Milano fashion week cocktails to try

Milan Fashion Week is always a hectic event. In fact, during the days of Fashion Week, time never seems to stand still: insiders jumping from one fashion show and event to the next and then also attending parties and cocktail parties… non-stop, dreaming of an aperitif to tidy up and decompress from the chaotic days.

For a good cocktail and a quick bite

A… ALLANGOLARE | a single word

The Allangolare venues can easily be described as living rooms (in Via Plinio and Via Ampère respectively), where you can enjoy homemade dishes, Italian gin, wines and cocktails… chat and even give original flower arrangements!

They offer a menu (cocktail & food) consisting of a few dishes and constantly evolving, because as they define it, it is a ‘menu on the move’. All the products and raw materials used have a story to tell, made up of friendships and long research and high quality.

For those nostalgic for the ending summer

  • The summer is magic
    Gin, Vodka, Rum Bianco, Triple see, passion fruit.

For those who feel Fashion and are strongly confident of it

  • Il Convinto
    NIKKA Whiskey, Vermouth Cocchi, Campari, Angostura, Zucchero&Lime, Tonica

In via Amperè Allangolare is a bistro, concept store and flower shop, in the Città studi area you can also have a great vegetarian aperitif? Here you can enjoy an aperitif in peace and quiet:

Carasau with organic Sicilian Evo oil (Nocellara) and Focaccia with Maldon salt, Leccino and Castelvetrano olives, vegetarian meatballs* with vegan mayonnaise, bread croutons with Thai green curry and coconut hummus, cream of peas and dill seeds

Allangolare PlinioAllangolare Ampère
📍Address Via Plinio, 46 – Milano
Open everyday 6 PM-2AM
📍 Address via Ampère, 95 – Milano
Open Monday to Saturday 9AM-00AM
☎️ Ph.: 3334303549☎️ +39 389 1035321
🌐 Website IG Allangolare

A…Altrimenti Mixology

©Altrimenti Mixology Art

In the living room of AltrimentiMixology Art, you can find a sensory journey with well-curated and always impeccable yet trendy cocktails accompanied by traditional Japanese dishes that meet Italian-style flavours and ingredients. The most elegant and trendy cocktails, representing what you would expect from a Fashion Week in Milan then and during Negroni wine Week!

Milano Old Fashioned for MFW

Brugal Anejo Rum, Saffron, Amaro del Capo , Chocolate Bitter.
Old Fashioned! Inspired by Milanese culinary tradition, a twist on one of the most iconic cocktails ever.

3 Stage Negroni

3 different Negronis in one… the Negroni tasting by Altrimenti Mixology

3 stage Negroni
  • Stage 1: Pineapple-infused gin, white vermouth, bergamot bitter
  • Stage 2: bourbon, vanilla vermouth, banana Campari
  • Stage 3: Mezcal, coffee vermouth, sour cherry Campari


📍Address Via Castelfidardo, 6 ☎️ Ph. 0236699202 🌐

C…for Canaglia

Opened a few months ago, it is already popular in the southern area, not far from Piazzale Lodi and the legendary Fondazione Prada. Canaglia Milano has a special position, angled on three sides, which allows for several tables and space towards the outside on Piazzetta San Luigi.

A new crossroads where live music and warm colours draw attention! The most fashionable cocktails to try:

  • Spumoni: Gin, Vermouth Rosso, Bitter Fusetti, Rhubarb and cocoa bean, Green Chartreuse mousse and green tea. An excellent alternative to the much sought-after Negroni to keep with the Negroni Week theme)
  • Lucha Libre: Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, Red beetroot and pink pepper shrub, Horseradish salt, Lime… which instead captures the attention of more eclectic palates!


📍Piazza S.Luigi ☎️ Ph.: 3313336316


Cittamani Milano and its limited edition cocktails

Cittamani Cocktail Bar

Milan Fashion Week 2023 has arrived, and Cittamani is surprising and intriguing us by adding a new dimension of creativity with 3 new limited edition twist cocktails.

Created by barman Carlo Leonardi, to express his skill in the art of mixology and remind us that Cittamani is not only a restaurant but also a super cocktail bar!

  • Saturday in Brera
    Whiskey-bourboun protagonist with lemon juice, sugar syrup and Lambrusco
  • Venere Karoline | feminine and contemporary cocktail
  • Mezcal, Campari, Lime Juice and Yellow Chartreuse
  • Mirto Sour | fresh an slightly balsamic
  • myrtle, lemon juice and a rosemary syrup.

Info and reservations:

📍Piazza Carlo Mirabello 5 – 20121 Milano

☎️ Ph.: +39 02 3824 0935


Classico Trattoria & Cocktail

Milan’s Art Nouveau lounge with chef Massimiliano Ciocchetti‘s cuisine and a cocktail list curated by barman Daniel Saporito

Classico Trattoria & Cocktail is the Murray family’s latest project, a venue with a large interior garden in full Art Nouveau style, where, amidst period tables and chairs between deco and velvet, an elegant living room in an Old Milan setting is evoked.

Gorgeous Collins – Classico Trattoria & Cocktail

The synergy between cuisine and cocktail bar, the two souls of Classico, are the hallmark of the restaurant, to be enjoyed at the in via Marcona, (Zona V Giornate)

The Classico Cocktail Bar mixings

The great mixing classics, proposed with creative twists by barman Daniel Saporito, accompany Classico guests from aperitif time to dinner. All home-made preparations such as extracts and syrups are also made using food scraps. For MFW 2023, two interesting proposals:

  • Gorgeous Collins
    Fresh Lemon Juice, Rose Syrup, Grapefruit Malfy, Soda topping Lavender Air Garnish: Lavender Sachet
  • Signature cocktail like the Green
    Hendrick’s gin, cucumber extract, bergamot liqueur, lemon, sugar

D…for drinc. Milano

drinc. different

The drinc. Milano venues, protagonists of Cocktail Mixology in Milan, (drinc. Cocktails & Conversation (via Plinio) and drinc. different (via Hayez) far but not too far from the Milanese nightlife, for MFW 2023 propose two cocktails in the 2023 list really well chosen

Il Frizzantino – drinc. different
  • 00 FLUO! alcol free Gin & tonic in a modern key
    Tanqueray Gin 00, Basil Syrup, Tonic Water, Riboflavin.
    (drinc. Cocktail & Conversation – Plinio)
    Belenkaya Vodka with Pecorino*, Lime, Pineapple Soda. Light and fruity long drink for curious palates
    Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Gin, Belenkaya Vodka, Pomegranate Ratafia, Bergamot & Pomegranate Soda, Syrup, Citric.

    Fres and fruity with a sparkling touch
drinc. Cocktail & Conversationdrinc.🍸different
📍Via Plinio, 32, 20129 Milano📍 Via F. Hayez 13, 20129 Milano
☎️ +39 3339984815☎️ +39 389 1035321
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142 Restaurant

Milanese and non-Milanese already Knew that it is a place of good food and good drink, as well as an elegant and original location , but 142 Restaurant also has a must drink drink list to try and to spoil customers even more in a contemporary, cheerful and informal setting.

Masterfully crafted by the very young team of Sandra Ciciriello, partner and founder of the sign, the offerings celebrate the art of mixology and are accompanied by an ad hoc menu.

142 Restaurant’s cocktails are a combination of creativity, fun and taste:

  • Bloody Mary A Modo Mio
    adds to vodka and Amalfi lemon, tomato juice enhanced by a basil-scented sauce prepared by chef Nello Barbieri
  • Aspettando Jack
    mixes rum, orange and lime with the sweet scent of honey and cinnamon
  • Testamento
    they say it is addictive, is gin-based-a superfood among the most widely represented by 142 that boasts a wide selection-is made with hazelnut gin, berries and lime.

Also on the menu is a selection of Italian craft beers and a few select wine labels on a journey from north to south, all the way to the Champagne region, Ciciriello’s unconditional love.

The talented barman, Andrea Cipriani, composes the alcoholic symphonies of 142 Restaurant. It’s him the one who, only 24 years old, joins the “Ciciriello stables,” confirming Sandra‘s desire to focus on young recruits to train them and give them the opportunity to express their creativity. “Passion and a great desire to learn are the ingredients for a perfect team.”

Drink from €10,00 to €12,00 some small dishes“Togliti la voglia” aperitif to pair with:

  • Bread butter and anchovies €4,50
  • Oysters €5,00
  • Octopus Taco €5,00
  • Salmon crouton €4,50


📍 Corso Colombo,6
📩 info@142restaurant

☎️ Ph. 02 47758490

N…for New Cocciuto in via Turati

One of the big new features of Cocciuto’s new restaurant-open for the first time from breakfast to dinner-on Via Turati, between Brera and Centrale, is the aperitif offering.

More classic drinks such as Spritz and Americano are joined by new cocktails, such as

Milano Torino Cocciuto,

with Campari, Red Vermouth and Tarallo Powder, and a wide selection of craft and other beers as well!

These can be paired with dishes from the kitchen of Executive Chefs Alessandro Laganà and Mattia Fabris:

Bites of crispy Camembert with Chipotle emulsion, the Fish and Chips of the day catch in beer batter and the Fish Salad with misticanza, shrimp, avocado, radishes and baked dates, served with yogurt and horseradish sauce and the ever-present selection of charcuterie and cheese boards.

useful info

📍Address via Turati 25, a Milano ☎️ Tel 0236594832

🌐 Website Social: IG

O…for Obicà Cocktail Bar

Obicà Milano Duomo Cocktail Bar

The new aperitif if you haven’t tried it yet

Obicà, which in Neapolitan dialect means “Here it is,” surprises and offers the public the best of Italian excellence, combining the new taralli assortment with fresh, premium products to go with a wide selection of cocktails on the menu.

From the most classic, such as the Spritz, to signature drinks that enhance Italian ingredients and spirits, such as:

  • Sicilian Mule
    with Averna, Ginger Beer, Lemon Juice
  • Sweet Island
    with Passito di Pantelleria DOC, Gin, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Sugar Syrup, Angostura

    A selection of Italian wines that can also be served by the glass to complete the beverage offering

Not only for MFW 2023, the famous tarallo becomes the perfect pairing to accompany a great drink and Obicà Mozzarella Bar specialties until October 31.

useful info

The aperitif saucer is served daily from 5:00 to 8:00 pm adding 2 euros to the price of the drink ordered.

NB at the Obicà Duomo location in Milan, the price of the aperitif is fixed at 15 euros, drink included..

🌐 To reserve www.obica.comIG

M…for Movida Milano

Spazio Movida Cocktail Bar Milano

On the catwalks we will see SS 24 parading, so thinking of next summer Marco Spinazzi, historic barman of the Milanese restaurant Movida, has created a cocktail with tropical flavors made with the shake and straine technique.

  • Jamaican Lover
    Jamaican Dark Rum, Mango and Pineapple Extract, Rosemary Syrup, Lime, Fernet Branca, Gran Marnier, Licorice Bitter, Cinnamon Essence

The cocktail is served at the table in a small glass flask dipped in a glass container with ice.

So it maintains the right temperature for a long time, and the customer can serve himself at the table at his leisure the cocktail in the serving glass.

➡️ Menu

Movida Restaurant & CocktailBar

AddressVia Ascanio Sforza 41, Milano

to reserve: 📩  ☎️ 02 58102043

IG @SpazioMovida

Not only MFW 2023, also Negroni Week

On the occasion of Negroni Week, (Sept. 18 to 24 in Milan and around the world), Mio Lab, the cocktail bar at Milan’s Park Hyatt hotel, is celebrating one of the most famous and drunk blends with 3 special Signature

Cocktail Bar Park Hyatt

Cocktail Bar Park Hyatt

The proposal, conceived by Alessandro Iacobucci Vitoni, Bar & Lobby Manager at the Park Hyatt, was created to offer guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and timeless appeal of one of the most beloved and sought-after cocktails in every corner of the planet:Ettore: Seven Hills Gin, White Vermouth, Campari, Pumpkin Rhubarb, Coffee Bitter
come together in an intriguing marriage of flavors to create a special cocktail.

  • Ettore: Seven Hills Gin, White Vermouth, Campari, Pumpkin Rhubarb, Coffee Bitter come together in an intriguing marriage of flavors to create a special cocktail.
  • Il Conte in spiaggia: Ginarte, Campari, Vermouth Rosso Macchia. A dry, aromatic Negroni that reveals a side that few have experienced.
  • Taac: Giass Gin Flavored with Saffron, White Vermouth, White Bitter A true celebration of the city of Milan, both in terms of the name given to the drink and the use of saffron-flavored Giass Gin
  • There is, of course, no shortage of Negroni Classico which, as is well known, consists of 1/3 gin, 1/3 Vermouth and 1/3 Campari.
Negroni Week 2023 Park Hyatt 3 cocktail

useful info

to reserve: 📩 

☎️ +39 02 88211236.

IG @ParkHyattMilano