Pawi arrives and the bread is baked!, the app that connects consumers and the best bakeries in Milan, has recently appeared in the streets of Milan. The idea was born from the partners Domenico and Stefano, who come from the world of technological development, to bring different and always warm kinds of bread into the homes of the Milanese, creating a connection between supply and demand, even in areas very distant from each other, thanks to the central hub.

In Italy, the consumption of bread has undergone an important evolution in recent years. According to 2023 data from Coldiretti, bread consumption has dropped to about 41 kg per year, compared to 120 kilograms in the 1980s. The decline in bread consumption can be attributed to several factors, including new eating habits that favor a lighter and more varied diet, the increase in food intolerances and a growing attention to health. But even with this decrease, bread remains a central element in the Italian diet. There is a growing preference for artisanal and quality bread which reflects the country’s gastronomic tradition and culture.

Pane caldo at home

The app was born to provide freshly baked bread supporting consumers in the purchase. This food is still very important on our table but in today’s somewhat fast and frenetic life it is more and more difficult to find it fresh and of quality. Even an impromptu dinner or simply the certainty of warm bread on the table in this way becomes simple and possible.

Why settle for sliced or thawed bread or bread with preservatives and not arrange a delivery of freshly baked bread, directly to consumers’ homes at the desired time?.

Pawi wa born from this idea.

Value in the true craftsmanship of bread

By focusing on bread, Pawi intends to give value to craftsmanship and offer local bakers the opportunity to expand their user base and make themselves known by making it simple for customers to easily access high-quality bakery products, different from those of large retailers and even from bakeries in many areas of the city.

A one-of-a-kind food delivery service

It’s not just a delivery service. In fact, Pawi collects the loaves of bread from the bakers in the city and takes them for the final passage to the baking center in the Hub in Corso di Porta Vigentina 32. This mode does not disturb the routine of bakeries, which do not have to handle orders or keep customers waiting, as Pawi takes care of the final steps of processing and handling orders. In a nutshell, the tradition of bread blends with innovation, satisfying an increasingly demanding consumer in a constantly evolving market

The first suppliers to join

The first four producers to join the network are: Égalité, Tone, Ticozzi and GustaMi. These companies stand out for the high quality of the products offered and fully share Pawi’s values and objectives.

How does it work?

  1. Every morning, Pawi picks up the loaves of bread from the bakers in town and takes them for the final step to the baking center in Crocetta.
  2. Customers, choose the type of bread and/or other products that can be combined, view the info on the manufacturer and proceed with the order through the app (downloadable from  the App stores on Google Play and App Store).
  3. Bread is baked only according to the orders received, thus avoiding waste.
  4. The delivery men deliver the still warm bread directly to your home at the chosen time slot
  5. Or alternatively, customers can choose the “take away” and pick up the ordered bread hot at the hub, choosing the time of preference.

Variety and quality

On the app, you can see the types of bread offered by each baker as well as information about the products and manufacturers. In addition to bread, the app also allows you to buy similar and combinable products, always coming from artisanal realities in the national territory. Pawi aspires to become a point of reference for both consumers and bread artisans, creating a network characterized by the quality of the proposals and the convenience of the service.

For Info

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