Osteria di Brera opens again in Via San Marco in Milan

In a waiting that has cradled the enthusiasm of lovers of fine cuisine, the Osteria di Brera has finally revealed its new look. Located at 5 Via San Marco, the iconic Milanese osteria has reopened its doors after a few years closure, marking a significant moment in the city’s gastronomic history.

March, 2024. After years of waiting, precisely since January 2020 when the owners bid farewell to customers with the enigmatic message ‘This is not a goodbye but only a ‘see you soon’. Stay tuned” Osteria di Brera reopens in a new shape and form. After four years of waiting, the reopening was greeted with great enthusiasm and curiosity. The establishment, originally founded in 2010 by Enrico Forti, a well-known Milanese restaurateur, and now run by his son Marcello, continues its tradition of seafood culinary excellence with a new soul.

Modern osteria and pop fish menu

Founded as a ‘fresh seafood restaurant’ with a special focus on crudités, theOsteria di Brera has always emphasised the quality and freshness of its ingredients.

The tribute to Enrico Forti, with the addition of the date 1990, the year he opened the first restaurant, testified to his respect for the family tradition. For ten years, the Osteria, formerly located in Via Fiori Chiari, has been the meeting place for lovers of top-quality fish, both Italian and foreign.

Its reopening marks an important comeback, even in the crowded Milanese restaurant scene. Ready to meet the needs of a refined and demanding target. However, Marcello Forti has introduced a breath of innovation, transforming the osteria into a modern and pop place, reflecting the spirit of the Brera district.

Seafood cuisine and a selection from the classics of Milanese cuisine

Osteria di Brera reopens its doors with a new atmosphere and a new culinary offering. The design details and furnishings contribute to a cosy and informal ambience, Milanese-style ‘pop ‘ but above all fresh and informal yet stylish. While the cuisine continues to celebrate the freshness and quality of the fish. With inspiration from the seafood brasseries of southern France, the restaurant reinvents the traditional idea of seafood restaurant offering simple but authentic dishes.

The Menu

A selection of oysters to start: French, Italian and Irish. Seafood Plateau, fish crudités. Traditional Italian pastas with the addition of tasty seafood ingredients(clams, bottarga, tuna tartare, chestnuts and amberjack) as well as cooked and salad vegetable dishes.

The colour palette plays on the tones of red (symbol of Italian passion), a French touch with a rouge lavé and large blue stripes on the walls, plus the wooden floor to give warmth and character to the restaurant and make us feel immediately at home.

Chef Giovanni Muro “Johnny

The kitchen of the new Osteria di Brera is led by Chef Giovanni Muro, known as Johnny, the real star. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients and careful preparation, each dish is an expression of the richness of the sea. Without forgetting the tradition that can be found in one of the city’s most historic quarters, such as the cotoletta alla milanese al risotto giallo, and there are also some vegetarian dishes.

List of national and international wines

Alongside the delicious culinary offerings, the Osteria boasts a wine list curated by sommelier Enrico Merli McClure. With a selection of national and international labels, to offer its guests a high-level wine experience.

Useful info

The indoor hall seats about 40. Outside tables and sofas where you can enjoy cocktails and aperitifs with fish and vegetable sharing dishes.

For reservations and further information
☎️ Tel. 02 29061051.
📍Address Via San Marco, 5
🌐Website osteriadibrera.it

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The ownership

With its new look, Osteria di Brera, under the leadership of Marcello Forti, is preparing to face the future with confidence and determination. With a solid reputation behind it and a keen eye for new gastronomic trends, the osteria aims to continue delighting the palates of its guests for many years to come.

Since the late 1990s, Marcello has been following in his father Enrico's footsteps in the
catering and entrepreneurship. Today he owns several businesses, including the well-known
restaurant Stendhal Milano (located a few steps away from Osteria di Brera), Mediterranea
(a format dedicated to healthy food) and Hostaria Bacanera in Venice