Quintalino, the new fast quality food format, opens in Milan

Atcarmen’s new ‘son’ opens in Milan! Quintalino is born, a spin-off of the almost eponymous restaurant Quintale in Franciacorta. Dario Cecchini of Macellerie con Cucina together with the celebrities Francesco Panella and Alessandro Cattelan. opened their ‘quality fast food’ a few days ago in Milan, a few steps from Corso Magenta, Via Terraggio, 9.

On 22 November, Quintalino opened in Milan. It is the result of the marriage between atCarmen, a company founded and run by the de Rosa family, entrepreneur and TV face Francesco Panella and TV and radio presenter and author Alessandro Cattelan, who will be the creative director of the project.


Quintalino is the spin-off of the Quintale restaurant with international star butcher Dario Cecchini. It is the result of the union of the experience of the de Rosa family – well-known entrepreneurs in the world of wine and hospitality including the relais L’Albereta in Franciacorta – and the international experience of Francesco Panella, as well as that of Alessandro Cattelan as creative director of the project.

What is “Fast Quality Food”?

The new format of ‘fast quality food’, which will open in the heart of the city at Via Terraggio 9, Milan near the historic Bar Magenta, the debut of 4 types of hamburgers, two fries and two special toasts, all Made in Italy and created with top quality ingredients.

Dario Cecchini is also present with his meat in this new Milanese adventure. The final product is in fact composed of 4 key elements to make the product pop but of quality. There will be the meat supplied by the famous Tuscan butcher’s shop, the bread by Antonio Follador with his custom-made pretzel bun, while the vegetables will come from a selected supplier and the sauces will be made in-house at Quintale.

The fil rouge linking this collaboration between the three personalities is Italianness. In fact, the idea for the project came from a meeting in Franciacorta between Martino de Rosa together with his son Vittorio and Francesco Panella. The project then came to life thanks to a promise made in New York between Francesco himself and Alessandro Cattelan, who will take care of the creative direction.

The affordable, quality pop burger

Underlying the creation of this format, which enhances a dish universally recognised by everybody, are two fundamental values: accessibility and quality. The idea, in fact, was to create a hamburger that remains conceptually pop, i.e. accessible to everybody and with contained costs, but using a quality product, inspired by the love and dedication of all those families who every day try to cook Italian classics.

“For the kids of my generation, the hamburger represents a symbol: that of the American dream. As creative director, my mission will be to tell the story of a culturally American product by bringing it closer to typically Italian values such as quality and ‘well done like in the old days’. When you bought something at the local markets or in the village shops, there was no need to specify the goodness of a product, the fact that it was organic or made in Italy was taken for granted. – said Alessandro Cattelan, creative director of Quintalino – I am very excited to take part in this gastronomic project that is new to me. It will certainly be a challenge.”

Sustainability, a fundamental part of the project, should also not be forgotten: the meat processes are designed to get the best out of the product, optimising cuts and reducing waste.

The Hamburger Menu

The decision to create a Hamburger Menu is anything but random: Francesco Panella has always been a great believer that every restaurant should have a space dedicated to hamburgers in their menu. In fact, one of the main dishes on the menu of the Antica Pesa – the historic Panella family restaurant – is the iconic hamburger made for Quentin Tarantino.

The project was born after months of research which, by combining the experience of the de Rosa Family and that of Francesco Panella, resulted in a product capable of offering excellent quality at a pop price. An example of this is the attention that was paid to the choice of bread: deeply inspired, after having travelled all over the world between Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and Ho Chi Minh, by Emily Clinton Hill‘s recipe, tried by Francesco himself in Brooklyn and recreated ad hoc under Vittorio’s commission by the Follador bakery.

“I am very happy with this new and ambitious project,’ said Martino de Rosa, President and Founder of atCarmen. ‘I would like to thank the partners who made all this possible, expecially my friend Dario Cecchini for following us in this new adventure; Francesco and Alessandro, for believing in the idea of Quintalino and in our family from the very beginning and, last but not least, my son Vittorio, for having given himself with dedication and humility to this project that I leave to him as another son.” – declared Martino de Rosa, President and Founder of atCarmen –

The wines

Inside the restaurant is a selection of wines designed and created by atCarmen. Prices will be fixed for each product category – both food and beverage – precisely to allow the public to make a choice based on their tastes and not conditioned by cost.

The restaurant will provide take-away and delivery, through selected partners.

What we are creating is much more than just a fast food restaurant: nothing is improvised, on the contrary, it is all the result of in-depth work and study,’ said Vittorio de Rosa, General Manager of Quintale and now Co-Founder of Quintalino. He also added, ‘Quintalino aims to convey the Italian culinary tradition, reinterpreted in a modern key, with a language close to my generation and through burgers made with artisanal, scalable and sustainable products. It is a great honour for me to be able to work on this ambitious project together with suppliers of excellence such as Antonio Follador and Dario Cecchini, who is a great master for me.”

Info and contacts

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