Maritozzi dolci e salati rivisitati in chiave gourmet da 15, 30 e 50 gr

Matì sweet and savory gourmet maritozzi

Milan preview of the evolution of maritozzo

The maritozzo revisited in a gastronomic key arrives in Milan in the heart of the Colonne di San Lorenzo area, at via Cesare Correnti, 23. Matì – Gourmet Maritozzi Pleasures, is the new gastronomic reality that stimulates taste and curiosity devoted to the maritozzo, the famous dessert of the Roman culinary tradition, which has left the regional borders to conquer the whole Italy.

Matì is the new boutique dedicated to refined palates, a must-visit destination for gourmand explorers and taste travelers. The atelier of maritozzo in Milanese format is designed as the new culinary landing place in which to live a synaesthetic experience of taste capable of delighting eyes and taste buds.

The idea and the story of maritozzo in a gourmet key

The idea of revisiting one of Italy’s gastronomic and street food cults in a gourmet key comes from the vision of 4 young entrepreneurs who propose an original reinterpretation of the maritozzo: not only the traditional sweet version, but also in an unprecedented savory version.

Matì’s 4 partners

Matteo Casaroli (Chef and Researcher), Arjuna Ullrich Rimbotti (Entrepreneur and Sommelier), Daniele Ionni (Production Manager) and Laura Muccini, (creative and entrepreneurial mind) are the four founding partners who combined skills and aspirations to start the project by indulging the chef’s passion for the leavened and stuffed dough sphere.

The story of Matì

Matteo Casaroli’s love for this typical product dates back to childhood memories when maritozzo represented the gluttonous prize that Mother Matilde reserved for her children on Sundays. The chef carried out zealous research on dough and leavening techniques and a careful study of the best harmony of combinations.

The careful work has produced a result that surprises with the lightness and balance of its ingredients; an experience of visual and gustatory pleasure that envelops and conquers with authentic emotions.

The name Matì derives from Matilde, the name of the chef’s mother, who christened the sign of the gastronomic boutique dedicated to maritozzo in this way, to honor the affective bond and emphasize the familiarity of a taste that brings back happy times.

New shape and flavor to Roman maritozzo

Attention and care for raw materials goes hand in hand with refined aesthetic taste, giving each maritozzo the perfect shape of flavor. It is the concept of balance that describes the distinctive character of the production – made with a unique basic dough, in both sweet and savory versions: never an excess, only pleasantness of the senses.

Savory maritozzi with land, sea and vegetarian fillings

The rich offering, designed to meet a varied sensory imagination, offers savory maritozzi with land and sea fillings. We journey through typical regional cuisines through recipes revisited with a contemporary approach:

  • from the traditional stuffing with meatballs
  • to the version that combines white meat sauce with pumpkin and mortadella
  • to the reinterpretation of the Picchiapò, which is inspired by the Roman recipe, made with boiled beef. 

Fish proposals

As for the proposals of maritozzi stuffed with fish, Matì has come up with delicate combinations that enhance raw materials of the highest quality:

  • Mediterranean octopus with chickpeas and chicory
  • calamari with Ribera oranges and taggiasche olives
  • twist between burrata d’Andria and Mazara del Vallo red prawns

Vegetarian proposals

Matì does not neglect even those who prefer a vegetarian diet by including in the offer delicious Veggy proposals, such as caponata, burrata with pomodorino confit and the Sicilian one, which brings to the table the most renowned ingredients of Trinacria: pistachio pesto from Bronte, emulsified ricotta cheese and semi-candied Syracuse lemon femminello.

Dulcis in fundo: the great classic, dessert. The protagonist is cream, accompanied by variations with custard, pistachio cream, mascarpone mousse – for an unusual Tiramisu – and white chocolate and raspberry.

Matteo’s creations return the primordial emotion of a flavor that transcends all time limits, taking us back to that explosion of taste and pleasure that only a recipe made with passion and tradition can offer. And so that every taste brings with it sensations of joy and enjoyment.

The menu follows the course of the seasons to always guarantee novelty and new experiences.

You can immediately tell that this is the temple of leavening by looking at the transparent and bright display window where the delicious creations are kept.

Matì maritozzi Gourmet is also catering, not just street food delivery

The place is intimate and cozy, the senses invite you in and the wide selection convinces you to stay. At Matì’s, maritozzi can be enjoyed on the spot or conveniently at home thanks to a delivery service. Matì is also catering, capable of tailor-made events thanks to its proven organization and experience in haute cuisine.

Balance and authenticity are the values that also guide the wine label research conducted by Arjuna, which counts on a wide selection of natural and organic references from small producers’ wineries, selected to best accompany and enhance all the flavors of the maritozzi.

Sustainable maritozzi

Matì is carbon neutral: the genuine and authentic values behind the Matì concept can be found in the responsible approach that the founders have declined in every part of the project: thanks to the collaboration with Green Future Project – an online platform that supports companies in CO2 offsetting processes. Even the paper used for packaging and communication materials is made from recycled materials.

Gourmet maritozzi between past and future

The link with tradition and the past returns in the opening date of the restaurant: maritozzo being historically considered the typical Lenten dessert, Matì opened before Easter, exactly on St. Matilda’s Day, March 14.

Matì does not stop in Milan: the Milanese location starts a journey in progress to take the premium street food project throughout Italy to major European capitals and Asia.

Chef Matteo Casaroli, Pastry chef

Matteo Casaroli, age 26, from Poli, a town in Lazio between Tivoli and Palestrina, has made gastronomic culture his mission since childhood thanks to his mother Matilde, who spent most of her time in the kitchen. Sharing these moments prompted him to choose the road of catering by enrolling at the hotel-management institute in Cave with a ining address. Some enlightened teachers pushed him toward cooking. Once graduated, Matteo began his professional adventure making experience both in the territory and in other regions, mainly Sardinia and Sicily.

It is the Sicilian land that turns out to be essential for his training and the definition of his own culinary style. Here he has the opportunity to “explore” the kitchens of starred restaurants, trattorias and caterers, experimenting with multiple culinary approaches.

For a time, he left the kitchen and enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Business: it was again a professor who made his ideas clear and since, as he says, “the love of cooking never leaves you,” he returned to the industry first as co-founder of the company Elphood (Sicilian products of excellence) and then by starting a catering service in Rome. He has also made his expertise available as a Home Chef for renowned celebrities including Emma Marrone, Paolo Stella, Nancy Brilli, Bella Thorne, Benji and Camilla Ghini.


Matì – Gourmet Maritozzi Pleasures

Via Cesare Correnti, 23 – 20123 Milano 

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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