Milan-Turin: Dry January 2024

As January draws to a close, holidays are almost a memory, here comes Dry January! What is it about? Dry January is a movement that invites people to abstain from consuming alcohol for the month of January and is gaining more and more popularity, not only as a personal challenge, but also as an innovative way to promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Here is a selection of venues with an alcohol-free cocktail list to tackle the month of alcohol detox.

Alcohol-free Cocktails in Milan: places you should try

Rumore – Corso Venezia  (NEW)

Rumore Portrait Milano

Opened on 1st December 2023, Rumore is the new cocktail bar in the heart of downtown Milan from the founders of Beef Bar. Inspired by the 1960s, a true tribute to Raffaella Carrà, the bar offers a glamorous atmosphere with references to iconic venues such as New York’s Studio54 and live music 7 days a week. Rumore stands out in design and proposal, its onyx bar and a wide selection of cocktails, spirits and champagne.

If you’re looking for some alcohol-free drinks during Dry January, Rumore’s mixology offering, in addition to the main cocktail list, also offers an ad-hoc list of alcohol-free drinks, allowing guests to enjoy a different taste experience. These include their Jenga with Seedlip Grove, Timut Pepper, Supasawa and Pink Grapefruit Soda!

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Rumore📍Corso Venezia, 11

Mag Cafè – Navigli area

@Mag Cafè Milano
©Mag cafè Milano

The Mag Café in Milan, with Flavio Angiolillo and his team, since 2011 is a reference point in the Navigli area for quality mixology. Open every day from morning to late at night, the vintage ambience and cosy furnishings create a unique atmosphere, enriched by a vast collection of spirits in a rich bottle library and the skill of some of Milan’s most talented barmen.

For lovers of alcohol-free drinks, the Mag Café offers various options, including artisanal sodas and cocktails made with Jnpr non-alcoholic distillates, a project conceived by Angiolillo himself. One example is the drink Da grande sarò un Negroni, a reinterpretation of the classic Negroni that combines two Jnpr herbal distillates and Conviv Rosso, a non-alcoholic infusion produced directly in Milan. A must try!

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📍Mag Cafè  – Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43, 20143 Milano MI

Namascè Milano | Porta Romana

Namascè – ©Rockfork

The name of the cocktail bar in Viale Lazio, 2 in Milan Namascè comes from the Taranto dialect (Taranto is Angelo’s city) and means ‘let’s go’! Best known for the tongue-twister “ci namasce sciamene, ci non ci namasce no ni sciammu scenno”, which is as friendly and welcoming as the two owners who are partners in life and in this cocktail bar project.

Ludovica behind the counter offers classic cocktails (the Americano is excellent) or with curious ingredients from the Namalist (Namascé’s drink list) in which they experiment with low-temperature cooking and the use of unusual vegetables such as friggitelli. Aperitifs with appetisers to suit all tastes including vegans, simplicity and taste being the watchwords. In the restaurant there is a piano and every Thursday live music that varies between the notes of rock, jazz and blues. Also here there is no shortage of non-alcoholic drinks in addition to the classics. bitters, vermouth and zero-alcohol gin with which they prepare the great classics gintonic, negroni, americano, london mule etc. are available in the bottle shop.

Not just cocktails: kombucha, tea, infusions and herbal teas

La Teiera Eclettica – Tea Shop e Tea Room | Porta Venezia

Located in the heart of Milan’s Porta Venezia district in Via Melzo, La Teiera eclettica is not t just a tea room, but a place to feel at home. The atmosphere is imbued with serenity and invites visitors to immerse themselves in tea culture in an authentic way.

Behind the counter, real tea sommeliers guide customers in selecting the tea that best suits their taste. Each visit thus becomes a sensory and educational journey, where tea lovers can taste the nuances of tea and discover its most fascinating details.

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📍La Teiera Eclettica  – Via Melzo 30 – Milano MI

Alcohol-free cocktails in Turin: places not to be missed

Smile Tree – Quadrilatero Romano area

Smile Tree website

Located in Turin’s most picturesque district, this venue has been accompanying for years young and adults looking for a place to enjoy a good drink . Smile Tree with dedication, testing and research offers drinks that are updated every year by combining new flavours.

As they themselves say “Drinks for all tastes” in addition to the classic cocktail menu, there is also an extensive list of non-alcoholic drinks with surprising flavours and colours: sweet, bitter or spicy cocktails to accompany appetisers and fruit pairing. Like the Mr Blonde Crodino, yellow grapefruit juice and citron syrup, The Grape Escape with grape juice, hibiscus cordial, vanilla syrup and lemon, or the Hansel and Gretel with guanabana juice, raspberry syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale.

Useful info

📍 Piazza della Consolata 9C, Torino tel. 331 1848136 
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La Drogheria cocktail bar – Piazza Vittorio 

Located in one of Turin’s most important squares, La Drogheria is a cocktail bar dedicated to craft spirits. Born in 2002 as a cocktail bar, it evolved in 2019 with the addition of the Bazaar, offering a varied selection of products dedicated to mixing such as liqueurs, essences, perfumes and hydrolates.

La Drogheria’s drinks are a true work of art, all expressing simplicity but concealing study, technique and new mixology philosophies behind each sip, as do their non-alcoholic cocktails that defy expectations thanks to the skill of the expert bartenders. These include their Zoetrope with non-alcoholic Vol0, Vermouth, non-alcoholic Seedlip Groove Gin infused with lemongrass, non-alcoholic Bitter BTTR, Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom or their Okn Drum cocktail with Banana Yoghurt, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple Syrup, Verjus.

Useful info

📍 Piazza della Consolata, 9c, 10122 Torino TO

Not just cocktails: infusions, teas and herbal teas in Turin

Kintsugi Tea & Cakes – Piazza Castello area

Located right in the centre of Turin, Kintsugi Tea & Cakes is the creation of the two young owners originally from Aosta who decided to bring their passion for tea and fusion cakes to conquer the hearts of the Piedmontese.

The Kintsugi Tea Room is a real peaceful retreat where, during the Dry January period, those looking for something completely innovative can find a menu offering a variety of teas from all over the world, carefully selected and prepared: from the most classic Chinese and Japanese green teas to smoked red teas from Taiwan, the offer is rich and suggestive. If you love tea and tranquillity and want to be transported to a world of sweetness and flavour, Kintsugi is definitely the perfect place!

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📍 Via Monte di Pietà, 17 c | Torino – 011.3352342
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Torteria Berlicabarbis

Opened on 31 March 2012, the Torteria Berlicabarbis was born as a heaven where the café concept is transformed into an irresistible realm for lovers of taste. The cosy atmosphere and thoughtful design provide an inviting ambience for all guests, making it an ideal place for lovers of sweets and delicacies.

With a vast selection of no less than 100 tea blends from around the world, tea lovers can explore traditional aromas and experience unusual tastes, all from the comfort of cream-coloured tables.

The café’s offering is therefore not limited to sweets, but also extends to a variety of hot drink options, from classic to more spirited teas, black and green teas, herbal teas to pamper yourself after a tiring day, or even rooibos with simple flavours to offer a pleasant sensory experience. Curious to try them?

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Pout Pourri Vintage Cafè – Mirafiori area

The Pout Pourri Vintage Café stands out as a place where welcome, hospitality and sustainability come together harmoniously. This café is the result of constant dedication and passion for the world of beverages and hospitality. Amidst 19th century parlours and modern pieces that come together in a harmonious blend of styles and colours, you will be able to taste an infinity of delicious creations that are also alcohol free, different every week! Not only that, this Pout Pourri is also ready to offer you infusions, teas and herbal teas from around the world, to be drunk hot during the winter months or cold during the summer, all served with delicious home-made cakes. The café also pays special attention to sustainability, banning the use of plastic and turning some products into delicious syrups, crisps, pastries and garnishes.

Useful info 

Address: Corso Enrico Tazzoli 88 – 10137 Torino (TO) – 340 3543115

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