Mixology from Mexico at Nik’s and Co Milan

Tuesday 6 June | Nik’s & Co in Porta Nuova will host Handshake, the Mexican speakeasy ranked eleventh in the prestigious ‘World’s 50 Best Bars’ classification.

Nik’s & Co the cocktail bar with kitchen, one of the most innovative and dynamic in Milan, will become the stage for an exceptional twinning!

Marco Garavaglia – Nik’s & Co.

Straight from Mexico, Handshake, the famous Speakeasy in 11th position in the World 50 Best Bars ranking. (>>>World 50 Best Bars)

A unique opportunity for true mixology enthusiasts

Mixology Tasting at Nik’s and Co

Marcos Di Battista

Tuesday’s tasting night will therefore be an exceptional opportunity to meet Handshake‘s owners, Marcos Di Battista and Rodrigo Urraca, as well as David Rocha, Barmanager and Leo Sculli and the Nik’s & Co team, led by Marco Garavaglia, Bar Manager, and Paolo Bertin, Resident Chef.

Tequila and Gin protagonists: Cocktails and tapas

The night will include two limited number tasting sessions (from 8.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. and from 9.30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.) for a maximum of 10 people per round.

Participants will thus have the opportunity to savour the four cocktails created exclusively by David Rocha, and made with Marco Garavaglia.

For the occasion the pairing will be a thematic food one with four Mexican tapas, revisited in a contemporary key by Chef Paolo Bertin.

To open the cocktail tapas tasting session

The night’s cocktails

  1. Sencha a cocktail combining two worlds – base of Curado Reposado Tequila, Torres Alta Luz, Yuzu, Hoijcha Green Tea and Nami Sake

    A mix of Japanese and Mexican tradition accompanied by an amberjack ceviche tapas with rocoto pepper, coriander and leche de tigre granita.
  2. The decisive drink Coconut & Fig Negroni– in Raw, coconut, Di Battista Bitter, Fig Leaf and Rosso Vermouthdrink

    • Enhanced by the accompanying tapa, a savoury lamb shoulder ‘Barbaccia’ – with Tropea onion, avocado and tequila salt.
  3. .Followed by the sweet and fresh Jasmin – Gin Raw, Jasmin Tea, lemon, Whey and soda
    Paired with a tapa of mouth-watering chilli-filled tortelli with fermented peppers and black beans.
  4. Final sweet cocktail with the exotic ‘Mexi-Thai’ – made with Curado Tequila, coconut, Makrut Lime Leaf, tomato and basil oil

    Perfect to finish with the corn and milk dessert with cinnamon and lemon.

How the event was created:

Partners of the event, Curado Tequila and GinRaw, selected from Vantguard. portfolio.
Thanks to the creativity and skill of the barmanagers, the two spirits will transform every sip into a unique and satisfying experience.

Nik’s & Co is proud to offer this opportunity to all those who love to discover the most innovative trends and travel the world with their palate, exploring tastes and flavours through the art of mixology.

Nik’s & Co

Nik's & Co is the cocktail bar with kitchen not far from Milan's lively Porta Nuova district that has been attracting quality mixology enthusiasts since 2016. 
Born from an idea of Leo Sculli and two friends (still partners today), Nik's & Co offers an unprecedented taste experience with a drink list inspired by Nik's adventures and stories.
A symbol, an idea, Nik is an Italian-London bartender, and a cosmopolitan menu that spans continents.

In fact, chef Paolo Bertin offers creative dishes that blend tradition and gastronomic explorations.

And this is how Nik’s & Co is ideal for a pleasant lunch break, an aperitif with quality food pairing, dining in an old-fashioned New York atmosphere while savouring refined cocktails.

📍Via G. Schiaparelli, 14 – Milano – (MM2 Sondrio / MM3 Centrale)

Ph02 91571797

mail info@niksandco.it