Valle Aurina and Italy’s most northern gourmet restaurant

Amidst the mountains, forests and pastures of the Valle Aurina in mid-November, the first edition of S’Toul was held, a gastronomic event dedicated to discovering the valley also known as Ahrntal, the land in the old local dialect. About Lunaris 1964. Gourmet restaurant, the history of the place, chef Matthias Kirchler and the valuable breeders and producers of the area. Much more than suppliers, partners in passion for the valley and its fruits.

The S’Toul event, a gastronomic discovery of the Valle Aurina

Valle Aurina gastronomica S'Toul

The Valle Aurina , one of the most authentic and genuine mountain valleys in Alto Adige, is surrounded by more than 80 peaks up to three thousand metres high.

It is here that Chef Matthias Kirchler – born in ’93 – has become a reference point for the village and for Alto Adige itself, thanks to his pure and unadulterated cooking style.

A style that reflects the soul of the valley and finds its space and form of expression in the cuisine of Lunaris 1964, the gourmet restaurant located within the resort of the same name, the Lunaris Wellnessresort .

Lunaris 1964 Gourmet Restaurant

The S’Toul event took place in a few rich and intense days and gave us the opportunity to experience the Valle Aurina and be able to tell its story from a gastronomic point of view thanks to the commitment that Chef Kirchler, with the communicative support of his friend and consultant Francesco De Marco, in tandem with the local farmers, was able to create.

Dedication and love for the places, but even more so for the people, with whom over the years he has created a relationship of mutual trust, as the ancient mountain spirit teaches. Amidst alpine pastures, local producers and breeders, castles and mountains, Chef Kirchler together with the Associazione Turistica della Valle Aurina and the entire Lunaris Wellnessresort staff, guided guests through the history and gastronomic culture of the Valle Aurina .

In the heart of the Valle Aurina, precisely in Cadipietra really close to the Austrian border, we find the Lunaris 1964 Gourmet Restaurant, which is considered the northernmost in Italy.

Chef Matthias Kirchler’s restaurant at Italy’s most northern place

Chef Matthias Kirchler

Located inside the luxury Lunaris Wellnessresort, a portion of the Amonti & Lunaris Wellnessresort, which welcomes tourists all year round, Chef Matthias Kirchler from 2019 has created in his kitchen a point of reference for lovers of fine dining and for those who wish to live a different experience, at the same time cozy, reserved and close to the territory and products and soul of the Valle Aurina.

Open both to guests of the Wellness resort and to external customers, the Lunaris 1964 Gourmet restaurant, in order to enhance the wellness atmosphere, hosts guests at 6 exclusive tables and offers two 11-course menus, starting at 6.45 p.m.

Mountain cuisine and more: Lunaris Gourmet menus

In a place far away from mass tourism, amidst the Dolomites and nature, the contact and bond that the chef has leads him to express his personal vision of mountain cuisine in his menus, using products of the land with an international influence for truly gourmet preparations.

The desire to respect the timing of nature and enhance what it has to offer. 
Indeed, in each of Chef Matthias’ dishes we find this attention also in the seasonality of the proposals. Each proposal is elaborate, but not extreme, pleasing to the senses and with the aim of transmitting sensations and emotions to the palate, by exalting the territory.

The two menus devised by Chef Matthias, tell the story of the Aurina Valley in all its essence, with dishes ranging from meat reared just a few metres away to vegetables from the valley’s forests and cheeses made by local producers.

The second vegetarian menu

The introduction and challenge of the second menu, entirely vegetarian, is recent. It was born out of the Chef’s desire to give space to the vegetable side of the Aurina Valley and thus show how even at an altitude of 1,500 metres it is possible, thanks to the work of local producers and breeders, to satisfy the demands of any kind of public.

Chef Kirchler therefore thinks of the menus as a means of letting people explore and get to know the Valle Aurina , through the most important seasonal products, which he carefully selects and researches, bringing in individual producers and artisans from the area.

Local breeders and history

Kunighof Vacca Grigia breeding

We became acquainted with realities such as Künighof, Walter’s vacca grigia breeding, an environmentally sustainable farm that allows the animals to live a life as peaceful as possible.

Goasroscht, the goat breeding opened by young Gunther who, with passion and dedication, over the years created a herd of ‘happy goats’ (as the name says in the local dialect) with which he recaptures the area’s sheep breeding traditions and products such as milk, goat cheese and only later ,at the end of the life cycle, meat products.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, there is also a fair and interesting passage through the history of the Valle Aurina and Valle di Tures, which is explored in depth during a visit toTaufers Castle. It is one of the largest and best-preserved castles in Alto Adige dating back to the 13th century.

Last but not least, in order to get to know one of South Tyrol’s most famous foods, namely Speck, a visit to Ahrna Speck in Lutano, owned by Obermair Otmar, whose company and shop have been producing the legendary Speck in various formats and smokes as well as cold cuts and sausages typical of South Tyrol for over 40 years.

The next appointment in Spring: S’Toul does not end here

Yes, all the beauty of the area and local productions cannot be experienced in autumn, which is why the next appointment with S’Toul will be in spring in 2024. A time when the warm rays of the sun will illuminate the valley and its green pastures and it will be possible to discover Chef Kirchler‘s approach to new seasonal products.

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