PAS for a new era in street food

The idea of a new format, aimed at enhancing the variety of world cuisines through the vegetarian approach, developed over the years at Al Mercato , was born from the mind, hands and experience of chef Eugenio Roncoroni. The main motivation is not only ethic, but also the comes from the desire to demonstrate the vast, still undervalued, culinary potential of vegetarian street food .

Attention to the tradition of international street food, from the dishes that are strictly eaten with hands, among the most loved and well-known, to the roads less travelled to broaden the view on the culinary world , together with an always refined and attentive touch in the raw materials, spices and super sauces.

The new vegetarian Street Food Concept is born

This is how the PAS a Vegetarian Trip project was born and will grow as a pioneer of innovation and excellence in the field of catering. Attention is focused on culinary exploration, creativity and sustainability. Its goal is to revolutionize the Food Retail sector with a particular focus on the street one, offering a unique and engaging gastronomic experience through the cultures and flavors of the world.

The keyword is Street Food for Everyone

The PAS concept wants to bring everyone to discover vegetarian street food . For this reason, to make it accessible to everyone, especially including non-vegetarians, the culinary proposal of plant-based street food begins its culinary journey by proposing itself in the squares. From the Generali markets of Milan , to the central Piazza Mentana in the space of the legendary kiosk, passing through Fondazione Prada, its offer promises the taste of amazement , with a colorful and multifaceted menu that marries authenticity and sustainability.

Around the squares with the new proposal

Thus was conceived the itinerant initiative with Veggyvore Bike which brings the PAS culinary experience directly to the public. The “Vegetarian Bike” is a kitchen on wheels, managed personally by chef Roncoroni, which every day, weather permitting, moves between different areas of Milan , offering a unique and engaging gastronomic experience.

Not only the address but also the opening hours and prices vary depending on the square, to bring everyone to discover the Roncoroni-style cosmopolitan vegetarian street food.

How did the gastronomic offer come about?

PAS ‘s cuisine is inspired by international vegetarian street food , with authentic and creative dishes prepared with carefully selected plant-based ingredients. The “four S” salty , sour , sweet , spicy form the magic formula of PAS street food, guaranteeing an always varied, balanced and really delicious tasting experience.

The dishes are conceptually divided into proposals to be eaten with:

  • The hands, such as Roti Parata from India, flaky flatbread served with three chutney dips ( coconut , tomato, mint cilantro )
  • from Vietnam : Vietnamese Spring Rolls filled with vegetables served with lettuce , mint, coriander and Peanut Sauce and with chopped peanuts.
  • Turkey : Shawarma Soft pita stuffed with plants cumin based chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, kebab sauce and mint.
  • USA : Pepperoni fried pizza with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan, spicy salami plant based home made.
  • The cutlery , like Mexico/USA Tex Mex fries covered with sliced jalapeño , cheddar melted with vegetable rennet, salsa roja , coriander and creme fraiche.
  • The Italian/USA French fries covered with fried aubergines, mozzarella with vegetable rennet, marinara sauce and basil
  • From Thailand, Thai Curry Vegetables with Thai curry sauce (sauce based on green curry and coconut milk) served with white rice, vinaigrette, ginger and tahini and Thai basil.
  • The chopsticks , like the legendary Pad Thai from Thailand, with sweet potato noodles, lime juice, pad -thai sauce, coriander, chopped peanuts and soy sprouts.
  • From the Philippines the Adobe Fried Rice Crispy rice sautéed with vegetables, adobo sauce with coconut milk, grated coconut, coriander and lime.
  • Korea Fried Chicken Strips Chicken Nuggets plant fried base served with wasabi sesame, smoked chilli sauce and gojujang based sauce , coleslaw and marinated cucumbers

The next steps: an Innovative In-Store experience

The PAS store offers an immersive culinary experience with advanced technology and a personalized service provided by the brand connector . The video walls immerse customers in a sensorial journey, while the order collection locker optimizes the shopping experience.

PAS incubator of ideas: the plan

PAS’ growth plan is ambitious but realistic, with the aim of opening 30 stores by 2030 in 6 European countries. PAS is not only a restaurant brand, but also an incubator of ideas and transversal projects aimed at promoting culinary innovation and the culture of plant-based food.

In conclusion, PAS a Vegetarian Trip represents a new era in the food retail sector , combining creativity, sustainability and inclusiveness to offer a unique and engaging gastronomic experience for all tastes and dietary preferences.