The amazing Flappin’ experience


The Flappin’ platform arrives in Italy with a very clear claim! A single site where users can book or donate travel, culinary or last minute experiences, but unlike the others both the booker and the recipient only discover them shortly before enjoying them.

The Flappin’ site aims to turn the traditional dynamics of online travel upside down

May, 2023 – As of today, the possibility of booking Trips, Escapes, Surprise Experiences is also accessible to the Italian public through the Italian portal.

Trips, moments of escape, restaurants and exciting sports activities, all by surprise!

The key word is astonishment. Needless to deny it, the allure of mystery is intriguing to everyone.

Experiences, surprise trips to buy or give away!

The surprise travel and experience platform is now available with more than 100 destinations in Europe, over 15 experiences including exciting getaways, restaurants and special activities.

Which experiences are available and how does it work?

Restaurants: experiences to buy and give as gifts

Eat or dine at the best restaurants in your city without having to search for them and experience the thrill of surprise’

The taste experiences (lunch dinner or surprise tasting) available in Milan and Rome include a surprise tasting menu with drinks and dessert in one of the selected restaurants

There is a choice of 5 types of cuisine:

  • exotic
  • tapas
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Prices from € 22.

Website ➡️ Surprise dinners

Travel Experiences in Europe

Among the choice of travel experiences, Flappin‘ offers more than 100 possible destinations in Europe including Florence, Paris, London, all in central accommodation, close to public transport and well rated on Booking and Tripadvisor.

What’s included?

Direct flights + accommodation in a surprise destination!

Any filter is applicable, so every little resistance and attempt to stay in the old travel concept, comes with an additional price token

Kind of like if you wanted to add a sauce to a sandwich on a food delivery site!

The funniest bit? The user who buys or who receives the gift of the trip will only know about it two days in advance.

Prices from149

Website ➡️ 🌐 Trips

Looking for adventure or innocent getaways

For those who also seek moments of escape, with getaways to particularly fascinating destinations. Flappin’ presents several options.

What’s included?

Ideal for disconnecting, they include accommodation for 1 to 3 nights, in a surprise location.
Two types of getaway are available: into nature and relax.

For the traveler‘s peace of mind, the company has premium customer service. You can keep in direct contact during your trip or chosen experience for any assistance you may need.

Adventure activities are ideal for groups and include 5 types of activities:

  • paragliding
  • ultralight flight
  • parasailing
  • helicopter flight

    To have an authentic and unforgettable outdoor experience.

Prices from € 49,90
➡️ 🌐 the adventures

Why is Flappin’ different?

Reducing the choice process as much as possible, the Flappin’ team constantly optimizes the platform so that the user can enjoy the services offered in the shortest possible time and quickly finds what he or she is looking for, always ensuring a high quality of the proposal, at fixed and invariable prices.

In the traditional model of travel, leisure, and tourism, it is the user who is responsible for planning and investing his or her time in researching a flight, accommodation, or restaurant. The problem is that it is increasingly complex to choose the best option.

says Pol Clavell (CEO)

Since its launch in Spain in 2021, Flappin’ has managed to connect with Generation Z and Millennials, an audience that moves through a world overdosed with information, appreciates new experiences, and seeks authentic and affordable options by price range.

How was the idea born?

Thanks to the intuition of four young entrepreneurs Marc Teixidor (CEO), Pol Clavell (Co-CEO), Ferran García (COO), and Sergi Vila (President), all with previous experience in the organized travel industry and successful start-ups, Flappin’ ranks at the top of a $2.5 trillion market for experiential gifts and tourism.

CEO’s words “We are losing the essence of living in the moment..”

We are losing the essence of living in the moment, of traveling into the unknown or discovering a new restaurant without losing our minds.”

CEO Marc Teixidor

The surprise experience is a trendy phenomenon that makes a mockery of organised trips planned well in advance. The idea of embarking on the unknown, like setting off without knowing the destination, is not as absurd as it might seem, because we live in an age where all kind of information is available and, if we have the anticipation of an experience or a gift that we are going to receive, the excitement can lose its original appeal.

..And that’s where Flappin’ comes in: we manage our users from start to end. In addition, we add the surprise factor, which makes every single experience even more exciting,

About Flappin’

The founders’ foresight was able to focus on the new needs felt by the market immediately after the pandemic. They identified an opportunity to capitalise on the growth and revolutionize the experiential gifting industry. With the support of digital, they created a unique platform integrating travel, leisure experiences and gifts.

With the sector growing rapidly and the lack of specific options for young people, the Spanish company’s primary objective was to fill this gap. To be able to reduce or in some cases eliminate the nuisance usually involved in planning a trip, choosing a restaurant or searching for the ideal gift.

The startup’s vision is to become a leader in its sector at a global level, setting as a goal for 2023, the expansion of the brand and team, today composed of 10 people in Spain, into new European markets.

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