New gourmet sandwiches with excellent products

On the menu, collaborations of excellence with Appennino Food Group, Caseificio Gennari and Moet et Chandon for a new tasting experience

A shop which is at the same time historic and innovative, whose recipes tell the story of the city and its people and of the entire territory. The aim is to bring the best local and international products into sandwiches that are always tasty, healthy and freshly prepared.

De Santis brings new tastes in the 2023 menu

The collaborations with Appennino Food Group and Caseificio Gennari were born to expand the tastes and flavours of De Santis sandwiches. These two Italian excellences are well in line with the DNA of De Santis. This means for the company the will to propose high quality standards through the selection and respect of the best raw materials to provide an offer that goes beyond conventions.

Products in oil

A new tasting experience

Mushrooms and truffles from the Apennines

Appennino Food Group is the third largest company in the truffle sector with headquarters in Savigno, in the province of Bologna and two foreign branches (Singapore and the United States). Founded in the mid-1980s, it has made innovation and research its guiding principles, together with respect for raw materials and seasonality, fundamental pillars for its selection and daily production activities.

Forests spontaneously give us their noblest fruits, we harvest them with the responsibility we transmit to the best restaurants in the world.

Luigi Dattilo, president and founder of the company. 

The strong company culture is nurtured by a passion for the territory and the quest for gastronomic traditions handed down over time. The truffles and mushrooms of Appennino Food Group will find their place in different sandwiches created according to the seasonality and taste of each carpophore species.

Parmigiano from short supply chain and slow ageing

Renowned for its production of Parmigiano Reggiano, the Caseificio Gennari was founded in 1953 by Sergio and Maria Gennari.
This cheese is rich in history, tradition and culture and requires dedication, passion and patience. The goal of the dairy is to produce cheese in a completely natural way and with absolute respect for the environment.

For the past thirty years, the company has also been rearing more than 1,000 cattle, which provide 60% of the milk processed in the dairy. A fully controlled supply chain, but that’s not all. The cheese-making processes are all manual and the maturing process is very slow. Gennari’s excellence is embodied in Valentino, the sandwich stuffed with pistachio mortadella, artichokes and Parmesan cream.

Champagne to raise a toast to a sandwich...Moet et Chandon!

Moet et Chandon, one of the world’s greatest champagne producers that has created unique wines for every occasion, could not be absent.

Always witnesses of special moments to remember, the sparkling wines accompany the experience at the tables of De Santis. A perfect pairing where the crispness of the bread marries the vivacity of the champagne.

Partnerships that play with flavours, aromas, scents and combinations so that the customer can truly enjoy a ‘singular’ experience.

De Santis remains a reference point for a break of taste and quality at any time of day. An uncompromising quality that amazes the palate and draws inspiration from the public’s desires and constant quest for excellence.