Terrazza Gallia healthy food and fitness in Milan

On the top floor of the grand and majestic Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan, there is a Terrace overlooking the large historic station square. Not only luxury hospitality for those lucky enough to stay there, but also an all-round wellness proposal of healthy food, fitness and Spa.

The rooftop restaurant of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan offers tasty and healthy dishes – yes, because to define them as just light would be reductive – now also thanks to the collaboration with Planet Farms.

But it doesn’t end here, to enrich the proposal under the banner of relaxation, taste and wellness, also fitness appointments and an intimate Spa in collaboration with Shiseido where you can enjoy moments of extreme relaxation in a truly exclusive location.

For those who want to try something new it is also possible to participate in the lessons held by Elisa Baldo, teacher of Animal Flow, a training programme that mixes fitness and dance.

The healthy food proposal

We had the pleasure of getting to know the proposal closely during a whole morning dedicated to a real Animal training, relaxation and healthy food at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan.

The offer of Terrazza Gallia‘s restaurant is increasingly oriented towards the selection of raw materials rich in taste and nutritional properties, with low environmental impact. Emphasising the importance of a lifestyle attentive to the themes of sustainability, the culture of good food and wellness.

After the workout a little relaxation at the Shiseido SPA, followed by a light lunch tasting signed by the chefs of Terrazza Gallia and  Planet Farms in partnership.

“”The vegetable element is very important to us, especially because it is linked to a memory from our childhood, when grandma used to come back from the garden loaded with vegetables.

declare chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano

The salads and the pestooh of Planet Farms

Executive Chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano of the restaurant on the terrace of the Gallia, emphasise the attention paid to the selection of raw materials, choosing – like the chefs of the famous Da Vittorio restaurant – the high quality of Planet Farms salads and basil pesto.

Thus was born the partnership between excelsior Hotel Gallia and Planet Farm. The luxury hotel is first and foremost in the vanguard thanks to its record as a hotel to collaborate with the leading company in ‘vertical farming‘ in Milan.

Today there is an even more important issue, that of caring for our Planet. In the kitchen, through our choice of suppliers, we can also play our part.

Relying on Planet Farms means transmitting our values of sustainability and respect for the environment to our guests through our raw materials“.

The light lunch menu of Terrazza Gallia

Some of the dishes that represent the perfect combination of the best Italian culinary tradition and technological innovation on Terrazza Gallia’s light lunch menu, thanks to the use of quality products:

  • The Rucola Salad and Confit Tomatoes
  • The Lettuce with Parmesan shavings and roasted nuts
  • Mediterranean Salad: Mix Vivace, wilted cherry tomatoes, grilled octopus, candied lemons and Taggiasche olives
  • Gentle Wholewheat Fusilli with Basil Pestooh

Super quality raw materials

The Planet Farms production method integrating the entire production chain, from seed selection to bagging, is in itself unique. Crops are managed with reduced water and soil consumption compared to traditional agricultural production methods.

Moreover, thanks to cultivation in a protected, automated environment and completely pesticide-free, the products (salads and basil) are ready to eat and do not have to be washed.

The final consumer is the first person to come in touch with salad leaves!

The decision to establish the collaboration with Planet Farms is therefore part of the hotel’s desire to put the well-being of the person at the centre of its proposal.

Completing the offer is the decision to combine the culture of good healthy food, without sacrificing taste, with an experience that combines wellness and fitness, by making available to guests, upon reservation, the lessons of Elisa Baldo, an Animal Flow teacher,

 Excelsior Hotel Gallia confirms itself in the vanguard and chooses to combine the culture of food with an experience that mixes wellness and fitness.

About animal Flow, much more than Fitness

Founded by American Mike Fitch, who drew inspiration from various disciplines including Quadrupedal Movement Training (Q.M.T.), to codify Animal Flow, which consists of a series of movements and transitions to be performed on the ground in quadrupedal motion, using only the weight of one’s body.

Everything takes the form of Flow, or choreographies with potentially infinite combinations, through which to stimulate one’s senses and unleash one’s instincts. The call to the world of animals, with their fascinating crawling, is only part of what Animal Flow® is able to convey.

Elisa Baldo_fitness_training_Animal_Flow_Milano
Elisa Baldo – pic by F.Bontempi

About Elisa Baldo and her vision of Fitness

Elisa Baldo is first and foremost a professional Personal Trainer and founded the online programme Wonder Fitness. Combining Animal Flow and techniques inspired by different sports disciplines, she manages to involve and bring creativity into the workouts she proposes, making them very stimulating and new.

After working for many years in the Luxury Hospitality sector, she decided to make Fitness a true profession.

In 2014, she became a Music Fitness Instructor at the Italian Fitness Federation and, again at FIF, she obtained his Personal Trainer diploma in 2021.

In 2019 comes her certification as an Animal Flow® Instructor, of which she has now reached Level 2 training, out of the three planned. From her love for movement and the art of hospitality, two projects were born: Grand Hotel Fitness, the e-book in which she recounts how exercise is a wellness tool that can always be taken with you, in an easy and fun way, even when travelling, and Wonder Retreat – Conscious Movement Experience, dedicated to the world of Wellness Travel and to a clientele eager to take self-care outside the usual boundaries.

About Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan

Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan, is an iconic landmark of Milanese hospitality. 

In 2015, a meticulous and comprehensive restoration of the historic building was carried out, with the addition of a new modern wing. 

Between Milan's new financial district, Porta Nuova, where the landscape is constantly evolving, and Isola, the city's creative and artistic enclave. 

Designed by the award-winning Milanese architecture studio Marco Piva, the hotel's interior design reconciles contemporary aesthetics with the hotel's original Belle Époque style.