Paullo Celebrates Rice: SorRISO di GUSTO

The renowned homeland of Carnaroli Rice, the king of risottos, appreciated for its ability to absorb flavors while maintaining an excellent texture. During the three-day event “SorRISO di GUSTO”, participants will be able to taste Carnaroli Rice in three variants.

Carnaroli rice protagonist

Paullo is renowned as the home of Carnaroli Rice, considered the king of risottos, it is appreciated in the kitchen and on the table for its ability to bind well with different flavors while maintaining an excellent texture. During the event from 14 to 16 June “SorRISO di GUSTO”, participants will be able to taste Carnaroli Rice in three variants of risotto: Sausage and Leprotto Saffron, Zucchini and Mint, Nettles and Zola. Dishes chosen to represent the undisputed quality of this product, a symbol of Paullese agriculture and Italian gastronomy.

Three days for all Tastes

The even takes place on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. Every day it opens at 5:00 p.m. and continues until midnight. In addition to food stands, there will be local crafts, live music,  and recreational activities for all ages. La Stupida Pizzeria will offer its traditional pizza, while Pentabar will offer the new Ginotto Milanese cocktail. In addition, Giorgio, a local beekeeper, will sell his natural honey at km 0, and Pasticceria 2.0 will delight those present with its confectionery proposals.

Health, Wellness and Sustainability

Lovers of healthy living can participate in outdoor  yoga sessions on June 15 and 16 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., or enjoy a walk along the Alzaia della Muzza. The event promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle thanks to the collaboration with the Azienda Agricola Fratelli ScottiCascina Pizzo, which will offer a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. It will also be an opportunity to learn more about sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly production practices.

“SorRISO di GUSTO” will close every evening with live shows: Friday, June 14 with Ariel Show, Saturday, June 15 with the music of Dejavu, and Sunday, June 16 with Teo and the Veline Grasse. Admission is free upon registration on Eventbrite.

The event is made possible thanks to the collaboration of local sponsors and the patronage of Comune di Paullo.