Tailored Gin tonic : GinO12 distillery opens on the Navigli

On March 1st, GinO12 distillery, a unique place dedicated to the customization of gin in the charming setting of the Naviglio Grande in Milan, was inaugurated. Located in the historic Vicolo dei Lavandai, the newborn distillery offers the opportunity to create a fully tailored tasting experience.

The master distillers of the GinO12 gin-bar have conceived a true laboratory for gin lovers! From Friday, March 1st, in Milan, GinO12 distillery has opened its doors on the Naviglio Grande, a unique place dedicated to the personalized creation of gin.

It is located in the charming Vicolo dei Lavandai 2/b, where it offers the opportunity to completely customize your tasting experience. The master distillers Alessandro, Fabio, and Giacomo, already known for the renowned gin bar GinO12, have conceived an authentic gin laboratory.

At the heart of the creative process, customers will be able to select fragrances and intensities from a wide range of botanical herbs, thus creating a gin tailored to their tastes and preferences.

The experience also involves the possibility of designing a personalized label, making the gin ideal as a gift or for a moment of individual or shared tasting.

Gin012 distillery, how the idea was born

Gin012 Distillery is a small laboratory that truly offers an immersion into the world of distillation, with a large still and a wide choice of ingredients.

Il distillatore di GinO12
The distiller “Gina,” from which GinO12 Distillery originates.

GinO12, already known for its namesake gin bar opened in 2014 inside the Officina 12 restaurant, has decided to venture and expand its offering by creating the GinO12 laboratory, a distillery. The new project was inspired by the distillation machine called “Gina,” used during the pandemic period for the preparation of takeaway gin and tonics.

How does it work?

Open not only to the public but also to medium and high-level food and wine distribution, it is ready to experiment with new recipes every evening, offering unique gift options or the opportunity to enjoy a memorable last drink.

The distillery employs a special tool called a rotary evaporator, which allows for low-temperature distillation without compromising the organoleptic properties of the botanical herbs.

For information and reservations:

In summary, “GinO12, distillery” promises a unique and personalized experience in the heart of Milan, where every sip of gin becomes a story between the customer and the modern alchemists behind the counter.

📍Vicolo dei Lavandai 2/b