Summer 2023 the non-alcoholic cocktail inTurin

Back in town and in the mood for something fresh and tasty? In Turin, the historic café Plattì at 72 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II has come up with a new non-alcoholic cocktail with a Savoy flavour.

The historic Plattì café presents the Conte Verde cocktail

It is called ‘Conte Verde’ – in honour of Amedeo VI of Savoy, known as Conte Verde. It is the freshest, most thirst-quenching drink of the season and it’s inspired by the traditional Piedmontese mint and water.

Alcohol-free mixology having mint as a protagonist

When thinking of mint, the sensation of freshness and the memory reminds us of clear scents and flavours.

It is no coincidence that 50% of the production of medicinal plants in Italy, including Peppermint, is concentrated in Piedmont: the ‘grass island‘ of Pancalieri in the province of Turin, the Italian mint capital. In Turin, directly from England back in the 1800s, to the present day, where Peppermint is included in the products of the Piedmont “paniere”.

What’s new in the non-alcoholic world

This fragrant and precious medicinal herb is the undisputed star ingredient of Conte Verde, created by Ivan Alizzo, Plattì‘s Bartender


Water 💦, home-made peppermint syrup from Pancalieri mint leaves 🍃, basil and lemon essential oils 🍋 for a guaranteed cooling effect.

Where ?

📍Caffè Platti Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72 – Torino

Caffè Platti: a bit of history

In Turin, at 72 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, you will find a corner of 19th-century history, undoubtedly one of the oldest and most fascinating cafés in Italy: Plat.

The place was born in 1870, when the 'Principe Umberto' liquor store opened in the former capital of Italy,  then five years later it was taken over by Ernesto and Pietro Platti and renamed Caffè Plattì.

The Caffé Plattì, a symbol of three eras: the pastry room, with its refined Louis XVI furnishings by the Valabrega company, lit by the large original chandeliers and the stucco ceilings of baroque design and pastel shades reflected in the mirrors with gilded frames

The coffee room with its 1920s bar counter and stucco ceiling of baroque design and pastel shades; the room with Deco and Rationalist hints created after 1930.
Plattì is a Turin institution, a social and cultural landmark throughout the 20th century. Its Art Nouveau rooms were the rendezvous point of intellectuals, politicians, poets and Savoy entrepreneurs who loved to spend their days here talking about business and politics and celebrating anniversaries. 

On the red sofas, among the stuccoes and mirrors, Luigi Einaudi, the second president of the Italian Republic, would come to read and Cesare Pavese, who used to meet the publisher Giulio Einaudi here, would write. 

Juventus FC was founded in front of its windows in November 1897. Today, the club is part of the Gerla 1927 group in Turin.