Osteria Memà announces the beginning of the Summer Sagra

The opening from 25 June until mid-September of the culinary event of the summer dedicated to Sicily and the tradition of street food has been announced: at Memà Osteria street food tasting of the most authentic flavours of Sicily… also Take Away!

Osteria Memà announces the opening of the ‘Summer Sagra’, a culinary event dedicated to traditional Sicilian street food specialities, which will take place every Sunday from Monday 25 June until mid-September.

Sicilian street food in Nolo at Memà Milan

In the heart of Milan’s Nolo district, the Osteria Memà has conquered the neighbourhood with its traditional Sicilian cuisine and its well-kept yet authentic restaurant.

Memà Milano is a triptych of venues, a journey through the flavours and traditions of the Sicilian land. It was created to bring to the city the cuisine and hospitality that only a mother can give… hence Memà, which means My Mother.

Today, to celebrate the beginning of summer, it presents a very special menu dedicated to the Summer Sagra of Sicilian street food with the desire to bring the folk atmosphere of community feasting typical of summer evenings to the Milanese capital.

A Sagra of authentic Sicilian specialities

A really rich proposal of authentic Sicilian specialities, including:
the famous cazzilli (mashed and stuffed fried potatoes), stigghiole (skewers of roasted lamb entrails), panelle (fried chickpea flour croquettes), arancini (with meat sauce, aubergine or ham) the cuoppo di terra e mare (a mixture of fried seafood and seafood served in a cone) and also the pane cunzato farcito (bread stuffed with typical Sicilian ingredients such as octopus, caponata, panelle lard and honey, Palermo steak)

From lunch to dinner, at the table or picnic Take Away

It will be possible to enjoy Sicilian delicacies from lunch to aperitif and dinner at the table or to take them with you. An alternative take-away to organize a quiet and romantic picnic, or a tasting in the company of friends at home or at the nearby Parco Trotter, a historic place from the 1920s with centuries-old trees and small charming structures still used as a school.

The menu is offered inside a classic picnic basket or a box to be returned once the tasting is over.

The aim of the Sicilian Summer Sagra is to offer an authentic culinary experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in Sicilian culture. Being able to enjoy traditional delicacies without having to travel! An opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a summer holiday through the unique flavours and scents of Sicily.

The Summer Sagra Estiva will be available starting from June 25

📍Osteria Memá in via Crespi 14, Milano. 

For info and reservation

Guests may reserve their table or order the picnic basket visiting the website www.memamilano.it

#mematiama IG @memamilano

For lovers of Sicilian cuisine and for those who want to spend a moment of leisure in the company of good, tasty food, taking part in the Summer Sagra means enjoying a tasty and fun experience to feel on holiday even in Milan!

Summer Sagra Menu

 Takeaway box x 2 persons

Pane cunzato with a choice of: octopus, caponata, panelle lard and honey, Palermo steak

Choice of delicacies among: 

  • cuoppo di terra (arancini, cazzilli, panelle)
  • cuoppo di mare (fried fish with squid, prawns and anchovies)
  • stigghiole
  • stewed babbalucci

Including 2 small bottles of water

tot. 45 euros (extra drinks on payment) or tot. 65 euros with bottle of wine included….selection of Sicilian wineries 🍷

Are you still hungry? 

Arancini 5 pcs. 7€ – Panelle 5 pcs. 5€ – Cazzilli 5pcs. 5€ – Stigghiole. 8€ – Boiled octopus oil and lemon 12€ – Cuoppo di mare. 15€ – Babbalucci. 10€ – Babbalucci. 10€ 

And to end on a sweet note: small Cannolo siciliano 3€ Cannolo siciliano 5€

📍Via Crespi 14, 20127, Milan (NOLO)☎️ Ph. 0282784682Wednesday to Friday:
⌚️ 8:00 p.m. to midnight
🌐 Website memamilano.it
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⌚️ noon to 11:00 p.m.
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