Löwengrube arrives in Milan and opens its first venue

The Bavarian-style restaurant-brewery brand comes to town and opens the first Löwengrube in Milan with the acquisition of Kapuziner Platz. The historic Bavarian pub in the capital, leaves the baton to the group after more than 20 years as a reference point for fans of Bavarian beer and food.

July 2023 – The atmosphere, as for its predecessor that has delighted the Porta Romana area for over 20 years, is still that typical of the Oktoberfest. Warm wooden furnishings, staff in typical Bavarian costumes (lederhosen for men and dirndl for women to be specific), music and authentic Munich Bierstube scents, but above all the menu composed of traditional transalpine and South Tyrolean cuisine and the beers of great brands from the historic Bavarian breweries.

A new place for beer lovers and stube-style tables

Löwengrube Milan

The Löwengrube place in Milan will, not surprisingly, closely resemble the old Kapuziner Platz as a mark of continuity and respect for a place that has truly contributed to the spread of Bavarian culture in Milan over the years.

The new Loewengrube restaurant in perfect stube style has now opened in the same place where Kaputziner Platz’s giant frying pans and sausages used to be eaten.Here you will always find tables for groups with repeatedly tapped mugs, platters of Bavarian sausages and towers of hot pretzels.

This new opening will give us the opportunity to understand the response towards our offer from the heterogeneous and cosmopolitan public of a big town like Milan and it is also a valuable showcase from which to increase our brand awareness, not only towards customers’.

comments Pietro Nicastro, CEO and co-founder of Löwengrube. 

Not only for adults but also for children

The group’s new restaurant is a space designed even more for children than for adults. In fact, to allow mum and dad to have a few cold  beers, there is also a beautiful playground where the kids can let off steam before collapsing into sleep.

The truly rich menu has a thousand and one proposals and there is also a vegetarian Lowen Veggy and kinder menu for children. Packed with beers and full of Bavarian dishes and sausages of all sorts, it reflects the place and is undoubtedly folkloric, so much so that even the waiters blend in with the atmosphere thanks to their traditional Bavarian clothes!

But, will it live up to its predecessor? 🍻

📍Löwengrube Milan