Pane & Trita brings Singing Dinners to Brianza

A hymn to Italianness to be proud of and to be celebrated. Like good food, genuine cuisine and friendship, values that Pane & Trita has in its DNA. This is why it has decided to replicate in Brianza, its homeland, a format of great popularity: the Singing Dinners

From Milan to Brianza, music comes to complete the experience at Pane Trita

Singing dinners were successfully tested on Thursday evenings at the Pane & Trita in Milan – Porta Romana (via Ludovico Muratori). Today they are preparing to conquer the Costa Masnaga (LC) audience as well with a new date:

🗓 Wednesday 28 June in the venue 📍Pane & Trita | Costa Masnaga

Singing Dinners but not masked Karaoke

True to their style, which has always been original and never homologated, sometimes irreverent, the Pane & Trita team wants to go against the trend.

In fact, compared to what these events often are in reality, i.e. masked karaoke, the singing dinners are instead an accompaniment to the dinner by live music

While enjoying and sharing the proposals on the menu

  • from the Stendino del Salumiere to the Fritto Misto Pane & Trita
  • to the selection of burgers 100% Italian meat including the famous Double Mantovano, the Terun or Alla buona

All this while listening to an iconic piece of Italian music in an acoustic guitar and voice version, and perhaps singing along with a real musician

The appointment here is also withthe Milanese singer Tommaso Partesana.

Tommaso Partesana – Singing Dinners

For those who want enjoy a different night having the taste of Pane e Trita as usual, whether with their soul mate or with family or a group of friends, in an informal and cheerful atmosphere, Singing Dinners are a different experience, combining good music and taste.

About Tommaso Partesana

It was the year 2019 when the artist, some will remember, won the hearts and ears of thousands of viewers in his small screen debut on The Voice Italy.

In short, beer and microphone in hand, the Milanese busker has made his debut at the Pane & Trita venues of Milan – Porta Romana (his place of origin) and is preparing to conquer Brianza as well with his unique voice and style.


Pane & Trita was born in Seregno, in the heart of the industrious Brianza region, in January 2015, from the intuition of two visionary friends, Pabel Ruggiero and Filippo Lo Forte, driven by the desire to create an innovative food concept where people could be entertained thanks to a revolutionary and playful approach to the world of meat.

The proposal of Pane & Trita a menu is out of the box and combines authenticity of ingredients and the search for combinations that are never banal with a contemporary taste.

‘Visionary’ dishes, with ironic and sometimes irreverent names, offering an all-round taste experience: from classic burgers revisited in a playful key, to the creation of veritable explosions of flavour and originality such as the Cono del Macellaio, Sushi dell’Amicizia Sushi or the colourful Uniporco.

The premises of Pane & Trita immerse guests in an enthralling atmosphere of vintage furniture, modernism and Mediterranean warmth. From the choice of ingredients to the form in which they are interpreted and proposed. From the choice of ingredients to the form in which they are interpreted and proposed.

In fact, the premises offer an unconventional experience, the right mix of tradition and modernity. The common thread? An inimitable originality, told through a continuous and careful selection to offer the best possible raw material.

Where? Today, the Pane & Trita premises are distributed between Milan and the provinces of Monza, Lecco and Como.
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