Paninopoli a world of events between two slices of bread

A collective where the fixation on sandwiches has acted as a trait d’union between a creative group, a classic of Italian street food and one of Japanese tradition. We are talking about Paninopoli, born of the union between Burro Studio, L’Altro Tramezzino and Kastusanderia.

The idea is to express creativity and take one’s passion outside the premises where it develops through meetings, festivals, events and tastings. The aim is to create synergy between different gastronomic excellences and to spread food culture to the sound of music.

In a nutshell, eating a good sandwich, being together and listening to good music!

Research, territory and sharing

In order to be serious, Paninopoli has created a real manifesto, where three points are fundamental: research, territory and love for sharing.

Aware that discovering the world through food is an endless journey. Everything to be explored, discovered and savoured. Colours, smells and tastes tell of places and people. Food is culture.

The events Panini Mashup 

Travelling gastronomic festival

Paninopoli’s format in which Katsusanderia and L’Altro Tramezzino meet with other local and non-local gastronomic realities, representing the excellence of the territory: katsu and tramezzini are revisited, presenting new flavours and combinations each time. Panini Mashup is a travelling gastronomic festival aimed at foodies and anyone who wants to discover new flavours, get together and have fun between one bite and the next.

Paninopolu Nashup

March 20, 2024

Panini Mashup returns for its 4th episode, this time hosted by the city’s most iconic Japanese bakery.

Wednesday 20 March, 2024 at PAN Milano where you can taste the most Venetian creations of L’Altro Tramezzino and Katsusanderia’s fantastic sando made for the occasion with shokupan, the typical Japanese bread.

Pan Milano – Via Cicognara 19

Your thirst will be taken care of by Kozel beer and a specially created drinklist, while M.I.R.K.O.’s djset will make you dance (and digest!).

The Burro Studio Community

The Paninopoli group, formed by Burro Studio, L’Altro Tramezzino and Katsusanderia, has created a real community in Milan, both online and offline, through a series of activities and events in the area. Composed of a super diverse audience, between 20 and 40 years old, the Paninopoli community is made up of Milan residents but also many transplants from abroad. The trait d’union is a strong curiosity and interest in communication, fashion and design and… food linked to the culture of sharing!

L’altro Tramezzino

Since 2018, L’Altro Tramezzino has been bringing the authentic tradition of Venetian tramezzini to Milan. It has been able to reinvent it through experimentation, discovering new combinations and proposals. The tramezzini menu is renewed every month, following the seasonality of the ingredients and offering a variety of meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free tramezzini.

The project was conceived by Matilde, who after a three-year degree in Fashion Business at Marangoni and a Master’s degree in Communication and Story Telling at the Sole 24Ore and several work experiences in the field decided to combine her passions by creating L’Altro Tramezzino, which has been defined by many as “the food of fashion” for its constant presence on photographic sets and events in the fashion world.


Born in Milan from the desire to make Japanese cuisine democratic , breaking away from stereotypes, Katsusanderia proposes its Japanese sandwiches (sando サンド from the English sandwich – filled with tonkatsu, Japanese pork cutlet), within the Sidewalk Kitchens collective, reinterpreted with fresh and quality raw materials, both Japanese and Italian.

The offerings range from new sando to dishes from Japanese izakaya cuisine. The shokupan used for the preparation of katsusando is produced by Pan, also part of the group. The aim is to bring more accessible, up-to-date and fun cuisine to Milan while maintaining all the authenticitỳ of Japanese tradition and the excellence of Chef Tokuyoshi.

Burro Studio

The beating heart of creativity in Milan and beyond, founded in 2015 by Giovanni Manzini and Federica Caserio and later enriched by the talent of Roberto Rigon, is more than a design studio. Brand creators, web designers, digital art experts. From the creation of brand identities to the organisation of very cool events, always ready to transform every idea into an extraordinary reality. Burro Studio is a multifaceted creative reality: it is a brand, a community catalyst and a trend generator. They have a merchandising line, manage entertainment and music events – personal, for brands or private.They also research and experiment on visuals and communication.