressing the product with freshness and joy. This approach has led to considerable success, transforming Louis Burger into a reference point for those looking not only for good food, but also for a unique experience in the street food scene.

Louis’ Food Concept

Louis Burger stands out in the culinary scene not as a simple fast food or slow food, but as a food concept: a place where things happen, where the culinary experience is at the center. Louis is conceived as a person with emotions and thoughts, an entity with whom clients can identify. This humane and inclusive approach differentiates Louis Burger from its competitors, creating a space where everyone can feel free to express themselves and enjoy an authentic experience.

Louis Burger is the epitome of simplicity and constant growth, turning every challenge into an opportunity for continuous improvement. With an eye always on the future, it continues to evolve, carrying out its mission of offering a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Origin of the Name and Philosophy

The name “Louis” was chosen because of its familiarity and humanity, a name that immediately evokes a sense of warmth and welcome. Louis Burger is aimed at those who want to spend quality time at the table, in a well-kept environment, enjoying special food that is a pampering for the soul.

Innovation and training are fundamental pillars of Louis Burger’s success. The company’s philosophy is based on the principle of using the company to help people grow, offering training courses ranging from service to food cost. This vision allows employees to develop valuable professional skills, creating added value for the brand.

We have embraced the challenge of redefining the restaurant landscape with principles based on quality of work and transparency,” and continues,

We want people to find fulfilling work, which means ensuring regular contracts, fair wages, transparent arrangements and humane shifts so that every employee has the opportunity to grow professionally according to their role.”

comments Carmela Froncillo, co-founder of Louis Burger

Innovation and Expansion Strategy of the Burger Boutiques Louis

Luigi and Francesca, partners in crime and creators of Louis as well as partners in life, want to bring innovation to  the street food sector by elevating it through human and engaging communication, both in the premises and in the interaction with the digital community. In addition, the search for ingredients and the presentation of the dishes are taken care of down to the smallest detail to amaze and delight customers.

The choice of the third location in the city of Trieste came from its beauty and uniqueness. Moreover it  is a strategic place in the area, where a hamburger restaurant like this was certainly not present, and the perfect setting for target and elegance to enjoy Louis’ burgers.

Next steps

The future sees further expansions, with the aim of opening two new locations per year, including Padua, and working on new product associations to further extend the brand.

Constantly moving and innovating, Louis explores specific markets such as business and energy and develops new side products. The goal is to create a solid brand extension, building collaborations with brands from different markets whose principles can be embraced and associated with Louis, always offering new and engaging experiences to customers.

Useful Information

Address: Via Poscolle, 43, 33100 Udine (UD)Address: Corso Garibaldi, 73, 33170 Pordenone (PN)Address: V.le XX Settembre, 18/C, 34125 Trieste (TS)
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Hours: Monday to Sunday
12:00 p.m. – 02:30 p.m.|
7:00 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.
Hours: Monday to Sunday
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