Maybu Margaritas y Burritos launches the search for the first burrito taster.

Would you ever have thought that passion for burritos could become a job? In times of burnout and endless calls, finally an opportunity that combines taste, passion, and creativity, one that many won’t wait to seize. For the first time in Italy, Maybu launches the curious search for burrito tasters.

An extraordinary and truly unique opportunity: to become the first professional burrito taster in Italy. It’s the curious search that Maybu Margaritas y Burritos has activated to uncover true burrito lovers who have the chance of a lifetime to turn a dream into reality.

The announcement was launched recently and is already gathering an impressive number of applications. Of course, who wouldn’t want to get paid to eat? The search is open for the location in Rome, where the taster will experience an unprecedented working experience.

Burrito Tasters Wanted!

In line with its innovative philosophy, the Tex-Mex fast restaurant Maybu is seeking a product tester for a crucial role in the team: professional burrito taster. The lucky selected candidate will have the task of tasting, evaluating, and providing feedback on the burritos offered by the restaurant, significantly contributing to the growth and success of the brand in the city of Rome.

In addition to tasting, they will be responsible for suggesting new recipes through direct interaction with restaurant customers, fostering a direct approach with the public. An opportunity to explore a universe of taste and become the pioneer of a new culinary era in Italy. In short, a dream job in the shape of burritos!

About Maybu

Founded in 2018 by Diana Beltran Casarrubias (a Mexican chef from Acapulco now adopted by Rome, known for her participation as an external judge on Masterchef Italia and her collaboration with Gambero Ross0), Maybu Margarita y Burritos  is known for its fusion formula that combines authentic Mexican cuisine with American culinary tradition street food. The result is a quality fast restaurant: burritos and tacos to be customized, accompanied by fresh Margaritas.

The Ideal Candidate:

A true gourmet capable of appreciating the complexity of flavors and effectively communicating their sensations. A lover of gourmet burritos, equipped with excellent communication skills, including on social media, and capable of creating digital content.

The Offer:

  • Freelance contract
  • Salary: €1,000 per month
  • A key role in the enhancement and promotion of Maybu burritos


  • Tasting all types of burritos offered by the restaurant
  • Tasting our Margaritas.
  • Creating short experiential videos for Instagram and TikTok

Burrito taster applications should be sent to

For more information on Maybu:

🌐 IG: maybuitalia